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How To Get Every Achievement/Trophy In WWE 2K23


WWE 2K23 Achievement And Trophy Featured Split Image Of Created Wrestler And John Cena

Basic Thuganomics

Complete One Objective in Showcase Mode.

Every match in Showcase mode has a bunch of objectives. Simply complete one of them.


Win One Match in Showcase Mode.

The first match in Showcase mode has you control Rob Van Dam against John Cena. Win the match to get this achievement/trophy.

Word Life

Complete All Objectives in One Match in Showcase Mode.

Complete all the objectives in any match of Showcase mode.

You Can’t See Me!


SHOWCASE MODE SPOILERS: At the end of Showcase mode, you unlock a bonus match where you face off against a new version of John Cena. This one is invisible and has a rating of 100. Beat him to get this achievement/trophy.


Win All Matches in Showcase Mode.

Win every match in the Showcase mode, not including the final bonus one.


Complete All Objectives in All Matches in Showcase Mode.

Simply complete all the objectives in each Showcase mode match.

Battle Of Rivals

Choose a rival’s Action from the Rivalry Menu in Universe Mode (Classic or Superstar Mode).

In the edit matches screen in Universe Mode, hit the ‘rivalry action’ button indicated at the bottom of the screen. Then select one of the actions and change it to something else.

The Final Move

Choose a rival’s Outcome from the Rivalry Menu during a Premium Live Event in Universe Mode.

When editing matches on a Premium Live Event (PLE), press the ‘rivalry action’ button indicated at the bottom of the screen. Following that, change one of the two possible outcomes to something else.

Step Into The Battle

Enter your first rivalry in Universe Mode (Superstar Mode only).

While playing the Superstar Mode of Universe, enter the curation menu from options and select “I want to start a rivalry!” You may also automatically begin a rivalry while playing.

The Irresistible Force

Have at least 50 Momentum at any time in a rivalry in Universe Mode (Superstar Mode).

Momentum in a rivalry is dictated by who’s getting the upper hand. So, if you win matches against your rival, you can boost your momentum.

To The Winner Go The Spoils

Choose your Outcome in a rivalry and win the finale match at a PLE in Universe (Superstar Mode).

When in a rivalry in Superstar Mode, you will face your rival at a PLE. From there, you can press the ‘rivalry action’ button indicated at the bottom of the screen to pick an outcome.

Breathe Easy

Win a match without completely exhausting your stamina meter (Play Mode vs AI).

Your stamina is indicated by a circular blue bar that sometimes appears on the screen. Make sure it doesn’t deplete during a match in the standard play mode. Thus, avoid running around or dodging too much.

Paid In Full

Win a match after having successfully used both assigned Payback abilities (Play Mode vs AI).

Simply use both of your assigned Payback abilities and win. Resiliency is good for this, as you don’t need any set-up. You can use it for any pin or submission as long as you’ve got enough of the blue bar below your health. Run-In and Blackout are also good because you can use them any time you’re down and on your red health bar.

Unfinished Business

As Kofi Kingston, beat Brock Lesnar in a normal 1-on-1 match on Legend difficulty (Play Mode vs AI).

To speed up the process, go into match options when setting up the match and select custom match rules. Then on the third screen put finishers to 3 and health to low. Following that, give yourself the Resiliency Payback and make sure Brock doesn’t have it. Once the match starts, try to hit your finishers and attempt a pin after each one.

The New And Vicious WarGames

With the team disadvantage, win a 4-on-4 WarGames match on Legend difficulty (Play Mode vs AI).

When setting up a WarGames match in play mode, there’s a button indicated at the bottom of the screen that allows you to dictate who gets the advantage. Give it to the opposition – meaning they usually have a one-person advantage – then win the match anyway.

Nope, Not A Fluke

Win any 1-on-1 match type via Leverage Pin on Normal difficulty or higher (Play Mode vs AI).

A Leverage pin is done by pressing the usual pin button when your opponent is standing. They will need to be significantly damaged for you to win with it.

Pillage And Plunder

Introduce three weapons into a WarGames match and win (Play Mode vs AI).

When setting up a WarGames match, choose to be one of the people NOT starting the match. Then when it’s your time to enter, hit the prompt to bring in a weapon. You can do this three times to get three weapons in the ring. Following that, you just need to win.

Nerves Of Steel

Kick out of three high-intensity pins on Legend difficulty (Play Mode vs AI).

It’s unclear what the exact requirement is for a pin to be considered a high-intensity one. Yet, it’s referring to pins you take when severely damaged. You’re more likely to successfully kick out of three of them when doing something like an IronMan match since the match won’t automatically end if you fail one. The Resiliency Payback will also help with one of the pins.

One’s All You Get

Win a match without giving up a 2-count pin on Legend difficulty (Play Mode vs AI).

