TechyHint Gaming Gen.G Announces Bose as Its Audio Lifestyle Partner

Gen.G Announces Bose as Its Audio Lifestyle Partner


Gen.G Announces Bose as Its Audio Lifestyle Partner

Gen.G announced that they will be creating a series of episodes that will highlight musicians and gaming creators. The ‘Musicians that Game’ will be supported by both the Gen.G Tigers (with in-game ads during home court NBA 2K League Games and a Tournament Invitational) and also with their partner of Bose.

Gen.G has created a new partnership with Bose, the premier audio company. With Bose who newly released their new QuietComfort Earbuds II. These new earbuds will showcase the sound that can help create iconic moments for the gaming community.

Following the announcement, the partnership continues on September 21 with a music and gaming livestream across Twitch featuring a “Guess that Song” game show including Gen.G content creators and a product giveaway. In collaboration with Bose, Gen.G will also launch an original content series, “Musicians that Game,” that explores the authentic connection between gaming and music, highlighting DJs, gamers, and music artists whose passion for the two lifestyles. Additionally, Bose will be a supporting partner of Gen.G Tigers in the NBA 2K League. 

“Sound has obviously been an integral part of gaming. Without it, there’s honestly no life behind the video games we play,” said Gina Chung, Chief Marketing Officer at Gen.G. “We’re really excited to be partnering with Bose to create more memories that fans won’t soon forget.” 

“At Bose, we aim to create sound experiences that transform our relationship with the world around us. In gaming, that sound is vital to creating a truly immersive experience that makes fans passionate about the games they play,” said Jim Mollica, chief marketing officer at Bose. “We are thrilled to partner with Gen.G to help bring great sound to esports and immersive moments that fans will never forget.”  

New Sponsorship Brings New Opportunities

Many new experiences will be spawning from the partnership between Gen.G and Bose. This will make sure that there is a showcasing of talent and how sound and the gaming community interact with each other.


A series of eight promotional livestreams begin on September 21. These promotional live streams will feature many well-known gaming names such as VALORANT voice actress and game streamer Shannon Williams, Gaming and Music Host Emily Mei and former pro League of Legends player turned content creator, Nemesis. The fans will enjoy the content as well as be able to be a part of promotional giveaways. These streams will serve as the ongoing authentic connection between music and the games fans love. 

“Musicians that Game:” 

To further showcase the intersection of music and gaming, Bose and Gen.G will produce a content series that highlights 4 musicians who enjoy esports and gaming, whether casual or an enthusiast. The series will feature stories from Dreamville recording artist, BasBig CheeseFour Color Zack, and Shannon Williams  and their relationship to gaming. Fans will be able to check out the series on Gen.G’s IGTV and Twitter to see their favorite artist and how gaming has made an impact on them and even their music. 

Gen.G Tigers/NBA 2K League:

As the official supporting partner of the Gen.G Tigers in the NBA 2K League, Bose will have in-game virtual ads on the sideline boards, Jumbo Tron and LED boards around the stadium and branding on the home court throughout the season. Bose will also host “The Bose 2K Invitational Tournament,” where 2K players across the country can compete in an online tournament in order to qualify for the 2022 NBA 2K League Draft as a participant of the “Draft Eligible Tournament.” Teams can enter in either a 3 versus 3 or 5 versus 5 format. The tournament’s semifinals and finals will be livestreamed on Gen.G and/or Bose Twitch channel. 

Bose and Gen.G

Bose joins the Gen.G family of brands including 1Password, Burberry, Crocs, King’s Hawaiian, McDonald’s, Mobil1, Procter & Gamble, Toyota, and more. Gen.G continues to grow their reach within the gaming community. This newest venture will not only help highlight gaming personnel but also musicians; both of these professions highly depend on sound quality. It is going to be fun to see what Gen.G decides to do next.

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