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Check out the new season’s weekly quests and how you can get through these tasks in no time. A new Fortnite season has started: we’ve officially entered Chapter Three, Season Four, and it’s bound to be an exciting season with the new Chrome Splash mechanic.

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In this guide, we’ll show you all of the weekly quests that you’ll have to complete as the Fortnite season progresses and explain how you can finish the hardest ones that you’ll run into. This is a great way to earn XP and complete the Battle Pass.

We’ll update this guide weekly with new quests that come out.

Updated November 10, 2022, by Ashely Claudino: This guide has been updated to feature the latest weekly quests.

Weekly Quests

bonus skin fortnite

Although it’s similar to Splatoon’s ink mechanic, Chrome Splash isn’t exactly the same. It’s its own thing, and it’s definitely a lot of fun. You’ll have to use it if you want to complete all weekly quests. Each weekly quest will be turned into 15,000 XP when finished and each Bonus Goal is worth 43,000 XP.


Week Zero

doing week zero quests

  • Deploy a Port-A-Bunker at a named location.

The Port-A-Fort has been removed from the game, and has been replaced by the Port-A-Bunker. Although it doesn’t provide the high ground that its predecessor did, it’s a much more reinforced structure that you can easily hide inside. It’s also much more discrete.

  • Knock down a Timber Pine and dislodge a Runaway Boulder in a single match.
  • Eliminate an enemy player within five seconds after sprinting while Chromed.

Although this quest’s description may sound a bit complex for someone just starting the new season and using the Chrome Splash mechanic for the first time, it’s not too complicated once you start playing with it. It’s quite overpowered. If you sprint while Chromed, you’ll turn into a blob, be immune to fall damage, move faster, and air dash. If you dash into a wall you’ll be able to phase through structures and surprise your enemies on the other side. Do this and then quickly eliminate a player to complete this quest.

  • Purchase from a vending machine (1)
  • Emote at The Flairship, The Driftwood, and No Sweat Insurance.

There are three places where you’ll have to emote to complete this next task. The Flairship is an airship floating above Rave Cave – go on top of it and emote. The Driftwood is the name of the ship floating above Lustrous Lagoon – dance on top of it. No Sweat Insurance is the large floating building in Tilted Towers, right next to the tunnel – dance somewhere in the building to complete the task.

  • Evolve EvoChrome weapons by dealing damage (5)

EvoChrome weapons can be found inside Chrome Chests. As you damage more and more enemies with them, their rarity will increase. They can go from Uncommon all up to Mythic rarity.

  • Use Chrome Splash on a structure and phase through it within five seconds.

Week One

purchasing from mancake

  • Damage players with the Lever Action Shotgun or the Suppressed Submachine Gun (350)
  • Bust through a door at Cloudy Condos and No Sweat Insurance.

Although this mechanic isn’t used as often as you’d think, you can bust through doors in Fortnite. It’s simple — all you have to do is find a door and then sprint in its direction. If you’re sprinting as you go through it, you’ll automatically burst it open.

  • Hit opponents while sliding (10)
  • Dislodge a Runaway Boulder with a slide kick.

Weaken the Runaway Boulder by hitting it until it’s at its minimum health without bringing it down to zero. Then, all you have to do is slide down in its direction and you’ll kick it out of its place automatically.

  • Hunt different kinds of wildlife (3)
  • Purchase an item from Panther, Mancake, or The Underwriter.

There are characters all over the map, and for this quest, you’ll once have to talk to one of them in particular. You can find Mancake at Rocky Reels, the Panther at the gas station north of Rocky Reels, and the Underwriter in Tilted Towers.

  • Drive different types of chromed vehicles (3)

You can turn vehicles into chromed vehicles by throwing a Chrome Splash at them. Do this on three different types of vehicles to complete the quest. There are a few options that you can choose from, including cars, semis, trucks, and the Whiplash.

Week Two

slurp bouncer mushroom in fortnite

  • Gain shields at the Reality Tree (75)

Even though the Reality Tree isn’t what it once was, it’s still an area where you can very easily reach maximum shields. Particularly because there are Slurp Bouncer Mushrooms all over the place and, if you jump on one, you’ll gain 15 shields.

