How To Complete Hunting For Solace Section In God Of War Ragnarok


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God of War Ragnarok’s Hunting for Solace is brief respite from the rising action. We’ll walk you through this section of the game.

God of War Ragnarok‘s Hunting For Solace is the shortest section of Ragnarok’s mainline quest. It is a story-centric section. More focused on emotional poignancy than providing you with a number of opportunities to loot treasure chests. However, for the sake of being thorough, we have written this guide to ensure that you don’t get hung up anywhere along the way.

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This walkthrough will show you where you need to go, what you need to interact with, and how to get there as quickly as possible. And, of course, we will point you in the direction of the few treasures that are hidden along the way.


Hunt With Atreus

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Having just experienced the traumatic events that just unfolded in Sindri’s home, a shellshocked Kratos and Atreus head home. Upon arriving back in Midgard, you will start hunting with Atreus. Head toward Speki and Savanna (the wolves who pull your sled). Pass through the crevice that is to the right of them. You will now begin the hunt. This is, almost literally, a straight shot. You are going to follow Atreus, and view a cutscene or two. After abandoning the hunt, you will set out to find Sindri.

Find Sindri

God Of War Ragnarok, Hunting For Solace, The Lift Up To The Temple

Now, saddle up and head out toward the frozen Lake of Nine. You want to head toward Tyr’s temple, which is the giant structure in the center of the Lake of Nine. Travel to the left of it. You want to use the lift that will take you up to the bridge above. This is one place in the Hunting For Solace quest that actually has treasures. Once you are up on the bridge, there will be a Hacksiler Pouch directly across from you. There will also be a treasure chest on your left. Coming from the lift, this chest will be completely concealed by a snow-covered stone bowl and, as such, is pretty easy to miss.

God Of War Ragnarok, Hunting For Solace, Sack Of Coins Hidden On The Right

Once you get to the other end of the bridge, take the steps on your right down. There is a Hacksilver pouch here. Climb the stairs and climb the set of stairs on the left. Travel down this path and you will find yourself in a clearing with a frozen lightning bolt. There is a rift here. Reach in and grab a bunch of crafting goodies.

God Of War Ragnarok, Hunting For Solace, Talking To Sindri

Now, head for Tyr’s Temple itself. On the right there will be a treasure chest. Now, enter into the temple, talk to Sindri and you will be done with this section of the game. All that is left to do now is to take the lift back down and return to Sindri’s house using a Mystic Gateway. The closest Gateway is to the North-East of the lift (it is the one you opened up while looking for the Fates). Once you enter Sindri’s place you will view another cutscene and prepare to wage war. And with that, you will have completed the Hunting For Solace segment. We told you this section was short!

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