How To Complete The Last Wish And Each Outcome


How To Complete The Last Wish And Each Outcome

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‘The Last Wish’ is a side quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, though it is just as imperative as the main questline to Team Yennefer supporters. After a breakthrough in their search for Ciri, Yennefer asks to meet Geralt at the warrior’s hall in Larvik. Geralt can respond by agreeing to join her in the hall later on or travel on horseback with her immediately, thus beginning this lore-filled side quest.

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Upon talking with Yennefer in the warrior’s hall, she will inform you about the disappearance of Amos var Ypsis, a mage and specialist on Djinns. Though she’s seemingly enlisting Geralt’s help to find the missing mage, Yennefer is evidently more concerned with what became of his Djinn. You’ll have free rein of dialogue options throughout this bit of the conversation without fear of causing any strife with the tempestuous sorceress. Then it’s time to board Yennefer’s boat that is docked at the harbor near the warrior’s hall.


Updated on January 14, 2023 by Quinton O’Connor: If we’re brushing up all our coverage of The Witcher 3, we’d be silly to leave one of the game’s most pivotal romance-related quests untouched. Plenty of players will need to know how to hook Geralt to a certain sorceress, after all.

An Icy Dive


Yennefer will take the helm and inform Geralt they are searching for shipwrecks on the seafloor, instructing him to dive in to search them when she stops the boat. At the first site, Yennefer casts a spell on Geralt to slow his heart rate, meaning there’s no need for Geralt to pop a Killer Whale potion to sustain his lung capacity underwater. However, he will want to be sure to clear the area of any sirens using his signs or crossbow before diving in.

Geralt will encounter a small pack of drowners at the bottom, which can be avoided as he searches for an underwater cavern entrance, or he can dispatch them with his crossbow. Inside there will be a half-buried vessel, which Geralt will need to examine with his witcher senses to determine it is not the wreck Yenn is looking for based on the figurehead on the bow of the boat.

The next site Yennefer stops at is laden with chests and barrels full of Skellige booty, so take a minute to loot to your heart’s content. This won’t turn out to be the ship Yenn is looking for either, but Geralt will need to locate a Clan Heymaey war horn and Skellige buckler from a bygone age amidst the wreckage to ascertain this.

As they say, the third time’s a charm. While searching for the third underwater shipwreck, Yennefer will sense something and instruct Geralt to dive in again, where he will discover a giant crater. After taking a look for herself, through Geralt’s eyes, Yennefer will explain this ‘anomaly’ is the result of teleportation.

Using witcher senses, you should see a collection of chests and crates which he can loot on the way by. Pass the bounty of sunken goods, Geralt will find another shipwreck and this time a broken seal lying not too far off from it. With a certain amount of urgency, Yennefer will then promptly instruct Geralt to retrieve the seal and swim back to her.

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Locating The Teleported Half Of The Wreckage

Geralt and Yennefer approaching boat

After a brief examination of the seal, Yennefer will use a portal to transport both her and Geralt to the approximate vicinity of the missing half of the wreckage. The portal will spit them out on a rather scenic snowy mountain top within Ard Skellig where Geralt will now have the opportunity to press Yennefer on her reasons for finding this Djinn. In response, Yennefer will remind Geralt of how they met when he used a Djinn to bind their fates. She will then reveal that she wishes to use this Djinn to reverse the effects of his wish.

You can react in whichever way you like. Just go with your gut on how Geralt would react; everyone’s hero’s a little different. Either way, the two of them will make their way to the wreckage which has been cast atop another mountain peak northwest of Yustianna’s Grotto.

Upon boarding the wreck, Geralt will need to search the hull below the captain’s cabin (which is full of loot if Geralt is so inclined.) There are more lootables and rare books in the hull, but there is also a bloody trail of shoe prints that youust follow. They’ll lead to a bookcase with which you can interact. Upon moving the bookcase, Geralt will discover Amos’ crushed corpse and the other half of the seal upon examining the body.

By magically repairing the seal, Yennefer attempts to conjure and trap the Djinn just as she had when she and Geralt first met. The Djinn proves too powerful once again, and Geralt must step in. This time, however, he takes the offensive approach.

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Fighting The Djinn

Djinn from The Witcher 3

The best method is to strategically place the ship’s central mast between Geralt and the Djinn, activate Quen, then use Geralt’s roll to quickly close the distance in between the Djinn’s lightning strikes. Once in range, immediately hit it with a fast attack followed by a series of strong attacks. You’ll likely be able to execute three to five strikes before the Djinn fends Geralt off with a shockwave that will break his Quen shield. Now it’s time to roll away, rinse, and repeat. If you need to, take cover in the captain’s cabin or below deck to regenerate Geralt’s health.

The Djinn will begin teleporting around the main deck at 50 percent health and disperses a nasty shockwave upon rematerializing. This is where you will need to be extra careful. Definitely lather Geralt’s sword in elementa oil and drink a Thunderbolt potion to maximize his damage output. You may even want to re-equip Geralt’s skill tree to include Protective Coating, which will additionally enable the elementa oil to protect you against the incoming elemental damage the Djinn is doling out.

While you’re at it, also slot a skill such as Acquired Tolerance to boost Geralt’s toxicity threshold, then pop the Ekhidna Decoction so Geralt can regenerate vitality every time he rolls or casts Quen… which will be almost constantly.

Happily Ever After Or Heartbreak?

Geralt kisses Yennefer

Once defeated, Yennefer will capture the Djinn and strike a deal for the Djinn to undo the magic that binds her to Geralt in exchange for the Djinn’s freedom. After all is said and done, Yenn will claim she feels no different and vulnerably await Geralt’s reaction to the curse being lifted.

He can choose to agree with his sorceress, professing his true love for her without any magic involved. This seals the deal in successfully romancing Yennefer. Or Geralt can reject her, saying the magic is gone for him (no pun intended?) and suggest the Djinn granted her wish.

No matter Geralt’s decision with regard to his love life, it is now time to continue the search for Ciri after this quest completes. However, if the witcher did express his true feelings for Yennefer, they will have time to reconvene during some downtime at Kaer Morhen amidst lifting Uma’s curse.

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