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Various Daylife, an innovative RPG from Square Enix, sweeps you away on an adventure to explore the recently discovered land of Antoecia. The game is more than your standard epic quest. Instead of battle, you level up through completing tasks, ranging from dangerous to mundane. The story centers on building a flourishing settlement.

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Like the best RPGs, Various Daylife features multiple characters, intriguing gameplay, and great replay value. If you’re a huge fan of Various Daylife, there’s no shortage of other interesting RPGs to try.


8/8 Octopath Traveler

If you’re a fan of Various Daylife, you may enjoy another game from the same developer team: Octopath Traveler. This RPG blends a retro style with a modern graphical aesthetic while also telling a compelling, multi-layered story you’ll love getting lost in.

Octopath Traveler lets you play as eight unique characters, each with their own set of skills and abilities to master. You progress through the game by battling in turn-based combat and making decisions, which may affect the final outcome of your quest.

7/8 Triangle Strategy

Another RPG from Square Enix, Triangle Strategy is set in a war-torn medieval fantasy world. Fans of Various Daylife will enjoy the strategy and camaraderie it takes to play Triangle Strategy. The story moves at a faster pace than in Various Daylife, but still features plenty of interesting characters and challenging combat situations.

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The game centers on earning allies’ trust and engaging in tactical turn-based battle. The story branches in multiple directions, giving you plenty of choice in where the game leads you. It’s an exciting game that you’ll want to play over and over again.

6/8 Rune Factory 5

Rune Factory 5 has a similar hybrid genre to Various Daylife: slower-paced simulation meets action-adventure combat. If you enjoy the mix of real life and RPG quest in Various Daylife, you’ll likely enjoy Rune Factory 5 as well. Plus, the goals of the two games are the same: protect your town from enemies.

In Rune Factory 5, you’ll tend to your growing farm and town, enjoying all that life has to offer in Rigbarth. However, you’ll also need to rise to defend your town, embarking on adventures to solve mysteries and take on monsters that threaten your safety. It’s a brilliant blend of farming simulation and fantasy adventure.

5/8 Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Various Daylife requires you to work in tandem with your allies in combat, which is why Xenoblade Chronicles 3 may be a great alternate game to try. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 follows a team of six heroes on opposing sides of the war, who must work together to hunt down the true evil behind their conflict. Part of the strategy (and fun) of the game involves teaming up the characters to fuse into powerful Ouroboros.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is an epic experience, and you’ll enjoy getting to know the characters you’ll fight as and alongside. Plus, the DLC content is robust, adding even more gameplay to an already rich game.

4/8 Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem: Three Houses also breaks some conventions like Various Daylife. The Fire Emblem series is known for its tactical turn-based battle style, but Three Houses adds an extra twist to the story: you start out in a school. Like many RPGs, you’ll forge alliances that will come in handy later on.

You’ll also pick between three different paths, each option giving you a robust and lengthy gameplay experience. You’ll no doubt want to replay the game to see where a different path may have led. It’s a fantastic game to get lost in.

3/8 Wildermyth

Players of Various Daylife may enjoy Wildermyth, which is another RPG. Set in a storybook world, Wildermyth takes you on a classic fantasy quest, starring intriguing heroes with their own unique personalities. If you enjoy building up your settlement in Various Daylife, you’ll appreciate the goal of Wildermyth: protect your land from monsters.

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Like in Various Daylife, Wildermyth gives you choices that impact your progression through the game. This game takes player agency one step further, though, constantly shifting its story based on your decisions. This means no two play throughs of Wildermyth are alike. It’s a fresh take on the RPG genre.

2/8 Dragon Quest XI

If you love the mystery aspect of Various Daylife, you’ll love playing through Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age. This fantasy RPG has a ton of gameplay to experience, promising hours of entertainment as you quest across the land to uncover the secret behind your past.

Dragon Quest XI uses turn-based combat, like Various Daylife. The game also lets you slow down a little by visiting the retro16-bit world of Tickington. You’ll also need to work with allies to succeed, just as in Various Daylife.

1/8 Symphony Of War

Symphony of War lets you create the ideal army to settle a terrible conflict in your war-torn land. If you like the team-building aspect of Various Daylife, you’ll love the goal of this game. In Symphony of War, there are dozens of unique warriors to pick from to assemble your squad of warriors.

Just like Various Daylife has a variety of jobs that determine your fighting style, Symphony of War has a plethora of character classes that determine combat style. The campaign of Symphony of War is lengthy, and with so many choices to make as you build your team, you’ll have plenty of reason to play it over and over again.

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