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How To Customize Your Character In Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: ASBR


Joseph Joestar on the cover of a fictional TheGamer Style magazine with the headline


Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R is nothing without its signature style and fashion sense. Therefore, you’ll want to look good when taunting an opponent on the battlefield or reveling in victory. But, to get VOGUE-ready, you’ll have to spend some gold in the game’s shop first.

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Still, style is more than the clothes you wear. You have to talk the talk and walk the walk. In other words, you need that je ne sais quoi, that it factor. Knowing the ins and outs of taunt and victory customization is a must to hone those qualities and strike a pose like a true Joestar.


How To Unlock Customization Items

There are plenty of ways to customize your character in ASBR, including victory quotes, costumes, colors, and more! Still, you’ll have to buy customize medals in the Gallery Shop first. Customize medals are cosmetic items you can buy to change your character’s appearance, poses, catchphrases, and more.

You can earn gold for medals by playing through ASBR’s various modes, including All-Star Battle Mode, Arcade Mode, and Online Mode. If you’re looking to make gold fast, ASB Mode mission payouts are exceptionally robust.

Any medals with a lock icon cannot get purchased in the Gallery Shop. Instead, you can unlock these items by completing missions in ASB and Online Mode.

How To Use Customize Mode

You can change your character’s outfit and color before a match (excluding ASB mode). However, if you wish to add more unique details to your character, you should visit Customize Mode. Customize Mode allows you to set up four presets of specialized taunts and victory lines. To access this feature, open Customize Mode, select Edit Character, then choose the character you wish to change.

Taunt And Victory Presets

Each character in ASBR gets four Taunt and Victory sets, consisting of a phrase, a poss, and an SFX. To get started, choose the Taunt or Victory set to adjust.


Phrases include many of your character’s famous lines from their story arc. For instance, you can choose Joseph Joestar’s iconically over-the-top “OH NO!” or Jotaro Kujo’s apathetic “Good grief.” You can unlock more of a character’s catchphrases by purchasing their Extra Speech medal in the Gallery Shop.


When a character taunts or says their victory line, they make a pose or gesture. Each character has five pose medals for taunts and victories (ten in total) available in the Gallery Shop.

Special Effects

Special effects are kanji that appear near your character when they perform a taunt or victory pose. These effects add a layer of comic flare that punctuates these moments by giving them a manga appearance. In addition, each character has two extra SFX graphics sets in the Gallery Shop.


While customizing your character’s taunts and victories, press the Preview button to see what they will look like in action. The Preview also lets you change the SFX’s position, size, and placement.

How To Use Your New Custom Presets In-Game

After customizing your taunt and victory sets, exit the Edit Character menu. A prompt will ask if you wish to save the changes you made. Make sure to select yes. Otherwise, the new taunts and victories will revert to their prior settings. Additionally, if you close the game before exiting the menu and confirming your choices, the changes will not save.

From that point, using your new victories and taunts in-game is a sinch. You can set them after selecting a character in any of ASBR’s modes outside All-Star Battle mode. Remember that in the case of ranked online matches, you must set these options beforehand in your ranked match presets. Character settings include the following:

  • Outfit
  • Color
  • Taunt 1
  • Taunt 2
  • Victory

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