You’ll have to wait a little while to jump on the same one and gain more shields, but since there are so many, simply walk up to another and jump on it. Of course, you can also easily find small shield potions inside chests.

  • Damage players within five seconds of mantling (350)
  • Deal damage to opponents with a legendary weapon (150)
  • Emote for five seconds in the Flairship.
  • Open chests or ammo boxes inside The Driftwood (3)

If you have completed Week Zero’s quest “emote at the Flairship, The Driftwood, and No Sweat Insurance” you might want to give it a go now since you’ll have to travel to both these places for this week’s challenges.

  • Eliminate opponents while chromed (3)

shooting targets from zipline

  • Shoot targets while ziplining.

There are three locations on the map where you can shoot targets from a zipline. On the zipline south of Seven Outpost V, on the zipline between Seven Outpost II and Choppin’ Chateau, on the zipline on the small island south of Greasy Grove, and the zipline at Chonker’s Speedway.

All of these will be shown on your map if you track this quest. It can be quite difficult to do this since it requires a high level of precision, so it’s best to do this with a Suppressed SMG to avoid bringing too much attention to yourself.

Week Three

landing at the driftwood in fortnite

  • Stage 1 – Land at the Driftwood.
  • Stage 2 – Collect bars in a single match (100)

This quest is divided into stages, which is certainly uncommon but it’s made to increase its difficulty and make it more of a challenge. These two stages have to be completed in the same match so essentially what you need to do is land at the Driftwood and then survive long enough to collect 100 bars. The Driftwood might change location as the Season goes on since only just a couple of days ago it was hovering over Lustrous Lagoon. For now, it’s floating over Flutter Barn.

  • Destroy Chrome structures (100)

At the moment it seems that this quest is bugged so if the structure count does not go up when you destroy Chrome structure, don’t be alarmed. Epic Games should fix it soon.

  • Deal damage to opponents with a Marksman Rifle from at least 75 meters away (150)

Although the quest’s information says that you have to deal damage with the Marksman Rifle, at the moment there is no weapon in the game with this name. However, if you deal damage to an opponent from a distance of 75 meters using the Cobra DMR, it’ll count towards this challenge.

  • Deal damage to opponents with SMGs or Assault Rifles (1,000)
  • Deal damage to Supply Llamas (500)

Supply Llamas spawn randomly so there’s no way of knowing where you’ll be able to find one. However, if there’s one around you’ll hear its yelping noises as it bounces around the place popping with shield potions and ammunition. If you see a Supply Llama, shoot it and it’ll drop even more loot. Deal a total of 500 damage to complete this quest.

  • Gain shields from JellyFish, Shield Fish, or SlurpFish (200)
  • Visit the Reality Tree and Herald’s Sanctum in a single match.

Week Four

opening a safe in fortnite

  • Eliminate a bounty target with a Sniper Rifle or Marksman Rifle.
  • Deal damage to wildlife (1,000)

Wildlife is scattered everywhere on the Battle Royale map. The most obvious forms of wildlife are the wolf and the boar, however, there are also frogs and birds that you can try to damage. They might be small in size but they’re very common to find near rivers and in cities where wolves and boars don’t tend to go as often.

  • Use a Port-a-Bunker in different matches (2)
  • Survive Storm phases (10)
  • Headshot opponents with the EvoChrome Shotgun or EvoChrome Burst Rifle (15)

EvoChrome weapons can be found as floor loot or dropped from regular chests, but searching Chrome Chests is where you will find them for certain. Find these chests by visiting Chrome POIs or throwing a Chrome Splash on a regular chest.

  • Throw a Launchpad at Flutter Barn or Shimmering Shrine.
  • Open a lock with a key, and a safe in a single match (2)

When the Season first started, you could only use keys to open safes. But now you can also use them to open locks which are more well-scattered on the map and easier to find. When you find a key open your map and all lock and safe locations will be displayed there.

Week Five

using evochrome weapon in-game

  • Eliminate opponents at the Reality Tree or Herald’s Sanctum (2)
  • Collect bars to spend in the same match; Spend collected bars in the same match (100)

Although this quest may seem pretty straightforward, it can be difficult since it’s divided into two stages. So, even though you have to collect 100 bars and then spend them in the same match, you have to collect all of the bars required to activate the second part of the challenge and then spend them as you please.

