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How To Beat The Roar Of The Black Eclipse Event Quest In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak




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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has dozens of event quests that are periodically added to the game, providing special missions you can undertake for unique rewards. In the event quest Roar of the Black Eclipse, you can hunt a Gore Magala for a large bonus of Hunter and Master Rank points.

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After beating Sunbreak’s main story, grinding your Master Rank will be the main way to progress to new quests, like the Risen Elder Dragons and new variant monsters. Let’s take a look at how to complete the Roar of the Black Eclipse quest, and how you can farm it to quickly raise your Master Rank.


Roar Of The Black Eclipse Event Quest Guide

roar of the black eclipse event quest

In Roar of the Black Eclipse, you must hunt a Gore Magala in the arena. Although there is nothing special about this Gore Magala, and there are no cosmetic rewards for finishing this quest, you may end up completing this quest more times than you plan, thanks to its increased HR and MR points rewarded at the end of the quest. Additionally, this quest is a convenient option if you just want to hunt a Gore Magala for its materials, as the quest takes place in the arena, where you won’t have to search for the monster.

Your only target for this quest is the Gore Magala, whose weaknesses and resistances are detailed below.

Gore Magala’s Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Weak Points – Antenna, Head, Neck
  • Elemental/Ailment Weakness – Fire, Blast
  • Elemental/Ailment Resistance – Water, Ice

Gore Magala is weakest to attacks on its antenna, which it only exposes when it is enraged. Otherwise, its head and neck take the most damage from attacks. Fire element attacks deal the most damage to these points, with the Blast ailment coming in close second, in terms of damage.

Conversely, Gore Magala completely resists Water element attacks, and takes drastically reduced damage from Ice. Its torso, wing, and wingarm are also more resistant to attacks than other spots on the monster.

Best Equipment To Use

To take advantage of Gore Magala’s weakness to Fire and Blast attacks, we recommend using weapons with these elements. However, if you’re using slower weapons like the Greatsword or Hammer, that don’t apply elemental damage as often, raw physical weapons will work better.

If you’re undecided on a weapon, the Insect Glaive works very well against Gore Magala. This monster has large hitboxes due to the size of the wings, making Insect Glaive’s aerial attacks very effective at dealing repeated damage. Plus, when all three Kinsect buffs are active, you will gain the Earplugs armor skill, allowing you to negate the effects of Gore Magala’s roar, which it will use frequently throughout the fight.

Gore Magala will not use any elemental attacks, so armor with good overall defense will work the best. If you’re still new to fighting Gore Magala, armor skills like Evade Distance, Evade Window, and Divine Blessing will help you avoid and mitigate this monster’s powerful attacks.

However, if you’re more comfortable with fighting Gore Magala, and plan on undertaking this quest a number of times in a row, high-damage armor sets will have you completing the quest much faster. These include armor skills like Exploit Weakness, Attack Boost, and elemental damage-boosting decorations.

Tips For Hunting Gore Magala


Gore Magala has plenty of high-damage, fast-hitting attacks that can be difficult to deal with. Most of its attacks will target the area to its front, making this area the most dangerous place to be. Try to get behind the monster to stay safe from its attacks.

Bring Nulberries to cleanse the Frenzy status ailment that Gore Magala periodically inflicts with its Frenzy-powered energy blasts.

As you deal damage to the monster, Gore Magala will eventually enter its enraged state, further increasing the power and frequency of its attacks. This state is incredibly dangerous, but it can be knocked out of this state by attacking the monster repeatedly, especially the antenna it sprouts as it enters its enraged mode. Stay on the offensive while avoiding its large telegraphed attacks to knock the monster back to normal.

Roar Of The Black Eclipse Event Quest – Rewards

master rank points increase in quest rewards menu

In addition to normal rewards for hunting a Gore Magala, you will also gain an increased amount of Master Rank and Hunter Rank points upon completing this quest. Typically, the number of points you get will increase your MR by one each time you complete the quest. At higher levels, it may take two quests to gain one rank-up, but this won’t happen until well into the hundreds of Master Rank levels.

Overall, this is the best quest for purely farming Master Rank, as it gives much more MR points than any other quest currently available. By refining your runs, you can consistently complete this quest in under ten minutes, making it a very efficient quest for increasing your Master Rank.

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