Gen.G and Burberry Partnership for Women and Inclusivity in Gaming


Gen.G and Burberry Partnership for Women and Inclusivity in Gaming

Gen.G has announced another partnership with a large-scale brand. This time the partnership is with Burberry. Together the two organizations will be launching a four-part educational series. This will be about the importance of inclusivity within the gaming community.

Burberry and Gen.G

This partnership again is focusing on the educational component of the gaming scene. It goes along with the  “NetWORK: Inspire” program that Gen.G is running. Meanwhile, this is Burberry’s first venture into the esport community. Both are committed to helping underrepresented communities learn skills that can empower them to go beyond any expectations.

Burberry will be donating to the Gen.G Foundation Scholarship. This foundation focuses on developing young gamers into leaders of the next generation of gaming and esports.  Burberry will be selecting the recipients of the scholarships that reflect the values and illustrates a commitment to empowering underrepresented communities within the gaming community. The chosen recipient will be notified in September 2022, and the

scholarship funds being shared directly with their selected college or university.

Rachel Waller, Global VP of Channel Innovation at Burberry said: ‘We are so proud to partner with Gen.G and to support the next generation of women within gaming to go beyond. Through our programming and scholarship, we hope to equip young leaders with the skills they need to succeed and achieve their aspirations.’

‘It’s an honour to collaborate with an iconic brand like Burberry on NetWORK: Inspire. They share Gen.G’s vision of celebrating and empowering underrepresented voices in the gaming space and beyond,’ said Gina Chung Lee, Chief Marketing Officer at Gen.G. ‘We envision a community of creatives that is inclusive and diverse; we hope this content series inspires fans in gaming, fashion, and music alike.’

This collaboration not only extends to the scholarship but also to the four-part educational series that will continue this work in promoting a culture of diversity and inclusion in the gaming industry.


This is especially important with the increasing issues that females within the gaming industry are facing. Just as one of the largest gaming organizations, Riot Games, paid out for a gender discrimination settlement that will set them back $100 million dollars that will go to more than 1,000 women. The industry is starting to catch up with the times when it is coming to gender equality, and that is starting with talking about the issues.

“According to a Global Gaming Gender Balance Scorecard released by Forbes in 2020, almost half of all gamers are women, however, the vast majority of executive positions in the gaming industry are held by men.” This shows how underrepresented women are in positions of leadership in the gaming community. Hopefully, this series will highlight those disparities and will help reframe the narrative within esports and the gaming community of  ‘play to win’ to actively promote inclusion as well as change in the gaming world.

The Series

Courtesy of Burberry

The series is going to be hosted by Emily Ghoul who is a known entrepreneur and content creator. In the four-part series, many issues will be tackled surrounding women in gaming. This will feature many content creators, women who are within the community, and influencers who will be beside members of the Burberry team. This open discussion will have different focuses in each episode on the struggles and challenges that women commonly face in the industry. Some of the topics that will be breached is toxic online environments, stereotyping, and underrepresentation.

The Episodes

Courtesy of Burberry
My Platform My Power

The first episode is going to be called My Platform is My Power. Gen.G influencer and variety streamer Krysta “Krystalogy” Eason, Founder of @Enlightgg, Eunice Chen, and Burberry’s Vice President of Brand Protection, Melissa Roth Mendez will be featured in this episode. The video will dive into the concept that platforms in the gaming community have the power in creating actual change. There will be an open discussion on how women are already doing this change in the community.

The I in Imagination

The second episode is The I in Imagination. This will be exploring how creativity is a force of good. That promotes self-expression and can inspire women to be themselves. In this episode, it will feature Gen. G and Logitech content creator, Jessica Kim, singer and Twitch streamer, Stephanie Poetri, and Burberry Senior CAD Manager, Lucy Goodyear.

Voices and Choices for Change

Voices and Choices for Change is the third episode in this series that will feature Netflix TV personality and Twitch streamer, Jacki Jing, YouTuber, and esports commentator, Evan “Raynday” Raynr, and voice actor, gaming creator, and former KPop singer, Shannon Williams. This will be looking at the importance of women within all spaces. How voices can be used to promote and inspire advocacy especially when underrepresented. In this episode, it will also dive into how men fit into this through allyship.

Supercharging Self-Care

The last episode is all about Supercharging Self-Care.  Gen.G content creator, Gloria “Ploo” Shin, Founder and President of Latinx in Gaming, Cristina Amaya, and Burberry Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion, Geoffrey Williams will be the last group featured in this series. They will be discussing the importance of self-care, which umbrellas the concepts of mental health and how to avoid burnout.

Gen.G and Burberry Partnership

The Gen.G and Burberry Partnership is just another step in how both companies are committed to creating an inclusive and safe environment in the gaming industry. Make sure to catch the four-part series, with the first episode launching on the 28th of July. The rest of the episodes will be released every two weeks following. The series will be available on Burberry’s website, TikTok, YouTube, and live-streaming platform, and Twitch.

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