  • Deal damage to opponents from above (500)
  • Use D-Launcher (3)

D-Launchers are platforms on the ground that will project you into the air in a certain direction if you walk through them. They are all over the place on the western side of the map. Lustrous Lagoon, Herald’s Sanctum, Shimmering Shrine, Fort Jonesy, Flutter Barn, and Cloudy Condos are all locations that you can visit to find tons of D-Launchers and complete the quest in a flash.

  • Deal damage to opponents with an Assault Rifle, Shotgun, and SMG in a single match.
  • Visit Cloudy Condos then Reality Tree in a single match.

It’s not unusual to receive quests where you have to visit certain named locations in the duration of a single match. But you can do this freely and decide where you’d like to go first, so it better suits the storm location. However, this time around, you will have to visit Cloudy Condos and then make your way to the Reality Tree, regardless of what would be best for you in terms of survival chances

If you notice that the storm is closing in and you won’t be able to reach the Reality Tree in time after visiting Cloudy Condos, you might want to try it in the next match.

The best way to do this is to grab a car while in Cloudy Condos, then either visit Seven Outpost IV to catch a rift or Chonker’s Speedway to get a Whiplash with modded tires. Next, go to Sanctuary, where you can also jump on a rift and then try to glide as close to Reality Tree as possible.

  • Gain health or shields by bouncing on Bouncy Slurpshrooms while chromed.

The Reality Tree and Greasy Grove area have an abundant amount of Boundy Slurpshrooms nearby; all you have to do to complete this quest is find a Chrome Splash, throw it on yourself, so you become chromed, and then bounce on a Bouncy Slurpshroom.

Week Six

fishing with harpoon gun

  • Catch a gun while fishing (1)

When fishing in Fortnite, there are only three types of items that you can catch: trash, fish, and weapons. Using fishing holes is what you should be aiming for since you will either catch really useful fish or rarer weapons, there’s no way of getting trash on the other end of the line. Getting a harpoon gun instead of a fishing rod will also speed up the process since it’ll automatically catch something, instead of waiting to get a bite.

  • Phase through a chrome wall and deal damage to an opponent within 30 seconds (75)
  • Accept a bounty from a bounty board within 30 seconds of landing

For this quest, you will have to accept a bounty within 30 seconds of landing after leaving the Battle Bus; it doesn’t work if you’re landing from jumping on a launch pad or after using a rift, for example.

  • Fall seven stories or more in Chrome Blob form

Although being chromed doesn’t make you immune to fall damage, activating Chrome Blob form does. To do this quest, become chromed (either by using a Chrome Splash or riding the chrome hurricane), then find a plateau, or a tall building, or you can even build your own stairs, turn into Chrome Blob form and jump off.

  • Deal damage to opponents while at max health and shields (200)
  • Land at Tilted Towers; Finish in the Top Ten

This is a two-stage mission which means that it has to be done in a single match. You have to be able to land at Tilted Towers – one of the most dangerous locations on the Battle Royale map – and then, manage to survive until you reach Top ten. Thankfully, there is an aircraft hovering over Tilted Towers with giant fans that make it possible to glide away from the locations right after landing.

  • Eliminate an opponent before the first storm phase begins

The Battle Bus takes about one minute to finish its route. Then, a three-minute timer starts ticking, this is exactly how long you have to eliminate someone, once the timer is up, the first storm phase starts. If you leave the Battle Bus right as it starts moving, you have nearly an extra minute to get this done.

Week Seven

This is the first set of weekly quests after the Fortnitemares event, things have gone back to normal, Reality Tree is no longer a haunted rave location with wolves everywhere and there’s no need to fear that a zombie chicken will appear out of nowhere and strike you when you least expect it.

throwing grenade at player in zero build

  • Damage opponents with pistols, harvesting tools, or grenades (500)

The pistol isn’t a very powerful weapon to carry around, unfortunately, since it won’t deal that much damage, so for this quest you’re better off using either using harvesting tools on already knocked opponents or grenades. Grenades are tough to master and they won’t always hit your enemies but once they do they’ll deal a total of 100 damage. Carrying grenades in Zero Build mode is the way to go here since it’s much harder for other players to defend themselves against it, especially if you throw an enter stack at them.

