How to Connect PS3 Controller Without USB? Easy Steps


How to Connect PS3 Controller Without USB? Easy Steps

If you are a gamer, then lots of gamers want to know the details of how to connect PS3 controller without USB. These days, the Play Station 3 is very popular for any gamer.

Ways you can Connect Your PS3 Controller

First, you will know the details of how many ways you can connect your PS3 controller. As you all know PlayStation 3 was launched by Sony on the very day itself.

And at that time many apps were also put on it. All these features and the given apps may not be able to impress you right now but at that time it was a huge success.

PlayStation 5 is already very late for gamers. And because of all this, Sunny has already come a long way in this race. So you have 2 ways to connect your PS3 controller without USB. The first is that you can connect your DS3 device with or without PS3.

This means that if your host device has Bluetooth available, then you can connect your device without a USB.

As usual, you can also connect the controller to your host computer or screen using a regular USB cable. Therefore, we could presume that the DualShock 3 system is both a wired and a wireless system.

How to Connect PS3 Controller Without USB?

But keep in mind that you will still want a USB cable if this is your first time wirelessly connecting a PS3 controller to the console.

The DualShock 3 controller, however, can be connected wirelessly to the console without the use of a USB cord if you have already synced or paired the controller with the device.

So let’s know how you can connect the PS3 controller without USB with step by step method:-

Step 1:

First, need to switch ON the PS3 device.

Step 2:

After that, holding down the PS or PlayStation button on the PS3 controller will then turn it on. Check to see if the controller has enough power.

Step 3:

The four LED indicator light will blink as a result. This indicates that the DS3 controller is looking for nearby Bluetooth-capable host devices.

Step 4:

Once it locates the PlayStation 3, it immediately pairs and connects with the available device. The blinking light will then cease and remain on after that.

Step 5:

That indicates that the PS3 controller is currently wirelessly linked to the PlayStation 3.

Once you have connected your device to PS3, you will not face any problems while connecting wireless again.

Simply turn on the console and the controller, then wait a little while for them to automatically connect. You can now connect your PS3 controller without a USB cable in the same way.

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Where to Attach the USB Cable PS3 Controller?

If you do not know, then know that the PS3 is available with both wired and wireless connections.

You can connect your PS3 controller with the PS3 console through a USB cord without facing any problems. However, since the PS3 controller is first connected to the tablet wirelessly, you do not anticipate needing the USB cable.

However, regardless of whether you have already wired or linked the DualShock 3 controller with the console, you can attach the controller wirelessly simply using the USB cord. That is all I’m attempting to communicate.

Turn on the Computer PlayStation 3

Firstly, the PS or PlayStation press on the device and then activate the PS3 controller. Verify the device’s power supply. The 4 LED warning lamp starts to flash.

After that, the PS3 device scans the available Bluetooth nearby. The PlayStation console is then connected to your computer as soon as your device is reached it.

Only turn on the screen and controller, then wait a few whiles before they connect right away. You are therefore connected to your PS3 device without a USB cord.

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PS3 Controller Reset

You can resolve the problem by resetting your PS3 controller if it’s not wirelessly connecting to your console.

You would need to re-sync the DualShock 3 with the console using a USB cable after resetting to restore the factory default settings. To restart the DualShock 3, adhere to these guidelines.

Step 1:

Firstly, turn off the PS3 gaming system. You can accomplish this by pressing and holding the Power button on the console or the PlayStation button on the DualShock 3 while choosing to “Turn Off Console”.

Step 2:

Connect your DualShock 3 to the console with one end of the USB cord and the other end to the console.

Step 3:

Choose the Activate the PS3.

Step 4:

On the console, the reset button is next to the L2 shoulder button.

Step 5:

Utilizing a toothpick or thin pin, press the reset button.

Step 5:

The default settings on your PS3 have been restored.

You must use a USB cable to connect the DualShock 3 to the PS3 after it has been reset. Don’t worry if you lost the original cord; an ordinary USB cable will work just as well.

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How to PS3 Controller be wired to your PC?

Thankfully, you can use the DualShock 3 remote on your Windows PC after taking the PS3 out of the picture. However, you may just use the PS3 remote to switch off PS3 on your Mac.

However, you would require a PC with Bluetooth support. Many PCs are connected via Bluetooth. However, you should utilize a Bluetooth dongle if your Mac does not have Bluetooth. Additionally, make sure that Windows has all the required drivers and software installed:

  • Web System Windows.
  • C++ photo.
  • Installer of DirectX Internet
  • A driver with a PS3 controller
  • Box of SCP Pilot
  • Toolkit for SCP

You may find further information online about how to connect your DS3 controller to your Windows PC wirelessly and with a USB cord. However, you may use your PS3 controller with a computer.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, all means of connecting a PS3 controller first time require a USB cord. It is not necessary to use a USB cable to connect to your device even after a link has been created. To begin, all you have to do is push the center PS button.

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