How To Beat Centurion Rhondus In Fallen Legion: Rise To Glory


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Fallen Legion: Rise To Glory starts pretty darn strong – if somewhat confusingly. The story is all go from the get-go, and after a brief tutorial, you are thrust into a scenario that forces you to utilise everything you have learned – and more – to overcome the not-insurmountable but surprisingly-difficult, Centurion Rhondus.

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Centurion Rhondus is the first boss of the Flames Of Rebellion Campaign, starring Laendur. Laendur is amidst a coup d’etat of his own doing, and during his daring rebellion, he comes face-to-face with an old acquaintance. Rhondus is no joke, and if you go into this expecting a cakewalk you might find yourself splattered against a nearby wall.


Centurion Rhondus’ Attacks

Rhondus, being essentially a tutorial boss, does not have too many attacks. However, the attacks he does have deal a fair amount of damage and force you to deal with his tight parry windows. His movepool is small, but each attack needs to be tackled in uniquely if you want to continue your rebellion.

Mace AttackThis is Rhondus’ most basic attack. He leaps forward and quickly swings his mace in an upward motion dealing moderate damage.This attack comes out surprisingly quickly. There is very little windup between arriving at his destination and swinging his mace. Try parrying as it stops moving, and then counter for bonus damage.
Ranged AttackThis is Rhondus’ second basic attack. Rhondus fires a slow-moving projectile that deals moderate damage on contact.This attack is fairly easy to parry if you have gotten to grips with the slight delay and precise windows required to land them. This attack can be reflected, and if done so, Rhondus will be vulnerable to a counterattack.
Bulwark RushRhondus will only use this attack once his HP has been lowered to around 50 percent. Rhondus enters a stance, dashes forward, and then slams his shield into the closest warrior. This attack deals high damage, and Rhondus will automatically Reflect any projectile fired at him during and slightly after this attack. In addition, Rhondus will parry any melee hit in a similar fashion.This attack is awkward because the defensive bonuses Rhondus gets when using it make him difficult to counterattack. However, the timing of the attack itself is not too dissimilar to his Mace Attack. Just be aware that there is a clear windup before Rhondus dives forward. From what we could tell, this attack replaces his Mace Attack.

Rhondus’ Mechanics

Rhondus’ only unique mechanic is his ability to parry your attacks when he is using Bulwark Rush. You will want to avoid using Winchester for as all of her projectiles will get bounced back, and this can lead to unnecessary damage.

Instead, use your spearman to dash in to ensure attacking is safe, and providing the attack hits and is not Parried, you can then proceed to use Winchester to deal some bonus ranged damage.

Battle Strategy

Rhondus will punish you for not having a handle on the parry mechanics, and his damage is high enough that it won’t take long before you feel the pain. In the early fight, you want to play it safe. His attacks are easy enough to Parry, and you can then counterattack with bonus damage to drain his BP. This will lead to a quick Rushdown Attack.

Once Rhondus hits about 50 percent HP, his attack pattern changes and he will start using Bulwark Rush almost exclusively. This attack is much harder to counterattack, so instead, Parry the attack, wait for Rhondus to return to his lane, and then attack with your Spear. Assuming Rhondus has stopped blocking, you can follow up with Winchester. You want to attack Rhondus as much as you can between casts of Bulwark Rush.

Remember you have access to Laendur as well as your warriors. Laendur has Dafydd’s Spear, which is an excellent damage spell that can be used to nuke Rhondus’s BP. You can also use it to damage his HP if you cast it during a Rushdown Attack. Dafydd’s Spear has a fairly low Mana cost, so it should be available fairly often during this fight.

It will take two-three Rushdown Attacks to take down Centurion Rhondus. Once he is down, you are free to move on to the real game.

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