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How To Get A Medbay Job In I Was A Teenage Exocolonist


Chief Engineer Instance stands in the Medbay in I Was A Teenage Exocolonist. [Custom Image for TG]


Biology is an instrumental skill to learn in I Was A Teenage Exocolonist. Mastering the skill grants access to many opportunities in Geoponics or the Engineering wing. For instance, with a moderate amount of biology knowledge, you can become Chief Instance’s nursing assistant in Medbay.

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A nursing assistant job is quite valuable, especially in your later years of the game. Not only does the task pay a decent salary, but it also grants several biology and empathy points per completion. So, how can you improve your medical skills and nab the job? We’ll show you.


What Skills Do I Need To Work In Medbay?

Biology is the primary skill needed to pursue a nursing assistant job in Medbay. Furthermore, since this is a higher-skill job, it will take some time for you to gain the appropriate experience. The minimum requirement to unlock the job is fifty biology points. Age also plays a role since the opportunity will not present itself until you turn sixteen.

Where Can I Build This Skill?

To gain biology points, you must start by putting months into your studies in the classroom. Therefore, attend the Life Sciences class in the Engineering wing. It’s one of the first activities available in the game, meaning you can start classes in your first year in Vertumna. Here are some stats regarding the job:

Skills +2 Biology +1 Reasoning
Relationships +1 Friendship with Tangent
Stress +15 Stress

Once you reach thirteen years old, you’ll unlock a new opportunity to push yourself further toward your goal. After reaching twenty biology points, go shovel dirt in Geoponics. Then, your mom will ask if you wish to join her in working on the farm. Choose “I’m Ready!” Accepting your mom’s offer will unlock the Farming job, which offers these payoffs:

Skills +2 Biology +2 Toughness
Relationships +1 Friendship with Cal
Kudos +10 Kudos
Stress +10 Stress

Of course, if you’re looking for opportunities to explore outside the colony, you can also start foraging with Expeditions. This job unlocks after a critical story event that occurs after your fourteenth birthday. While the job offers a base-level skill payoff (+2 Biology and +2 Perception), you’ll also get the opportunity to grow through various card challenges during your pursuits.

How Will I Unlock The Medbay Job?

Your first nursing assistant opportunity will occur when you take on a job or class in the Engineering wing after your sixteenth birthday. On your way back to your quarters, you’ll witness several surveyors severely injured from an animal mauling beyond the colony walls.

When this story event occurs, choose Help In Medbay. You can access this option if you’ve garnered the fifty biology points required to choose it. Your good deeds will not go unnoticed. While you’ll gain ten stress points, you’ll also get two biology points, plus a gift of ten kudos from Instance. Furthermore, she’ll offer you the nursing assistant position.

Medbay Job Details: What Can I Learn And How Much Does It Pay?

The nursing assistant job in Medbay is not easy work. After all, any hospital work is stressful. However, compared to more solitary jobs in biology, like xenobotany, working in Medbay will provide plenty of experience with patients. In turn, the job pays off well in empathy. Here is a complete list of job stats:

Skills +3 Biology +3 Empathy
Relationships +1 Friendship with Tangent
Kudos +13 Kudos
Stress +15 Stress

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