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Guide To The Anti-Tank Class In Hell Let Loose


Hell Let Loose: Anti Tank Soldier, German Tanks And Russian Rifles

The bane of any armor division. The Anti-Tank class in Hell Let Loose is an RPG launching demon that can turn the toughest tank into burning bonfires with just a few well-aimed shots.

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Best used when sneaking around the battlefield like a heavily armed ninja, Anti-Tank soldiers can make all the difference. Their play style is a little different from other classes and a lot of people still make simple mistakes when using them. So whether you want to learn the ropes of this explosive armed soldier, or how to best use their armor-destroying tools of war, here’s a handy guide to the Anti-Tank class in Hell Let Loose.


How They Play

The Anti-Tank class isn’t too complicated and they handle essentially the same as your standard rifleman. The major difference is their loadout and how they should be used as they’re not great at direct firefights.

Their ammo is limited and depending on the faction, you’ll be stuck with just a bolt action rifle. Good for helping suppression, but easily outmatched against the other weapons. They’re best used hanging at the middle or back of formations to lend a helpful rocket from the rear. Or to maneuver around and deal with any encroaching enemy tanks. They’re one of the incredibly useful anti-armor soldiers and the longer they’re alive and stocked with rockets, the more useful they become.

The Anti-Tank Loadout

Just like the other classes in Hell Let Loose, the Anti-Tank has a loadout that’s dependent on the faction you choose. They also all get access to their country’s version of a buildable AT gun. Although you’ll need Supplies if you plan on building a field gun whilst you’re fighting on the frontlines.

Each country involved has its own take on AT weapons and they’re suitably historically accurate. For example, Germany has the iconic Panzershreck, whilst the Soviet Union uses the high velocity, armor-piercing rounds of the PTRS-41 rifle. There are also sub-variations within those once you’ve leveled them up a bit. They’re known as the Gun Crew and Ambusher which remove the rocket launcher options but provide other explosives such as mines and satchel charges. With that in mind, here are the main loadouts for each AT soldier per faction in Hell Let Loose.

United States

The United States has the iconic WW2 loadout of the ever-useful M1 Garand and the trusty Bazooka. This long tube provides two rockets per soldier and they’re great for close, mid, and long-range engagements with infantry and armor thanks to their sturdy and strong kit.


Whilst the firepower Germany brings to the field may not be as adaptable as their American counterparts, their long to mid-range fighting strength is unparalleled. The Karabiner 98K rifle is a bolt action bane of infantry, whilst their Panzershreck can turn entire squads into mincemeat and armor into burning roadblocks. Their only shortcoming is firing speed as their rifles can be easily outmatched at short range by anything that can fire moderately faster.

Soviet Union

Last but not least is the Soviet Union, forgoing any option for rocket-powered anarchy, Russia’s men at arms prefer the hard-hitting rounds of the PTRS-41 Anti-Tank rifle. Similar in look and concept to the Barret .50 cal, this massive rifle is extremely accurate and has a large clip that can plink away at the armor of tanks from afar. Though their damage may be low, they’re extremely hard to spot compared to a rocket fired from a launcher, making the almost invisible amongst the ruins of buildings on certain maps.

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Tank Hunter Tips

As mentioned previously the Anti-Tank class is pretty straightforward. Just avoid the bullets and send rockets at the big tanks until they go boom. That’s about it.

However, that doesn’t mean they’re completely idiot-proof. There are some advanced tips worth knowing that can turn an AT soldier from a minor pest to armor into an absolute menace to tank commanders. So to make your tank hunting trips more effective and fruitful, here are some Anti-Tank tips for Hell Let Loose.

Know The Arc

One of the simplest mistakes a lot of first-timers make when picking up the AT soldier for the first time is to assume that the rockets fly in a straight line as they would in any other FPS. Unfortunately, that rule doesn’t apply here. If you’re unaware it can lead to a lot of wasted shots and easy deaths.

The projectiles that are lobbed out of the launchers travel in low arcs, so you’ll need to adjust for distance. If you don’t you’ll either undershoot your target or worse, hit a part that’s heavily armed which will just cause your rocket to bounce harmlessly off. Instantly giving away your position, which is usually followed closely by a quick death from an HE shell. Their range is a lot shorter than you think it is, so learn how much you need to adjust for when you’re taking aim at a target.

Learn The Weakspots

If you want to be an effective AT soldier for the team it’s highly recommended that you learn where the weak spots are on the armor of each faction. The devs have been pretty accurate when it comes to how the tanks handle being fired at as they trundle around. In some spots they’re borderline impenetrable.

For example, the large heavy Tigers are stacked in the front with thick plates, but shots to the rear and the tracks always work. Whilst Panzers are weaker towards the sides and Shermans take heavy damage between their MG and turret roof. Since you only get two rockets per life as an AT, it’s definitely worth knowing where your shots are going to do the most damage.

The developers and the Community of Hell Let Loose have provided ample sources online and through blogs about the weak spots of armor.

Fire And Move

A simple beginner’s tip for the AT soldier that’s highly recommended is to reposition after you fire. Rockets are loud, leave big smoke trails, and instantly give away your position to any eagle-eyed tank crew. Who will usually respond pretty quickly to your attempts to blow them up with a brutal high explosive shell or a spray of MG fire from their turrets.

If you’re lucky, you can usually get one or two rounds off before you’re shredded, or clipped by a sniper. Keeping on the move puts real fear into tank crews as they’re big, slow, and have a lot of blind spots. So if you’re hunting armor, try to move to another spot after you fire, keep them guessing, and focused on you instead of the rest of the team.

Hang In The Back

As mentioned previously, the Anti-Tank soldier can’t really hold their own in a one-on-one fight and will often get gunned down by a squad or picked off by marksmen before you can spot them. Their rockets strapped to their backs are a hard-to-hide silhouette and most experienced players know how much of a threat they are. So you’ll often be a priority target on the battlefield.

A good tip is to position yourself either near the back or in the middle of a formation. That way you can let the rest of your team cover your advance, or act as a distraction to a tank as you reposition around it to take it out. Staying near the group also keeps you in range of medics, so you’ll be easier to rescue if you get shot down.

Pair Up With A Rifleman

The rifleman and support are pretty underrated classes in Hell Let Loose, but they’re an absolute godsend to the Anti-Tank soldier. This is because they’re one of the few ways to replenish your stash of rockets.

Their ammunition drop ability can replenish your rockets in a few seconds and it’s incredibly useful. So pairing up with one is pretty much mandatory if you want to take out multiple armored vehicles. AT’s only have two rockets per life and it’s not enough to destroy a tank on your own, so being able to launch off multiple rounds before they can retreat or repair can make all the difference.

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