How to Fix Broken Relic & Solve Graveyard Puzzle for Secret Boss Battle


How to Fix Broken Relic & Solve Graveyard Puzzle for Secret Boss Battle

In this guide, you’ll learn how to fix the broken relic as well as how to solve the graveyard riddle and find the super secret boss battle.

The first step here will be to go to the shop’s pork rind’s emporium and buy the broken relic for one coin. You can get a total of five coins in the DLC.

There’s one hidden above the shop on a secret path next to the trees there. But once you buy it, you can see it in your charm menu but it doesn’t do anything. So let’s activate it and fix it.

You will need to go up to the three characters and talk to them in the order of how they were placed. Talk to the first-place finisher, the second-place finisher, and the third-place finisher and in each of their dialogues, they will say a direction.

Now the solution you have in your game is completely random and you will not necessarily have the same thing as another player. So write yours down.

In this case, the first-place finisher said upright, the second place said right and the third place said left. So to the graveyard, interact with the gravestones.

Starting in the middle as your reference always and you’ll be interacting with gravestones in the order based on how the competitors mentioned directions in their dialogue.

So the first competitor mentioned upright and then the second place competitor mentioned to the right again from the middle. The third place is mentioned to the left again from the middle and if you do these in order based on the dialogue in-game it will spawn a blue beam of light near the middle which you can interact with to take a nap and spawn in the secret boss battle.

This boss battle is very unique and the strategy that can work is to make sure you use the tracking shot. The green one aims for you because these bosses only take damage in the face and it can be very hard to aim there and get high enough to shoot at them. With the automatic tracking bullets that are made a lot easier, you have to stand on the cloud near the middle of the screen and shoot the enemy that is further away from you.

As you’re moving away from them, they’re constantly going to be shooting at you and if you’re shooting at the enemy that’s further from you, this will just allow you to have more time to react to the objects on the screen. You can parry any of the pink clouds obviously and this is a pretty short boss battle even with this weapon which is one of the lowest damage output weapons in the game. It can be over pretty quickly also this isn’t a traditional boss battle in the sense that you don’t get scored at the end you are just successful and your reward is a repaired broken relic as well. As an achievement or trophy.

When you come out of the boss battle, you need to exchange some words with the ghost that lets you know that the cursed relic has now been restored. You’re able to go into your item list to now equip it.

What it does, the description for the charm reads that it will inflict various status ailments.

But it looks like in gameplay basically when using this charm you will spawn with one hp and one hp only and every time you shoot your gun, it will shoot a random gun.

Sometimes you get the peashooter, sometimes you get the tri shot or the wrap-around bullets but every time you press the shoot button you’re just gonna get something random.

Now the real challenge comes with beating all of the bosses while having the cursed relic equipped and doing this will unlock you the paladin secret achievement slash trophy for obtaining great power.

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