How To Complete Shin’s Routes In Amnesia Crowd


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In Amnesia Crowd, you will have the option to complete different route types with the main characters, including Shin. If you are a fan of this love interest, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we are going to go over Shin’s routes in Amnesia Crowd.

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Overall, you can participate in Shin’s Suspense and Love route, as well as interact with him while in Work Mode. This guide will take you through each of these routes, however, we won’t drop any spoilers for the Suspense route, so you can experience it for yourself.

Shin’s Suspense Route

orion speaking to MC in crumbling room

Shin’s Suspense route is made up of several sections. While playing, you can ‘connect’ to Shin, and play as him for a while too. Below, you can find how to progress through Shin’s route to get his Happy End.


Throughout this route, you will need to switch between yourself and Shin. If you don’t do so when required, you may get a bad ending.


At the start of the route, your answers aren’t too important, but below, you can find some choices to make.

  • Shin
    • This is where you choose the character you want to do the Suspense route with.
  • What is this place?
  • Try yelling out
  • Call for help on cellphone
  • Have Orion check outside
  • Dig out the entrance
  • Get out through hole in rubble
  • I’m hungry…

First Investigation

options to escape room

Now, it’s time for your first investigation. Again, these choices aren’t as important, but they help you get a sense of the room.

  • Rubble
  • Carelessly Tossed Tool
  • This is a construction site, after all.
  • Floor
  • Hole in Wall
  • Debris
  • Maybe it was a store.

Connecting With Shin

When the icon to do so appears, connect with Shin. From here, give the following choices.

  • Orion, cut our sense connection.
  • …I’ll go see her after all.
  • Ignore him and call her
  • What should we do?
  • ***Connect with Shin here!
  • Hang up for now
  • Look for something useful in the rubble.

Map Investigation

Here, you will need to investigate on a map. You can choose any location, ending with Toma’s apartment.

Getting To The Happy End

toma and shin speaking to eachother about tomas college

Almost there! Below, you can find all the answers to get to Shin’s Happy End.

  • Household garbage bags…?
  • Notebooks and pens?
  • A box of disposable chopsticks?
  • There’s a measuring tape…
  • Maybe with a 100 yen lighter.
  • Here, you can choose every option in any order.
    • How I’ve injured my leg
    • How I’ve been here for 2 days
    • How I got accidentally trapped
    • What kind of place this is
    • The reason I came here
  • Okay. I’ll be waiting.
  • I’m going to sleep a little.
  • Park

Shin’s Love Route

shin thinking

Shin’s Love route is simple, and doesn’t involve making important decisions or bad endings. In After Story mode, you can enjoy the story with Shin.

In the Communication route, you will speak with Shin in various places, including the park and his bedroom. Your goal is to raise the meter with Shin to trigger a CG, but you can choose any dialogue options that you want.

This game mode is meant for spending time and getting to know Shin, so there are no wrong answers!

Work Mode

washing dishes with shin

Lastly, we have Work Mode. This is a mini-game route where you work at Meido no Hitsuji with each love interest.

While in Work Mode, you will need to participate in a variety of tasks, as well as take breaks and relax. You can hang out with everyone, or just focus on Shin, the choice is up to you.

While working, Shin will help you with the dishes. In this mini-game, your goal is to wipe the plates clean while making sure that you don’t run out of soap.

Participating in Work Mode and achieving either a Good or Excellent will reward you with Orion Points, which can be spent in Orion’s Room to purchase Shin’s Mini Event. You can also earn these points by participating in the simplified version of Poker and Blackjack.

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