How to Fix MIC & Voice Chat Not Working in Apex Legends


How to Fix MIC & Voice Chat Not Working in Apex Legends

This guide will let you know how to fix MIC & Voice Chat not working in Apex Legends on PS4 & PS5.

1- If your microphone is not working, go to the system settings. For this, press the PlayStation button, go back to the home screen and navigate to settings. Select Sound, tab over with the d-pad, and go to Input Device. Now make sure your headset is selected under here.

2- If it doesn’t display under here, then unplug your USB cable and plug it back in. Make sure it’s popping up, and your headset is turned ON.

3- It will say “my microphone is muted” at the bottom. So on the PlayStation 5 controller, press the little button underneath the PlayStation button, it will unmute your microphone, and you will be able to talk.

4- If you still face the issue, press the PlayStation button, and open up the quick menu. Go to your microphone, mute, and unselect that option.

5- After that, go back to Adjust Microphone level option, and you will see your microphone goes up and down when you speak. Make sure it is in the good section. If it’s too low, your friends won’t hear you.

6- You may have one of these options accidentally turned on. It says micro status when logged in, and you may need it set to mute so that when you log on. It automatically mutes, and you can’t speak to anyone.

7- Go to Audio Output, and choose the output device. Choose your headset and turn on this setting. It says to switch the output device automatically, so let’s say you’re on your tv and you’re playing your games, and the sound has come through your tv, then all of a sudden, you plug in your headset. If you have this check mark, it will automatically switch the output in the input device to your headset, so you don’t have to go into the menus and select it manually.

8- Now scroll down under here, and there’s an Output to Headphone option to ensure that you have it set to all audio if you’re using a headset now. If you have it set to voice chat, just the voice chat will be coming through your headset, and the sound will be coming through your tv speakers. So if you set it to All Audio, you’ll get the game chat and the voice chats through your headset.

9- Scroll down to audio format priority now. If you have no sound, you could try linear PCM, Dolby, or dts and see if one of those works for you.

10- You can go to volume and ensure the volume on your headset is turned up. Otherwise, you won’t have any sound.

11- Another thing you can try is going to storage. Go to your console storage, go to save data, and navigate to PS4 games because Apex Legends is currently a PS4 game even on the PlayStation 5.

12- Delete the saved game data, so let’s checkmark Apex Legends, and click on the three horizontal lines options right here next to it. You can see what you’re deleting, it’s just the saved data, and it will be pretty much all your settings.

13- If there is an issue with your sound, hopefully, it will fix it. You need to go to the PlayStation button, navigate to Power, and completely turn off our Playstation5. Unplug it from the wall outlet for approximately one minute and unplug your headset from the PlayStation; turn off your headset, and then plug it back in. After that, check if everything works, and when you start up Apex Legends, you need to redo all your settings, like your controller sensitivity, etc.

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