TechyHint Gaming Find the perfect gaming chair with Vertagear

Find the perfect gaming chair with Vertagear


Find the perfect gaming chair with Vertagear

A gamer is only as good as their setup, and anyone who has taken the time to build the perfect rig will tell you that there’s one component that is commonly overlooked – the chair. Gamers will be spending hours on end sitting in their desk chair – and in the days of working from home, perhaps even longer – so needless to say, finding the right chair to fit your needs is essential.

And it’s not just comfort that a gaming chair provides. They also provide the essential ergonomic support that your body needs, so you can avoid those pesky aches and pains that creep in after sustained hours of gaming or working. Plus, they look rather snazzy too.

Vertagear chairs combine form and function to offer the perfect racing-style gaming chairs for both work and play. Today, we’re going to look at two of the company’s flagship lines, providing affordable and high-quality solutions to gamers of all types. For more options, including more traditional office-style chairs, be sure to check out their full range.

The S Line is designed for comfort, whereas the P Line’s strengths are durability and ergonomics. Both lines have been updated with the new 800 series which offers even more useful features. Both are excellent choices for different types of gamer, so let’s break down the differences.

The S Line

Looking for unmatched comfort for those long play sessions? Look no further than the Vertagear S series, with its specialism in comfort and resiliency. These stylish racing-style chairs are put together with ultra premium high resiliency foam to ensure lasting comfort. The S-Line focuses on ergonomics and functionality, with a range of adjustable options that give gamers support in any position.

Adding to the already robust S range is the new 800 series. Starting with the SL3800 and progressing in size to the PL6800, this range is designed with the ultimate ergonomic fit in mind. The ContourMax Lumbar design will give your back the support it needs, aligning with the contours of your spine to avoid the onset of back pain. Underneath the memory foam are four highly durable Thermoplastic Elastomer modules, which shift themselves according to the shape and movement of the sitter’s back, ensuring a healthy posture is maintained.

The VertaAir seat adds even more support, easing gravitational pressure for prolonged hours of use. The eight hexagonal air pillars inside the seat padding emit air in and out, providing breathability and pressure relief on your bones and spinal cord.

The 800 Line is also designed with waterfall and wide seat design, meaning you can avoid any numbness in your legs during those long gaming sessions. The soft, curved edge of the seat distributes pressure across your thighs, news, and lower body to keep blood circulating throughout your legs. This works in tandem with the line’s other design features to facilitate a well-balanced and comfortable posture.

The P Line

The P-Line is built with design and comfort in mind, as well as superior durability. The P Line is roomier, capable of taking loads of up to 181kg/400 lbs, and also comes in the same range of gorgeous colours as the S Line.

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The P Line comes with all the fabulous features of the S Line, including the ContourMax Lumbar design, the VertaAir seat, and the high-quality materials, along with even stronger build quality.

One of the coolest features of the PL4800 from the P line is its RGB integration. Pick up an RGB LED upgrade kit and you can add a whole new level of immersion to your gaming sessions. This is especially useful for streamers who want to add a little extra ambience to their broadcasts. RGB lights can also be applied to the SL5800 chair.

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The lights can be wirelessly synced up with your PC, to reflect the action in your game, creating a truly entrancing atmosphere. Detonate a bomb and you’ll see the light flash. Get shot or injured and the colours will change from green to yellow to red. Lights can also sync to your audio, allowing you to bring your music to life. You can complete the look by installing an RGB bottom kit, giving your setup a truly futuristic feel.

Still not sure which chair is right for you? Vertagear’s chair selection tool can help you decide which of their range is your best fit. Simply input your height, weight, and gender and the tool will recommend the chair that best fits your body. The Vertagear 800 Series is now available at, starting at $379.99

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