For this one, you need to kick out of all pins before the ref reaches the count of two. So, you must be good at kicking out. It also helps if you dominate the match, as you’re less likely to be pinned.

Stacked Like Cordwood

Using John Cena, perform a 1-on-2 Attitude Adjustment Finisher (Play Mode vs AI).

While playing as John Cena, you can perform a double Attitude Adjustment. To do so, Irish whip two people into the corner to stack them together, then walk up and hit your finisher – only possible if you have a finisher currently stored. The achievement does seem to be glitched currently, so you might not get it to unlock.

A Stunning Achievement

Win a match without being stunned on Legend difficulty (Play Mode vs AI).

Playing a match without getting stunned is tough because it happens often. Dominating the match certainly helps. Therefore, it’s smart to play as a high-rated wrestler against a low-rated one.

The Ring Is Sacred

Win a Normal 1-on-1 match on Legend difficulty without manually exiting the ring (Play Mode vs AI).

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Just never exit the ring during a match on legend difficulty and win.

A New Head Of The Table

Beat Roman Reigns in a 1-on-1 match on Legend difficulty using no Paybacks (Play Mode vs AI).

The tricky part of this one is beating Roman without the help of the Resiliency Payback. You just need to pick a high-rated wrestler and try to beat him. To avoid Payback temptation, just don’t equip any of them.

Teacher’s Pet

Complete all objectives within the Tutorial (Play Mode).

You’re asked to do the tutorial when the game first loads up. You get the achievement/trophy by completing all the objectives Coach Woods gives you. You can play the tutorial from the options menu, too. However, the achievement/trophy doesn’t seem to always pop if you do it this way.

A Natural Heel

Use a Dirty Move Payback in a normal 1-on-1 match without getting disqualified (Play Mode vs AI).

If you go into the targeting section of the gameplay options, you can turn on the ability to target the referee. Then set up a match and give yourself a dirty move Payback (Low Blow, Poison Mist, or Power Of The Punch). When you have a Payback available during the match, target and attack the ref to knock them down, then use your Payback on your opponent.

Faction Wars Champion

Win 100 Faction Wars Matches in MyFACTION.

This achievement/trophy is self-explanatory. Simply win 100 Faction Wars matches, which are located on the play tab of MyFACTION.

Briefcase Winner

Win a Limited Time Briefcase in MyFACTION.

When you win a match in Faction Wars, you get to choose between a few briefcases to open. If there is a tier-one prize inside, you get this achievement or trophy.

Loyalty Confirmed

Earn a Loyalty Reward in MyFACTION.

If you log into MyFACTION five days in one week, you get a loyalty reward.

Taste Of Victory

Win a match in MyFACTION.

Simply achieve victory in the MyFACTION mode.

A Promising Start

Complete a Lifetime Challenge in MyFACTION.

In the challenges section of MyFACTION, there is a tab for Lifetime challenges. Complete one of the challenges on the list to unlock this achievement/trophy.

Journey Of A Lifetime

Complete 15 Lifetime Challenges in MyFACTION.

Complete 15 challenges on the Lifetime challenges menu in MyFACTION.

A Good Start

Complete a Proving Grounds Tower in MyFaction.

Proving Grounds towers can be accessed from the MyFACTION play tab. Complete one of them to unlock this achievement/trophy.

Weekly Winner

Complete a Weekly Tower in MyFACTION.

Access weekly towers from MyFACTION’s play tab. Complete one to get this achievement/trophy.

Daily Progress

Complete a Daily Challenge in MyFACTION.

Daily challenges can be found by clicking on the challenges button from MyFACTION’s live screen. Do one daily challenge to get this achievement/trophy.

Chapter And Verse

Complete a Proving Grounds Chapter in MyFACTION.

Access the Proving Grounds from MyFACTION’s play tab, and complete one chapter.

Champion For A Day

Complete all 3 of a day’s Daily Challenges in MyFACTION.

In challenges, you can find the three daily challenges. Doing them all grants you this achievement.

Never Felt More A-Live

Win 10 LIVE Events in MyFACTION.

Live Events are challenge matches that are available for a limited time before being replaced with others. You can find them on MyFaction’s live tab under Live Events.

Beginner’s Luck

Complete ALL Intro Challenges in MyFACTION.

In challenges, you can find intro challenges that are designed to introduce you to the MyFACTION mode. Complete them to get this achievement/trophy.

Future Endeavored

MyRise “The Lock” Story Spoilers The Lock – Call out WWE Management

This happens naturally during The Lock MyRise story.

Stole The Show

MyRise “The Lock” Story Spoilers The Lock – Steal the NXT UK Championship and Heritage Cup.

