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Wavetale Little Cassius And Sigrid Shaking Hands

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Even with gloom and black fog covering the entire town around you, Wavetale is still a beautiful game and it lets you walk freely on the waves using a shadow friend. During the main quest, you’ll go through many regions as the fog lifts and the lighthouse becomes stronger every time you give it more power.

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After reaching Candle Hill during the Pirate’s Parley quest and defeating the serpent to gain Little Cassius’ trust, you’ll be able to help him and his admiral assemble an entire fleet that can tear right through the black fog and take you to Rufus.

How To Assemble The Fleet

Once you’ve gone through the cutscene involving Little Cassius and grandma where they talk about the plan, Admiral Peppie’s location will be marked as a checkpoint on the scale on top of your screen. Cassius will tell you that most of their ships succumbed to the gloom during the serpent’s attack, and you need to free them.


As you make your journey to Peppie, you will also notice that the gloom just below the tower where you talked to Little Cassius cannot be destroyed. This is because more gloom is constantly pouring out of the pipes.

As soon as you talk to Peppie, he’ll ask you to free his ship since it’s right beside him. Get close to the ship on the dock and attack it once with your fishnet to get rid of the gloom. As Peppie takes off with his ship, he’ll start talking to you and you’ll learn that he knows your mother.

You don’t need to follow Peppie’s ship just yet. Head over to one of the ship markers on your screen instead. The marker on the far left will be the closest to your location. On all three of these markers, you simply have to attack the ships covered in gloom once and they’ll thank you before joining Peppie.

When you clear the gloom on the ships, don’t stand on top of them or use the slam attack to clear it. This is because you indulge in a talk with Peppie every time you free a ship, and you can’t move during this time.

If you stand on top of the ship as you free it from the gloom, it will drag you back during this time, and you’ll have to spend more time getting to the next ship.

As you free the ships, Peppie will tell you that he didn’t like your mother initially, but she turned out to be a kind and gentle soul. At this point, Sigrid is sad about losing her mother, but she also gets to know more about her.

How To Get The Sparks

Wavetale Sigrid In Water And Spark Symbols

Once you’ve cleared the third ship, three more markers will appear on your screen that belong to three sparks. You have to go all the way around and reach the structures with these markers.

First Spark Location

Wavetale Structure With Spark Icon

As you’re getting to the nearby structures with sparks in them, head to the one on the right side first. You will see a path made with green-colored marble here that will lead you to a brown generator. After activating the generator, you can pull yourself to an electric bar on the higher platform.

Once you get up there, you’ll find a launcher above you at the end of this platform that will take you directly to the spark.

Second Spark Location

Wavetale Pointing At Door On Structure

As you go out of the first structure, head to the one on the left where you’ll find a switch inside the door shown in the picture above. Hitting this switch will activate a launcher right above you, and it’ll lead you directly to another brown generator. You know the drill, activate the generator, and wait for the platform in front to finish rotating.

Once it stops, the electric bar on the wooden platform will highlight, and you can pull yourself directly to the spark.

Third Spark Location

Wavetale Green Path On Structure

When you get to the third structure, you will see another green-colored broken path on the backside. As you get to the top of this path, there’ll be an electric bar you can use to pull yourself. After this, jump on top of the building to find and activate a brown switch on your left.

Once activated, you can pull yourself to another bar and follow the green path to take an elevator directly to the spark.

Wavetale Spark Tank Location Light Becon

After getting all the sparks, you can head back to the place where all the ships went and fill the spark tank marked by a beacon of light. By this time, Peppie will be done telling you the entire story involving your mother, and he’ll also feel sorry for your loss. It seems like everyone loved Iris before the gloom, even though she had rich parents.

Through The Chills Quest Walkthrough

Wavetale Striders In Water

Once you fill the spark tank, a bit of the fog will get cleared and the ships will start moving in Through The Chills quest. You have to follow all these ships and there are two ways to do this:

  • You can either jump on one of the ships and wait until they come to a stop.
  • Or you can take to the waves and hang out with your shadow friend while you perform cool tricks. If you use this method, you can also get many sparkling on the way.

After certain intervals on your journey, the ships will stop and a bunch of striders or the black fog will block your path. Don’t go too far ahead of the ships since you’ll have to wait for them at one of these points anyway.

Apart from some fighting, you can mostly just enjoy the music and the water mechanic in this beautiful game as you learn more about the world.

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