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How To Beat The Unstable Ballista Ram In Steelrising


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Once you complete the Montmartre area of Steelrising, you will have access to the entrance of the Paris Underground. When you approach this entrance, you will be told that you are about to pass the point of no return. While this isn’t completely true—as once you finish the Bastille section you will be able to access your carriage again—you will be locked into the Bastille stage up until you finish it.

Related: Steelrising: How To Beat The Centaur Of MontmartreAnd this is not one of the shorter stages in the game. You will be traveling from the underground, through to the temple garden, into canals, and onto the winding streets. And that is only the first half of the Bastille segment! You will also tangle with another Unstable Automat, so there is that to look forward to as well. But worry not, we will guide you through this giant section, and help you get all the good stuff along the way.


The Paris Underground

Once you pass the point of no return, you will start continuing down a one-way path. There will be multiple points where you will not be able to return to the previous area. So, absolutely make sure you grab all the goodies before you push forward. In the first area, take out the Lumberer Automat, and grab the Improved Flame Grenades nearby. Kick the gate down, and you will enter into the Quartier du Temple Cellars.

Quartier Du Temple Cellars

Here, you will battle a Driller, Pickaxe, and a new type of Spider Automat. This Spider Automat will use a lightning attack which will deal damage to everyone within range of it. Once you destroy the three of them, find the weakened wall, kick it down, kill the Pickaxe Automat inside, and get the Explosive Grenades. But don’t jump down the hole yet, look up and grapple to the platforms above. There are Explosive Grenades and the Essence of a Revolutionary Spirit up here. Now you can jump back down to the base level and hop into the hole.

Once you hop down into the hole, you will face off against another Driller. Once you defeat them, pick up the Flame Resistance Vial. You will now jump into another hole. Once you are another level down, smash through the wooden door and grab the oil vial. Follow the path around, and you will come to a weakened wall. Break through the wall and air dash across the massive chasm. From here, cross the gap by way of the downed stone pillar acting as a bridge. You will wind up at the ruins of a building. There will be a Plunging Automat and a Spider Automat to take care of.

After you clear the area out, jump onto the beam that leads to the roof. Up here, grab the Flame Grenade, and then grapple hook to the other side of the cavern. Work your way around, and destroy the Trumpet-Playing Automat. Pick up the Explosive Grenades, then circle around to the gap, then air dash across it.

Activate the Vestal and then kick down the gate. Follow this path around, and you will face off against a Blade-Armed Automat. Break through the wooden wall, and grab the Fulminating Grenades, then kick down the wall opposite where the wooden wall was. Grapple hook up to the floor above, and grab the Essence of a Warrior Spirit. Now, leave that area, take a left, hop up to the platform above, and grab the Improved Flame Grenades.

Follow the path into a room where you will fight a Butcher Automat and a Shield Generating Spider Automat. Once you finish them off, kick the gate down, and you will find yourself outside the cellar. Now, head up the path, and grapple hook to the surface above. Once here, activate the Vestal, and then head down the stairs. You will be in the Temple Garden.

Temple Garden

Head along the right side of the path, this will take you to a courtyard divided by a gate. Take out the Violin and Trumpet Automats, and climb the stairs on the right. Hop down into the courtyard on the other side of the gate. Then, take out the Violin-Playing Automat and the Spider Automat (which is hiding behind a wooden wall). Once you clear them out, grab the note laying by a corpse, then go back up the stairs and follow the path around. Once you enter into the next area, you will encounter a new variant of that legless plunging automat. Instead of plunging their spike bottom into the ground, they try to crush you with the pedestal bottom. We’ll call it a Crushing Automat? That’ll work.

Once you beat this Crushing Automat, head up the nearby stairs. You will kill a Club Wielding Automat and Spider Automat up here. Grab the Improved Flame Grenades. There is a Bronze Ingot in front of the giant red door around the corner. Now, take out the Axe Wielding Automat, kick down the gate door, and then grab the Endurance Vial off the nearby corpse. After you kick the gate door down, you will see an area where you can drop down. Before you jump down, jump to the right and get the Frost Grenade and Essence of a Warrior’s Spirit.

Now, jump down to the path below with the ruts on the ground. You will be ambushed by a Snake-Bodied Automat. Search the area, and collect the Module Key from the downed Automat. You are now back where you were before (where you fought the Crushing Automat).

