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How To Complete The ‘You Are Not Authorized’ Mission In Dead Space Remake


Dead Space You Are Not Authorized Guide


Unlock everything the USG Ishimura can possibly toss your way with Dead Space’s ultimate override.

One of the many splendid things added to the 2023 remake of Dead Space is the addition of certain side missions that, rather than feeling tacked-on, enhance the game’s lore whilst rewarding players who go the extra mile. The rewards are worth the hassle, and the ‘hassle’ feels organically integrated – and fun in its own right. All told, it’s precisely how bonus content should be.

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‘You Are Not Authorized’ is introduced relatively early into the campaign, but successful completion requires that certain steps be taken in several chapters thereafter. This is the only way to ensure you’ve got access to every locked container in Dead Space, so we highly recommend springing for it.

Updated February 20, 2023: We’ve updated this guide to include a video walkthrough that will take you through the ‘You Are Not Authorized’ mission in Dead Space.

How To Begin ‘You Are Not Authorized’

Dead Space 024 You Are Not Authorized Rousseau Tag

The side mission commences in Chapter Four, at the Captain’s Nest. You’ll be roughly a quarter of the way through the game at this point, give or take – your security access level is low, so the notion of being able to unlock absolutely everything aboard the Ishimura should be a tantalizing one.

What you need to do to trigger the quest is interact with the Bridge Security console here in the Captain’s Nest. The computer system will chirp ahead with the explanation. Basically, our goal is to gather the RIG (spacesuit) codes from a total of seven high-ranking officers. Each officer’s security clearance relates to their specific sections of the ship.

What happens, then, when all seven are brought back here to the Captain’s Nest? The ultimate RIG code is created, meaning Isaac can finally go wherever he pleases, no holds barred. Unfortunately, you’ll be quite a bit of the way deeper into Dead Space’s runtime before that happens – but so it goes.

Every Officer RIG Location

Dead Space 022 You Are Not Authorized

Note that the chapters we list for each of these corresponds with the timing in which we ourselves located the RIG. If, in the weeks to come, we should discover that it’s possible to acquire one or more of these codes earlier than we listed, we’ll be sure to double back to this guide and let you know.

RIG Code




Hangar Overseer Voelkner


Hangar Bay

Remember where the Kellion docked? Head back there, or rather, back to what’s left of the area. Head out into zero-g; veer left, and you’ll find the RIG near a refill tank in the following little zone.

Mining Supervisor Dallas


Mineral Processor Control

Gained automatically during the events of Chapter Seven.

Comms Officer Bailey



Head to the third floor, starting at the bridge. Locate the Comms Room.

Tram Supervisor Benson


Tram Tunnels

Just swing by the Crew Deck as soon as possible – we weren’t able to get there until the game’s ninth chapter.

Chief Engineer Rosseau


Fuel Storage

After Dallas’ RIG unlocks Level Three Clearance aboard the Ishimura, retrace your steps in nearby previously-locked rooms to find Bailey’s over in Engineering.

First Officer White


Cannon Trench

One of the many memorable moments in Dead Space involves blasting away some asteroids with a big honkin’ gun. Check the places nearest to the third of these ADS guns via a zero-g flight; White’s is nearby.

Lieutenant Commander Holt



Once you’re in the Hydroponics area, swing by the East Grow Chamber. You’ll need to blow away some gnarly Necromorph goo (you’ll see what we mean) to uncover Holt’s RIG.

Obtaining The Ultimate RIG

Dead Space 023 You Are Not Authorized Return To Holt

Now all that’s left to do is to return to the Captain’s Nest where the quest began. Armed with all seven RIG codes, Isaac can craft the ultimate code, capable of unlocking every door, crate, chest, in the entire ship. The USG Ishimura is now your proverbial oyster, just so long as you don’t mind the monstrosities still lurking around every corner. It’s part of the charm.

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