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How To Farm Endo Quickly In Warframe


Warframe Best Endo Farm Featured

Warframe’s core progression involves Mods, bonuses you can socket into your Warframes and weapons to greatly increase their effectiveness in combat. As with the gear you use in Warframe, nearly every Mod you’ll obtain has a series of ranks that can be leveled through the use of Endo.

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Endo is a unique currency that fuels your Mods. Leveling your Mods requires thousands of Endo, and rarer Mods with higher ranks can cost over 40,000 Endo to max. Needless to say, getting a large supply of Endo is required if you’re aiming to create endgame builds. This guide will cover the best Endo farms in Warframe, ranging from new player farms to the best endgame Endo farm currently available.


Endo Farming Prep

As with farming Credits or any resource in Warframe, there are a few ways you can min-max your returns through the use of boosters and certain Warframes. Endo is technically a type of Mod, not a resource. Resource boosts don’t work on Endo drops from enemies, but Mod drop boosts affect how often slain enemies drop Endo.

With that out of the way, here are a few ways you can maximize your Endo returns:

  • Play Steel Path: Steel Path has a +100% Mod drop chance booster active, doubling the chance that Endo drops from slain enemies.
  • Use Loot Warframes: Nekros’ Desecrate and Khora’s Pilfering Strangledome can increase loot yield from slain targets, including Endo.
  • Mod Drop Boosters: Sorties and Baro Ki’Teer have a rare chance of giving you a Mod drop chance booster. This stacks with Steel Path’s modifier.

Earning Endo Without Farming

Sometimes you need a few thousand Endo but have no desire to farm Railjack or Arbitrations. If that’s the case, you likely have an emergency fund of Endo sitting in your inventory:

  • Dissolve Spare Mods: You can turn spare Mods into Endo in the Modding menu aboard the Orbiter.
    • Common: 5 Endo
    • Uncommon: 10 Endo
    • Rare: 15 Endo
    • Primed: 20 Endo
    • Riven: 115 + (200 x reroll count) Endo
    • Requiem: 1,000 Endo
  • Sell Ayatan Sculptures: Fill out your spare sculptures with Ayatan Stars, then head to Maroo’s Bazaar to exchange them for Endo.
  • Purchase Ayatan Treasures: If you have spare Vitus Essence, you can purchase Endo in the form of Ayatan Sculptures from the Arbiters of Hexis.
  • Perform a Clan Ascension Ceremony: If your clan can level up, use the Ascension Altar in your Clan Dojo to initiate a clan rank-up. This grants Endo to anyone who participates in the ceremony.

Ayatan Weeklies

  • Endo Amount: Up to 2,700 per week

Once you reach Mars, you can visit Maroo’s Bazaar and complete a weekly Ayatan Treasure mission, guaranteeing an Ayatan Sculpture when completed. Filling out the Ayatan Sculpture you receive with the correct stars can grant up to 2,700 Endo. That isn’t much if you’re a veteran player, but newer players won’t find a better, more consistent source of Endo for the early game. Check back with Maroo every Monday to replay this mission.

Endgame Ayatan Farm

If you want to farm for Ayatan Sculptures and have fully ranked your Helminth, you can use the Golden Instinct ability on Limbo or Xaku to create an Ayatan build. Spawn into a mission, pop Golden Instinct, then wait for a trail to appear. If no trail spawns, restart the mission. Mariana, Earth is the best node for this type of farm. Once you find an Ayatan, use Limbo or Xaku’s ultimate to break every container near you, making it much easier to find the Ayatan on your mini-map.

Casual Farm: Railjack

  • Endo Amount: 6,000-10,000 per hour, based on luck

Railjack is a fantastic activity for getting a bit of everything in Warframe. Completing a Railjack mission is a great source of Credits, Endo, and even Relics. For Endo specifically, you’ll want to farm Grineer Skirmish missions in the Veil Proxima. These missions are much shorter than Corpus nodes and have a high chance of granting a 1,200 Endo cache at the end of the level.

More importantly, killing enemies in Railjack has a high chance of dropping Salvage, destroyed Railjack parts you can repair to enhance your spaceship. These salvaged items may be dismantled for 225 Endo. Considering how many you get in a single mission, it’s possible to dismantle dozens of salvaged parts in the span of an hour. Paired with the Endo caches, you’re looking at anywhere from 6,000-10,000 Endo in an hour. The better your Railjack and crew are, the more Endo you can potentially earn.

Steel Path Bounty Farm: Zariman Bounties

  • Endo Amount: 4,000+ per hour

The Zariman’s high-level bounties have a small chance of granting 3,000 or 4,000 Endo when completed, giving Sorties a run for their money. Steel Path Zariman bounties are incredibly difficult if you’re a new player, but veteran players with min-maxed loadouts can clear some of these bounties in as little as five minutes, giving you quite a few chances of getting this 4,000 Endo cache on mission completion. Zariman Bounties are a great farm for endgame players looking to grind valuable Arcanes and reputation while also earning some Endo on the side.

Endgame Farm: Arbitrations

  • Endo Amount: 10,000+ per hour

We highly recommend you purchase Resource and Resource Drop Chance Boosters before attempting this farm, as this affects Vitus Essence drops.

Completing every node on the Star Chart unlocks Arbitrations, an endgame activity where the reward pool scales with each rotation. Instead of an AABC reward rotation, Arbitrations have an AABBCCC… reward rotation, meaning you only get rewards from the C-rotation pool if you play for long enough.

The most common rotation C reward is 1,500 Endo, followed up with an Ayatan Sculpture you can trade in for Endo. This makes Arbitration a fantastic activity for farming large sums of Endo, so long as you’re willing to play an endless mission for an extended period. This farm grants tons of Endo, Vitus Essence which can be exchanged for Galvanized Mods and Ayatan Treasures, and provides some useful Warframe Mods from the rotation A and B rewards.

Disruption and Excavation are the best Arbitration missions to farm. Both missions grant a reward in a couple of minutes with a good squad, which is significantly faster than the likes of Defense or Interception. You can farm any mission you like, but definitely keep an eye out for Disruption and Excavation Arbitrations.

The Best Endo Farm: Vodyanoi, Sedna

  • Endo Amount: 10,000+ per hour

If you’re looking for the objective best Endo farm in Warframe, it’s the arena node on Vodyanoi, Sedna. This is a variant of Exterminate where you must defeat multiple miniboss enemies in a small arena. Each miniboss you kill has a 20% chance of dropping an Endo bundle, ranging from 15 to 80 Endo per drop.

Their drop chance is affected by Mod drop chance and loot modifiers. Steel Path doubles the chance of these enemies dropping Endo, and you can use Nekros’ Desecrate and Khora’s Pilfering Strangledome to skyrocket your odds of getting Endo. And with four players in your squad, these miniboss enemies will spawn in droves.

Set up the Strangledome, use a CC ability like Nidus’ Larva to pull enemies in, wipe the minibosses out, Desecrate their corpses, and repeat until you have thousands of Endo. With the right squad and Steel Path active, you can get 1,000 Endo per minute with this strategy. Getting 10,000+ Endo per hour with this farm is a conservative estimate.

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