TechyHint How To How to do Spoilers on Discord?

How to do Spoilers on Discord?


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Spoiler tags are used for many different community-based platforms. Many find it helpful to protect themselves from unwanted spoilers by protecting parts of a message or the entire thing itself – like in Discord servers and when sending private messages; although there is always a way around these protection measures. Spoiler tags come in handy when dealing with text, images, videos, etc.; so here are some tips on how you can add them yourself!

Using Spoilers for Text on Discord

Discord allows you to send messages which are set with spoiler tags; these allow one to choose whether they would like to hide an entire message or just parts of it. One can find all the necessary info pertaining to this on discord as well as outside of discord such as when using the Official Discord App for Phones.

  1. Double-click the Discord desktop shortcut, or search for it via Windows Search.G

Note: Log into your Discord account if you’re not already logged in

2. Enable a direct message or text channel in your server (right click the channel and then select “Enable”) and start typing your Spoiler message into this chat. To hide it in two horizontal lines like you see above, type double vertical bars “||” as shown directly before and after your spoiler message.

Test Spolier Message

3. Spoilers make your messages easy to read and organize. In order to add a spoiler, you can simply click on the “Add Spoiler” tab located above your message in the chat panel and then type your spoiler warning message into that section. By doing so, this will be visible only to those people who want to see it, giving you control over the information everyone else sees


4. You can even try another method. Copy and paste the message into a text area, select the text, and another set of choices will appear. One such option is “Spoiler”. Clicking this reveals only relevant information without having to download it all.

Note: this one will not be available in the discord application for the phone.

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5. Once it is finished, send it as a spoiler.

Using Spoilers for Uploaded Files

Now that we have made all of our necessary improvements to the content, it’s time to put their use into practice through an example. Because this is a guide focusing on using the newest features provided by Discord, let’s use a real-world scenario. Let’s say that you are getting prepared for your first official meeting. One of your partners decides to share several pictures with you via discord- they want to get everyone in the right mindset because it is going to be a very big decision! These images are of course spoilers because they contain content related to a project none of you have seen yet but will unlock if you play hard enough. Toggle on the spoiler tag option here:

  1. Since you are working with other people online, it’s a good idea to install the Discord app on your desktop just so you don’t have to keep switching back and forth between operating systems.

Note: Login to your Discord account if you haven’t done so yet

2. Open a direct message or enter a channel in the server. Click on Plus + to bring down the chat bar menu. Upload a File is available from this menu, where you can choose which file to upload.

Using Spoilers for Uploaded Files

3. Search for the item you want to send. Once you find it, click to select the file.You can send an email or message, photos or links to all of your friends and family at once. That’s what makes it so handy!

4. You can mark the file to be uploaded as a spoiler by clicking on the “Mark as Spoiler” radio button in Share File as well. Using this radio button also ensures that file is sent only to users who want spoilers, no one else. When you reach a point where you’re ready to send your file you can do so by downloading the Google Drive app and sharing it from there via your phone’s NFC or WiFi connection (Note: this feature is currently available only for mobile devices).

Mark as spoiler

5. App users should know that there’s no option available in the app to make text a spoiler. However, be sure to work on this feature as soon as you can because it’ll come in handy for those social media users who use your application

6. Spoiler the name of the file by placing “SPOILER_” at the start of its name. Make sure to write it in uppercase form as shown in the example below.

rename spoiler image discord

7. Now that you have a file uploaded, let’s send it on Discord! When the text gets sent to your group, you’ll notice that it has been marked as a spoiler automatically.

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