Apex Competitor

MyRise “The Lock” Story Spoilers The Lock – Compete in the Apex Tournament.

Leader Of The Pack

MyRise “The Lock” Story Spoilers The Lock – “Lock” in your faction choices.

Here To Stay

The Lock – Complete The Lock MyRISE story.

Business Just Picked Up

MyRise “The Lock” Story Spoilers The Lock – Join The Hurt Business.

MyRise “The Lock” Story SpoilersDuring The Lock’s story, you must choose to join The Hurt Business when given the opportunity.

Evolution Revolution

MyRise “The Lock” Story Spoilers The Lock – Join Evolution.

MyRise “The Lock” Story Spoilers When deciding on a faction during The Lock’s story, you must select Evolution.

Honorary Use

MyRise “The Lock” Story Spoilers The Lock – Convince Roman Reigns to join your faction.

MyRise “The Lock” Story Spoilers Complete the A Seat At The Table story in The Lock’s MyRise.

Choice And Consequences

MyRise “The Legacy” Story Spoilers The Legacy – Make a choice during a Main Event Match

This happens naturally during The Legacy MyRise story.

A Briefcase Built For Two

MyRise “The Legacy” Story Spoilers The Legacy – Win the Tag Team MITB Briefcase

A Lasting Legacy

The Legacy – Complete The Legacy MyRISE story.

Unbreakable Bond

MyRise “The Legacy” Story Spoilers The Legacy – Stay loyal to your tag team partner.

MyRise “The Legacy” Story Spoilers During The Legacy MyRise story, you get the opportunity to betray your partner. You get this achievement/trophy for not doing so.

Dropped The Baggage

MyRise “The Legacy” Story Spoilers The Legacy – Betray your tag team partner.

MyRise “The Legacy” Story Spoilers If you choose to betray your tag partner during The Legacy MyRise, you get this achievement/trophy.

Smack To The Future

MyRise “The Legacy” Story Spoilers The Legacy – Embrace the future.

MyRise “The Legacy” Story Spoilers At one point in the MyRise story, you get to choose between confronting the past (working with Molly) or embracing the future (teaming with Bianca). You get this achievement/trophy for doing the latter.

Blast From The Past

MyRise “The Legacy” Story Spoilers The Legacy – Confront the past.

MyRise “The Legacy” Story Spoilers When you get to choose between confronting the past or embracing the future, select the former to unlock this achievement/trophy.

Fit For A Queen

MyRise “The Legacy” Story Spoilers The Legacy – Win the Queen’s Crown Tournament.

MyRise “The Legacy” Story Spoilers Win the tournament during the side story called Passport To Misadventure in The Legacy MyRise.

A Lock And A Legend

Complete both The Lock and The Legacy MyRISE stories.

This achievement is self-explanatory as you have to complete both The Lock and The Legacy MyRise stories.

Fatal 4-Way

Completed a 4 Brand Season in MyGM.

At the start of MyGM, you select your general manager and brand as well as your opposition. For this achievement, you need to give yourself three opponents, then complete a season.


Booked all possible match types during a single season of MyGM.

When setting up a match in MyGM, you will see a list of match types. There are 12 of them in total. Use them all in one season.

Pump Up The Slam

Earn 10 different Slammies in MyGM.

At the end of a season, some Slammy awards are given out. To earn this achievement/trophy, you need to get ten of them. This doesn’t have to – and won’t – happen in a single season. If you play enough seasons of MyGM, you will get it.

Brand Management

Win a Season With Each Brand in MyGM.

There are five brands in MyGM: Raw, Smackdown, NXT, NXT 2.0, and WCW. For this achievement, you must win a season with each of them. Take note that you can’t do this in a single save.

On Top Of The Mountain(s)

Finish First in Ratings After 3 Full Seasons in MyGM.

This one is self-explanatory. After three seasons of MyGM, you need to be beating the rest of the brands in the ratings.

That’s Random

Use Random to create a Head Item, Body, and Attire Color for a custom Superstar.

Go into the create a superstar, choose a class, select a persona, and fill in the name information. This will take you to the main superstar creation screen. At the bottom of the said screen will be a ‘random’ option. Click this to make the achievement/trophy pop.

Here Comes The BOOM!

Create a custom entrance with custom Pyro.

In patch 1.03, this is a glitched achievement/trophy that doesn’t unlock. The way you’re supposed to do it is by going into entrances, creating a custom entrance for a created wrestler, and going into the timeline to add pyro.

I Made This

Create an item using your own image made in create an image.

Go into ‘image’ on the creation tab and create an image there and save it. Then, you want to go into video creation. Press new, image animation, group images, select your custom image, hit apply, choose an animation, and hit accept to get the achievement or trophy. For some reason, putting your custom image on a championship doesn’t work.

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