Go back to the place where you kicked the door down, and drop down to the street below. You will fight a Lumberer Automat. Kill them, then collect the Essence of a Revolutionary Spirit (it is beside the shovel). Finally, open the gate, and you will fight a Statuary Automat. There are some oil vials in the stable to grab. Once you get them, enter the doorway the Automat was guarding, and you will be in the Hotel du Grand Prieur.

Hotel Du Grand Prieur

Clear out the Trumpet-Playing Automat, and the Ball-And-Chain Automat. Once you do, grab the Essence of a Warrior’s Spirit. If you grapple up to the level above, you can also get some Frost Resistance Vials. Go down the hallway, break the fragile wall, and you will be on the streets. Jump on the carriage, and hop over the fence that is bent at the top. You will now be at another Vestal in The Marais area.

The Marais

Go down the stairs from the Vestal, and explore the area below. You will find an Essence of a Noble Spirit on a corpse and not much else. There will be a gate that leads to a bridge. Hop down into the canal below, and fight the Snake-Bodied Automat, Barrier Generating Spider Automat, and the Lumberer Automat. At the end of the canal will be some Frost Grenades and a fragile wall.

Once you kick the wall down. You will climb up to an area with an alley. This will lead to another one of those Crushing Automats. After you destroy it, grab the petrification grenades, and follow the path to a street engulfed in flames. You will fight a Lunging Automat and a Lancer. Once you clear them out, grab the Essence of a Warrior’s Spirit from the downed Automat leaning up against a fence.

Go up the stairs, and you will be able to open a gate that will lead you right back to the Vestal. Grapple up, and you will fight a Trumpet Playing Automat and a Spider Automat. Nearby, there is a downed Automat that holds the Grade 3 Critical Repair Module and a Module Key. Now scamper across the platforms and air dash onto the balcony with a shiny item sitting on it. Grab the Essence of a Noble Spirit, and continue on the path forward.

You will enter into an area with a Blade-Armed Automat and a Shield Generating Spider Automat. Once you clear them out, hop down, and open the gate (this will take you back to the Vestal). Head to the street below, and fight the Ball-And-Chain Automat. Now, grab the Essence of a Warrior’s Spirit, and follow the path forward.

Get the Flame Resistance Vials, then pass though the gate and follow the path. There is a citizen here who you can talk to. Keep following the path, and you will wind up in the boss arena of the Unstable Ballista Ram.

The Unstable Ballista Ram

Find the gap in the fence, pick up the Essence of a Warrior’s Spirit, then fight the Shielded Lancer and Spider Automats. You will then fight an additional two Lancers. In the next area, pick up the Essence of a Warrior’s Spirit. Now, stand on the downed carriage (the one the Lancer was just standing on), and air dash over the wall.

You will have one more shielded Lancer to kill, and then you will be in clear view of the Unstable Ballista Ram. However, before you fight them, take a right and kill the Lancer, that way you won’t have to deal with their projectiles during combat.

If you haven’t realized it already, the Unstable Ballista Ram is a variation of the Statuary Ram. This means that it has those heavy-hitting swinging attacks. It also has the Statuary Automat’s giant flip attack, where it leaps into the air and lands a huge slam. Though, all you need to do is to side step it. You are likely to never be hit by this one. Also, much like its cousin, it doesn’t stagger easily.

Of course, The Unstable Ballista Ram also has a couple of new attacks of its own. This includes, of course, a very powerful projectile. It also has a spinning attack, which will help the Ballista Ram hit behind itself. So, being behind it isn’t nearly as safe as it was with their Statuary equivalent.

Ultimately, while this is a version of the Statuary Automat with moves to help it fight from a distance, and is capable of hitting behind it, it is still a super slow boss. This means that you will be able to hit it multiple times and still have plenty of time to react to its attacks. So, just dance around it, stab it, and get distance before they can counter you. You’ll be fine.

Once you kill the Unstable Ballista Ram, loot its body to get the Grade 3 Fight Or Flight Module, Module Key, and two Bismuth Blocks. Now, find the hole in the ground in this arena, and jump down into the tunnel below. Work your way through the tunnel (killing a Snake-Bodied Automat along the way), and grapple your way out of the tunnel and up to the Place Royale. Which is the second part of the Bastille and will be explored in the next guide.

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