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Biomutant is one of the few video games where you can customize and play your own little furry creature. Naturally, as with any game that allows character customization, we will want to change the way our character looks after a good amount of hours into the adventure. Luckily, you can actually change your appearance in Biomutant. All you have to do is find a barber and complete his side quest, which blends into another side quest.

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Aside from a fresh haircut, you can also change your body type and the way you physically look. In character creation, you were able to configure your body to match specific stats. You can change your shape once you’re in the game, but without affecting your stats this time. This guide will detail where to find the hair-trimming enthusiast and how to change your body type in Biomutant.


Visit Trim

Trim is the name. Trim is located South of the Tree of Life and East of Suburbia. From Suburbia, go East down some hills and across the river. Trim is located in a small area called Spurftop.

Once you first speak with him, he will ask you to collect scissors for you, and thus begins a short questline. First, Trim will ask you to visit JuJu, who owns a pair of trimmers. Follow the quest marker to find JuJu, North-East of Trim, past a branch of the Tree of Life.

Biomutant map highlighting trim

However, things aren’t so simple. JuJu will ask for you to do them a favor before you can purchase scissors from them. This can be the most complex part of the quest if you’re not keeping an eye open. JuJu asks for you to retrieve a bobbin from a rogue kite on a mountain. The mountain the kite resides on is within walking distance, just behind JuJu.

Be sure to interact with any nearby Fast Travel sign when you first come across them. You must interact with a sign when you’ve found it for the first time, to be able to Fast Travel with it.

Complete JuJu And Trim’s Side Quest

biomutant juju and kite objective

So, to recapitulate, Trim will ask you to collect some trimmers for him from JuJu. Then JuJu will have you climb a mountain in order to retrieve a bobbin. The hard part about JuJu’s request is figuring out how to climb the mountain.

Don’t start following the mountain path or trailing around the mountain looking for an obvious ledge to climb. As you are approaching the mountain from JuJu’s, keep the camera up and keep an eye on the mountain. You’ll notice there are yellow hooks along the side of the mountain you’re facing that allow you to attach and climb up.

During JuJu and Trim’s side quests, you will be able to recruit them onto the Ark once you’ve completed them.

If you decline or accept anyone from joining the Ark, you cannot change your decision.

Climb the kite’s rope and use the interact button to secure JuJu’s bobbin. Return to JuJu and they will let you purchase scissors for Trim. JuJu will gift you with a cute teddy-bear outfit afterward. Collect it by interacting with the mannequin to the right of the stall.

Now head back to Trim. Giving Trim the scissors allows him to give you haircuts, but he will request one more thing: Sputdye from Suburbia. Follow the quest marker to Suburbia, where you must go underground into the basement of a broken-down building.

After giving this item to Trim, he can now recolor your fur and change your fur pattern for a price.

Changing Body Type

Biomutant biohazard area on the map

You can change your body type without it affecting your attributes. Doing so does not require a barber or a plastic surgeon, though. There are two locations that will allow you to edit your body type, but you must go into dangerous territory and defeat a boss to do so.

You may have noticed green biohazard areas called Bio Nucleuses on the map that seems impossible to get into. If you acquire the biohazard resistance suit, you will be able to survive inside these locations for a while. There is an underground area inside each Bio Nucleus power plant that will contain a boss and a Biopool.

Defeat the boss of the underground area and enter the Biopool to mutate your body. To change your body type you must spend one Bio Point each time. As previously mentioned, changing your body does not affect your stats as it did at the beginning of the game in character creation.

There are multiple radioactive power plants on the map to visit and clean out, so you’ll have multiple chances to change your body type, though it will be hard to get to the Biopool due to the radiation and various enemies.

There is a known bug when changing your body type.

After changing your body type and exiting the menu, some people report losing all of the points that were put into their Resistance stat. Make sure to do a separate save before and after using the Biopool to protect your points and stats.

Customize Your Appearance In Biomutant

Biomutant changing appearance at trims

  • Visit Trim for hair reconfiguration
  • Visit Bio Nucleus’ for body reconfiguration

For your first fresh cut by Trim, changing your fur pattern will be free. Afterward, changing your pattern as well as the color will cost money. You can change your pattern and color as many times as you like at Trim’s, provided you have the cash to spend. You can only change your body type by cleaning out Bio Nucleus locations on the map, which will require you to spend one Bio Point each time, as well as defeating a boss.

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