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A dungeon by any other name would still smell… well, like a dungeon. Don’t worry though, there’s still plenty to explore in Temtem. Though they may not look as intimidating as classic dungeons, they can be just as challenging in this creature capture title. They’re essentially huge structures with multiple rooms, levels, and enemies to fight.

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Depending on their location, you may or may not also have to contend with wild Temtem as well. The first dungeon you’ll encounter is Windward Fort, which is found at the end of the Gifted Bridges. You’ll have to complete it in order to rescue the Dojo leader Sophia.


The Windward Fort

The Windward Fort may as well be a tourist destination, considering how many modern-day people are roaming around. It could be considered a glorified ruins that are still in relatively good shape, with the main damage being huge holes in the floor.

The problem is that these holes are too wide to be jumped over, so you’ll have to stick to crossing points or take the stairs to another level for a place to cross. The goal is to reach the top, in order to confront the leader of the Belsoto gang that has taken over — Lady Lottie.

Since Windward Fort has been overtaken by nature in many ways, there are wild Temtem roaming around. Sadly, there isn’t a lot of variety, and you’ll find yourself fighting plenty of Skails (Neutral-type) and Scarawatts (Electric-type). They’re not particularly dangerous, but tend to have one or two hard-hitting attacks which can eat away at your team’s health. It’s worth catching one of each, since Electric-types are quite effective at this time, and Skail can be pretty tough if trained properly.

This area can be considered a gauntlet, since pretty much every tamer is unavoidable. They are divided between independent tamers and Belsoto grunts. They’ll be using a mix of Temtem that are the highest level you’ve encountered so far, with some relying on solo Temtem above level 18.

Just like the tamers on the Gifted Bridges, they also have access to the tough Barnshe (Mental-type) and Ukama (Water-type) Temtem. Some of them will also have Kalabyss, a Water-type that mainly picks away at your team while absorbing hits. This is why you should have Ganki, Scarawatt, or both with you, since their Electric attacks will be quite effective.

Since this is a dungeon, there is no place within it to heal. The only Temporium nearby is the one outside, on the other cliff bridge leading to the fort entrance. As such, take plenty of recovery items with you, and have a full Temnessence Vial.

You should also take a Smoke Bomb with you, as it will teleport you instantly back to the Temporium if your team is in dire straits. You can also carry some Scents with you to reduce wild Temtem encounters and avoid unnecessary damage.

They are some valuable items to be found, like improved Balms and Revives, but you’ll need to face extra tamers to get some of them. You’ll need them, however, as at the top of Windward Fort is a difficult fight. You’ll need to beat some Belsoto Grunts and Lady Lottie in one sitting in order to complete the dungeon.

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