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How To Get And Use The Elegant Tea Set In Fire Emblem: Three Houses


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Fire Emblem: Three Houses has a wealth of material to keep even the most dedicated players busy. Multiple playthroughs offer chances to attach to new casts of characters, and if you play with permadeath on, ultimately weep at their untimely demise. Amongst the strategic placement of your units and the satisfying victories over your enemies, there’s another way to bond with your students, and you’re going to need some tea to do it.

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Gifts are an easy way to become closer to your students and learn their interests, backstories, and strengths. Utilizing a specific gift—the Elegant Tea Set—is integral to opening up one-on-one interactions between you and your favorite students (potentially turned love interests).


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What Is The Elegant Tea Set?

Fire Emblem Three Houses Characters

The Elegant Tea set is a gift item that strengthens your bond with students and unlocks an additional method to interact with students. It consists of an intricately decorated white teapot and a collection of matching teacups and saucers.

It’s quite pretty, really. Gift items offer rewards based on how well a student likes the item, so paying attention to what each student wants ensures you don’t waste your gifts on mediocre benefits. Gift items can be found around the monastery or rewarded to the player for completing missions.

The Elegant Tea set unlocks one of the methods of personally interacting with the students. This can only happen once the Elegant Tea set has been obtained and gifted to its intended recipient.

Strengthening your bond with the students (or your favorite archetype of a character, if that’s more your style) is beneficial both for the combat aspect of the game as well as the dating sim mechanics and side quest unlocks.

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Tea For Two Quest: How To Get The Elegant Tea Set And Who To Give It To

Ferdinand's Quest

In the second month, Ferdinand will be lingering near the stables in the Monastery. Approach him! He’s friendly enough if a little obsessed with his family name and legacy.

Interacting with him will prompt a conversation in which Ferdinand is searching for a tea fanatic to share a cup with, and he requests that you find a good home for this Elegant Tea Set. It’ll show up in your gifts after that and you’ll get the quest “Tea for Two.”

Lorenz post-time skip

Ferdinand gives the Elegant Tea Set to the player as a gift for Lorenz. If you’re teaching the Golden Deer House, or you recruited Lorenz, you may be aware that he adores tea! However, if you don’t recognize the name, just look for the tall male character with purple hair.

Though he’s notoriously offensive to his female counterparts (mostly unintentionally, according to him), Lorenz’s receiving of the gifts opens up the potential for you to start meeting with your students one-on-one. You start out with Lorenz, and then afterward, you can start befriending your favorites.

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Your Reward: Having Tea With Your Students!

Edelgard's Tea Time

Locate Lorenz near the pier and offer him the tea set. This will prompt your first individual Tea Time with Lorenz and thus unlock Tea Time in the future.

From now on, the Tea Time feature can be activated by talking to your students or other characters around the Monastery when you choose to ‘Explore.’ It’ll also become an option on a character’s birthday! In Tea Time scenes, you’ll start by picking a tea blend to share with them.

Choose carefully, because the characters do have favorites!

Next, you’ll get three opportunities to chat with them, so you’ll have to try and guess what this particular character would like to talk about. The more you pay attention to their likes, dislikes, and general attitudes, the more they’ll enjoy your conversation.

Your Tea Time can end with awkward silence and only a small relationship boost, or with happy smiles and a big relationship boost!

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