TechyHint Gaming How To Cancel World Of Warcraft Subscription? Step-by-Step Guide

How To Cancel World Of Warcraft Subscription? Step-by-Step Guide


How To Cancel World Of Warcraft Subscription? Step-by-Step Guide

Hey wait, are you looking for a How-to Cancel World of Warcraft Subscription? We will help you to get rid of the expensive subscription. Stay tuned with this page, where we will share a step-by-step guide for the same. 

Word Of Warcraft also known as WoW. This is an old game that was launched in the year of 2004 by the Blizzard Entertainment company. It is a massively online multiplayer game so that you can enjoy it with multiplayer. 

Well, this is not a free game to play. You have to burn your wallet to play a major part of the game, or if you cross level 20 then players have to spend some money on it.

When I was a child I was a big fan of this game because of the features it has. What made this game so popular for the young gun? Well, the answer is straight and simple. 

It allows you to customize your avatar, interact with other players and fight with the monsters, and beat them in the game with the help of your teammates.

So if you have taken a Subscription to WoW, and not found the right way to cancel it then below We are going to take you to the solution. 

Let’s find out below for the solution of How To Cancel World Of Warcraft Subscription. 

How To Cancel World Of Warcraft Subscription

Well, the process of canceling WoW is not as difficult as it looks. It’s a pretty simple process but you have to pay close attention to understand it properly. So without any further delay let’s go to the topic straight away. 

Way To Cancel WoW (World Of Warcraft) Subscription from your Blizzard Entertainment account

Method 1:

1. Firstly log in to your account by using your “Username & Password

2. Now go to the “Game & Subscription” page.

3. You can have the option “Manage” right next to the “Account” you are planning to cancel. 

4. Simply tap on the “Cancel Subscription

5. It will cancel the subscription you had. 

6. If the “Cancel Subscription” button is not available there, it means either you are not having an active subscription or it’s already deactivated. 

Note: Once the subscription is canceled you will still be able to play the World Of Warcraft game until you have the game time. Once the account is inactive you won’t be able to play it. If you wish to play it again where you saved then you can renew your account again.

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Method 2:

1. Simply Go to the cancel page or type this code in your browser-

2. Enter your account details of Blizzard “Username & Password” (For error you can click on the “Can’t Log In

3. Once the details are filled in and the account is opened, click on the cancel game subscription bottom of the right side.

4. It will ask you to cancel the game subscription, simply type the reason for it. 

5. Now click on the “Yes, Please Cancel My WoW Subscription” button to proceed. 

6. Once you hit the above button, it will cancel your subscription to the game. 

Note: You can try these two methods to cancel the subscription of the game, in case both of them don’t work for you, then you can visit their support page. Follow the process of it. 

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Method 3:

1. Click on the support link. 

2. It will redirect you to the support page. 

3. You can see the game name in step 1. This link will open the cancel page for WoW. You can click on the pencil icon to change the game. 

4. Now type the details reason behind it in the “Tell us about the issue”

5. Click continue and then follow the next steps on the screen. 

6. This process and support team will help you with the same. 

Note: The above two methods are tested by our team and working, but the reason behind sharing the third method is, if in rare cases it doesn’t work in your case, then you have an alternative for this. The moral of the story is you can try any of the methods mentioned above as they are similar to each other.

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We tried to capture every possible thing in this post but if anything is left and after reading this article, if you have some questions that come to your mind, therefore we keep FAQs for that. You can find some of the common answers people are searching for. 

#1. Pricing of World Of Warcraft?

Well, they came up with 3 plans. 1. 14.99$ per month and for 3 months prices decrease to 13.99$ and for 6 months it costs you 12.99$

#2. Can I Play World of Warcraft For Free?

Yes, the players can play World Of Warcraft for free. But keep this thing in mind that there are some restrictions for the free players. As they can’t go beyond level 20 (out of 120 levels) and can’t collect more than 10 golds in the game. 

#3. Is World Of Warcraft Worth Playing 2021?

Well, Blizzard is working hard to improve the game for players. Adding new features and designs into the game. This game has more than 100 levels to play. So, for me as a gamer for a long time, I highly recommend this game to play in 2021. 


Well, World Of Warcraft is a great game to play on. To enjoy this game you have to take a subscription. But once the subscription is taken and later on you want to cancel it. For this problem, we have shared multiple options for the same. 

You can choose the above two options for it, but in case that doesn’t work then follow method 3. That will surely help you. We tried to explain everything in simple words and simple steps, so we thought it was helpful for you. 

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding How To Cancel World Of Warcraft Subscription, you can leave us a comment below.

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