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How To Complete All The Seasonal Milestones In MultiVersus


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With MultiVersus recently moving into the public phase of the beta, interest in the game has never been higher. However, if you aren’t familiar with how most free-to-play games operate, you may be a little confused by the Battle Pass system and how it works.

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For starters, you may wonder why there are two of them? And how do you access the goodies they hold? Well, if you have questions, we have answers. This guide will delve into everything you can earn through the Battle Passes, and how to earn all these glistening treasures.


How Does The Battle Pass System Work?

Okay, so, the first thing you need to know about the Battle Passes in MultiVersus is that there are two of them. One Battle Pass is free, and the other costs Gleamium. Gleamium can currently only be obtained with real money (either by purchasing it directly from the store, or by buying it through the Founder’s Passes. The currently active battle pass costs a pretty reasonable 300 Gleamium. That means it costs, roughly, about three dollars. However, it has also been labeled a “mini-battle pass” by the developers, so we wouldn’t be surprised if the big boy battle pass that launches down the line is more expensive than that.

As for how you rank your Battle Pass up, you will gain points towards your Battle Pass for every match you play and win. However, you only earn three points for every match you play, and another two points for every match you win. So this will be one of the smaller sources of points you earn toward your battle pass. The missions will play a much bigger factor.

As you play through matches in the game, you will complete challenges. These challenges will earn you points toward your Battle Passes. There are two types of challenges: your daily missions and your seasonal milestones. The daily missions tend to be pretty simple. They can be as easy as blocking a single projectile with Wonder Woman’s shield (that is one challenge we have encountered). If you don’t like a mission, you can reroll one a day for free (which means it will be swapped out for another mission).

The other challenges are more time intensive and will require that you chip away at them over the course of multiple days (if not weeks). We will go into these challenges in greater depth in the “Seasonal Milestones” section below.

One other thing to note about the Battle Passes is that they rank up together. So, if you are on your fifth level in one, you are on the fifth level in the other as well. You can buy the premium Battle Pass at any time and access all those rewards you have earned as long as it hasn’t expired yet. That is, of course, the temptation. And if you were wondering how Warner Bros was going to make money with this free-to-play game, it is probably starting to click for you.

What Is The Rested Bonus?

So, while you don’t gain much in the way of points towards ranking up purely by playing matches; you do gain considerably more if you are “rested”. The longer you are away from the game, the more your rested bar will build. When you are rested you will see a little insignia in the bottom right corner of the “play” button. The insignia has a says “x2”. That is because you double all your match points when you are rested. The red bar under the play button is an indication of how much rested XP you have. So that will help you keep track.

How To Complete All The Seasonal Milestones

July 19 – August 8
Catch opponents on fire 100 times
Hit with 1000 melee attacks
Perform a neutral attack 500 times
Wall Slide 200 times
Ringout a player from the bottom of the map 75 times
Play 40 rematches

Here we’re going to give you a quick rundown of all the seasonal challenges that are currently active. These challenges can be lumped together into two groups. There are a bunch that are just a matter of playing regularly. Hitting an opponent with 1000 melee attacks, or playing 40 rematches are just going to happen if you are playing regularly.

Similarly, just be mindful to use your neutral attack (which is your regular attack when you aren’t pressing a direction button alongside it) and you shouldn’t have a hard time earning that challenge. The wall slide challenge is also super easy as long as you know what you are doing. Just cling to a side wall and slide down (not too far down, of course). You will probably need to do this when dealing with people guarding the ledge anyway.

Now, the final two challenges require you to act a little more deliberately. For the challenge where you need to “ringout a player from the bottom of the map”, you are going to want to pick a character who has a potent downward attack. We really like Harley Quinn’s neutral normal in the air for this, but you can play around and find a character who works well for you. Don’t be surprised if this is the final milestone you complete. It can be tricky ringing people out at the bottom of the screen. However, this milestone will innately force you to learn how to edge guard more effectively.

The last seasonal milestone is to set 100 opponents on fire. You can do this with Superman, Reindog, or Harley Quinn, but Iron Giant is by far the most effective character at igniting your opponents on fire. Still, it doesn’t matter if their fire abilities are the best in the game, as long as you like playing the character, choose any of them that have a fire attack to complete this milestone.

What Is In The Standard Battle Pass?

The standard Battle Pass contains one ringout animation, one variant (alternate costume), one banner, four badges, one sticker, and two profile icons. There is also 500 gold and two experience boosters to be gained by completing this Battle Pass. It isn’t a bad haul, considering it costs you absolutely nothing. The crown jewel is clearly Pajama Finn, who is absolutely adorable. We have provided you with a quick reference list down below.

What Is In The Premium Battle Pass?

The premium Battle Pass contains two ringout animations, two variants (alternate costumes), three banners, two taunts, and two stickers. There is also a whole lot of toast to be earned (20 pieces), and an XP Boost. You can see what they are doing here, of course. There are more high-value items, such as skins and taunts, with none of the chaff, such as badges or profile icons.

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