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How To Beat Corvus In Thymesia


Thymesia Corvus facing off against Corvus


You’ve finally overcome every challenge in Thymesia and you are face-to-face with the final boss – the ultimate challenge. Who else, but yourself, could stand in your way of the truth? Corvus, as is fitting for the last boss, is one of the most difficult bosses Thymesia has to offer and to overcome him, you need to put everything you’ve learned together.

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Corvus is you. He knows every move you know, he knows how to use them better than you, and he has some extra tricks you don’t necessarily have. He is a monster of a combatant who will mercilessly cut you down if you so much as blink at the wrong time. Are you ready for the real test?


Corvus’s Overview

Corvus is the embodiment of you. Everything from his basic attack patterns to his special moves, to the way he moves, is identical to how you, as Corvus, can act. He is more than capable of killing you in little more than a combo. Not only that, but he has two phases, a lot of Health, and is not pulling any punches.

Corvus’s Attacks

This section is going to take a while. Corvus has more attacks than any other boss in Thymesia, and honestly, he probably has more attacks than the last couple of bosses combined. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Attack Explanation Counter
6-Hit Combo This is YOUR combo. Corvus strikes out 6 times, dealing monstrous damage per hit. The third and last hit of this combo does even more damage. You have used this exact combo the entire game, so you should know the timing. Corvus attacks three times with slight delays between each attack. His fourth and fifth attacks are rapid, so you will need to quickly press the deflect button. His final attack goes back to being delayed. Once you get the timing down, this combo will never land.
Dash Attack Combo Corvus dashes towards/around you, and uses his sword and dagger to slash upwards with a “V” motion. He will follow this up with the end of his 6-Hit Combo. This means one delayed attack, two rapid attacks, and a final delayed attack. The timing is harder to grasp as the Dash Attack itself is likely to knock you off your game until you learn this move’s tricky deflect window. Once you have gotten the initial dash attack down, the timing on the remaining combo is identical to his 6-Hit Combo.
Feather Dash Corvus throws a feather, dashes at you, and then unleashes a sweeping attack. You have two counters to this attack – you either throw a Feather once you see Corvus prepare to throw a feather, or, you deflect the feather, wait for the Dash, and then deflect the sweep. The second option is much harder, but also more rewarding as you can punish Corvus immediately.
7-Hit Short Claw Combo This is Corvus’s longest combo, but it is also possibly his weakest. The damage is not particularly high per hit, but taking the full combo to the face is not recommended. Corvus starts this combo by crouching slightly and summoning his claws with his hands at his side. The timing of this attack is very easy. Corvus attacks twice with delays between each attack, then three times in rapid succession, and then delays before his final two attacks come out rapidly. Like with his other multi-hit combos, once you get the timing down, you can perfectly deflect this with your eyes closed.
2-Hit Long Claw Combo This is Corvus’s strongest Claw-based combo. It comes out fast, it can catch dodges with ease, and the timing can be a little tricky to learn since he doesn’t often use this attack. The first hit is easy to deflect as the attack does have a noticeable wind-up. The trick is the second hit, which has an awkwardly long delay that can easily catch you out.
Plague Spear Corvus summons a Spear and thrusts three times with delays between each thrust. The timing of this attack is generous, so you can deflect it quite easily. We found this to be Corvus’s most used Plague Weapon.
Plague Axe Corvus summons an Axe and leaps at the player before slamming the axe down. This attack is just a standard jump attack. The timing is very clear, so deflect it and punish accordingly.
Plague Scythe Corvus summons a Scythe, delays, and then slashes diagonally. This is probably the second-hardest weapon to deflect. The timing is quite awkward. Thankfully, the damage is fairly low.
Plague Bow Corvus summons a Bow and fires a powerful arrow. This attack is a pain since he rarely uses it. He will only use this attack if you are far enough away, and even then, he could opt to use Feather Dash, Long Claw, or Axe instead. In our experience, Corvus is more likely to use any of those other attacks over Bow. When he does use the bow, however, the best course of action is to just dodge to the side after repeatedly.
Critical Attack – Plague Hammer Corvus summons a Hammer, spins around to gather momentum, delays, and then slams the hammer down, dealing massive damage. This attack also causes AOE splash damage if it misses. The timing of this attack is all over the place. The long wind-up and the delayed slam caught us out more often than not. However, this is a Critical Attack and can be countered in two ways. Firstly, throw a Feather. Secondly, use Step Jump to get airborne and counter with a Sabre or Claw attack. The timing is about the same – simply wait for the spin to end, then the moment the hammer starts moving after the delay, counter.
Critical Attack – Greatsword Corvus summons a Greatsword and then strikes for massive damage after a brief delay. This attack comes out surprisingly quick. So quick that you can almost immediately throw a Feather or use Step Jump and get a free counter. Almost. When you see this attack get summoned in, briefly wait and then counter. If you are too early, you can sometimes get smacked in the face.

Phase Two

Phase Two is more of the same. Corvus doesn’t get any extra basic attacks, and he isn’t noticeably more aggressive. What does happen, however, is that Corvus gains the Alternative Attack that is associated with each of his Plague Weapons. This makes deflecting his Plague Weapons much more difficult as he has functionally doubled how many Plague Weapon attacks he has access to.

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Corvus is a tricky lad to deal with, but you only really need a few specialised Talents to get the edge. Of course, you want to maximise your Sabre damage etc. That’s a given. We are going to just touch on some of the more interesting Talents.

Precision Deflection is a must in this fight. This fight is all about learning Corvus’s patterns and landing deflects over, and over again. This Talent will increase the damage each deflect inflicts, making this fight much easier.

Long Dodge is our go-to dodge for most encounters simply because the utility it provides is too good. You can use this dodge to get out of range of most attacks, giving you a bit of breathing room if things start getting a bit hairy. You can’t easily dodge Plague Hammer, however, so bear that in mind.

Long Claw is easily the best of the Claw upgrades. It comes out quickly, it has great range, and it deals fantastic damage. The moment Corvus is out of White Health, you want to start using Long Claw. He will go down pretty quickly after that.

Step Jump is a must on any build. The added Critical Attack counter is too good to pass up. Take it. Use it.

Plague Wounds is the final Talent we recommend. Maxing this out will increase the time it takes for Corvus to start healing, which simply makes this fight short. A great passive talent that should not be overlooked.

Battle Strategy

The key thing to remember when fighting Corvus is that everything he is doing, you have seen before. Everything. Every basic attack is an attack you have used throughout the game. Every Plague Weapon attack is an attack you’ve faced before when fighting basic enemies, elite enemies, and bosses. You have beaten, overcome, or mastered every attack in his arsenal.

The trick is to put it all together. You now have to prove you have been paying attention and beat a character who embodies just about every enemy in the game. It’s a challenge, but it’s not insurmountable. All you have to do is get the timing down. This fight, like with Varg, is all about standing your ground and trusting in your ability to deflect and recognise patterns.

It might take a while to learn, but we couldn’t find a way to cheese him. It really is a case of remembering everything you’ve done up until this point, and beating it one last time.

A tip we do have, however, is to use your Feather to prevent him from healing. Corvus can dash away from time to time and this distance can be tricky to cross since he has access to a fair few ranged attacks. Throwing a feather the moment he starts to get that healing glow will stop the effect.

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