  • Damage opponents with ranged weapons while riding wildlife (200)
  • Damage opponents with shotguns (500)

entering chrome tornado in-game

Usually referred to as a Chrome Tornado by the Fortnite community, a Chrome Vortex is just like a regular tornado however it’s made of Chrome, the star mechanic this season. It’s one of the only two ways that players can Chrome themselves. You can enter a Chrome Vortex either near Lustrous Lagoon or at the Herald’s Sanctum. Ride around the Vortex to reach a higher altitude.

  • Deal damage to opponents at Loot Lake (200)

Loot Lake isn’t a busy location usually but now the OG house has been added to the island in the middle of the lake which does bring some traction every now and then. If you’re having trouble doing this quest, you might want to head over to Tilted Towers which is just beside the lake. Try to bait an opponent into following you by taking the updraft on the airship hovering over Tilted and then once you get there, strike!

  • Search Chrome chests at Flutter Barn or Shiny Sound (5)
  • Pick fruit from Reality Saplings (3)

Reality Seeds and Reality Saplings were unfortunately disabled during the Fortnitemares event but now they’re back and players can once again tend their Saplings and harvest powerful loot. Your previous Reality Sapling is most likely gone after the event so you’ll have to either get a new one or pick fruit from other players’ saplings.

You can find Reality Seeds by destroying bulbs at the Reality Tree named locations, and then throwing the seed at the ground and it’ll turn into a sapling. Maintain it by picking weeds regularly and harvesting its fruits. Check your map from time to time to see when it’s produced fruit and when there are weeds that need to be removed.

If you’d rather harvest another player’s Reality Sapling, you should search locations like the woods near Greasy Grove, the area southeast of Tilted Towers, and west of Chromejam Junction.

Week Eight

opening a produce box at tilted towers

  • Search produce boxes, ice machines, or coolers (5)

For this quest, you will have to search five produce boxes, ice machines, or coolers. You can open these in various parts of the map. Produce boxes can usually be found in kitchens of suburban homes, inside gas stations, or in the backrooms of grocery stores – they store fruit and vegetables. Ice machines will always spawn outside gas stations, either on the right or left side – they store Slurp Fish and Floppers. Coolers will spawn near trailers and fishing spots near the river – they store Chug Splash and Floppers.

There is one place on the map that has tons of cooler spawns, however, and you can easily find five of them in the same match. Visit Chonker’s Speedway to get through this quest quickly, there are coolers nearly everywhere on the sides of the race track, near the campfires on the plateaus, and even on the trailer parker. You won’t have trouble getting to full health at Chonker’s Speedway.

  • Deal damage to opponents using shotguns from 15 meters away or less (100)
  • Collect weapons from eliminated players (2)

The way this quest’s description was worded is slightly odd, making it confusing if you have to eliminate two players and collect their weapons, or is it good enough to eliminate one player and grab two of their weapons? It can be completed by simply eliminating one player that’s got two weapons. You don’t even need to keep them, just put them in your inventory and then remove them if you’d rather keep the ones you had originally.

  • Launch into the air using Launch Pads in different matches (2)
  • Hit an opponent with a Firefly Jar

You can get the Firefly Jar by collecting fireflies on the map. Fireflies will spawn randomly so they can be found almost everywhere on the Battle Royale map. However, if you want to get them more easily be sure to visit woody locations with a lot of trees such as the woods behind Reality Tree, Fort Jonesy, and the fields between Tilted Towers and Rocky Reels. Campfires will also attract fireflies, even if they’re unlit.

  • Mark a weapon, a vehicle, and a fish in a single match
  • Throw Cow Catchers or Off-Road tires (3)

Off-Road Tires and Cow Catchers can be found inside red toolboxes. These boxes can usually be found in mechanic shops, the car repair garages next to gas stations. Of course, they will also spawn in other locations so be sure to check shelves inside stores, benches, and gas stations.

If you see any bouncy tires, you can also break them with your harvesting tool, sometimes they will drop the Off-Road tires item. Chonker’s Speedway is the POI with the highest number of tires and cars, it’s also got a huge repair shop and a diner that you’ll want to visit. These are all places that are likely to spawn red toolboxes.

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