TechyHint Gaming FaZe Rug Net Worth 2022: How Rich is the YouTuber?

FaZe Rug Net Worth 2022: How Rich is the YouTuber?


FaZe Rug


Brian Rafat Awadis, best known by his online alias FaZe Rug, is a content creator famous for uploading gaming and prank videos on Youtube. He is also the co-owner of a professional entertainment and esports organization called FaZe Clan. As of 2022, FaZe Rug has a net worth of $4 million.

Early Life

On November 19, 1996, Brian was born to Iraqi immigrants named Sana and Ron Awadis. He and his brother Brandon grew up in San Diego, California, where their father owned and operated two local stores.

At 12 years-old, Awadis decided to start a YouTube channel called “fathersonchaldean” with his older sibling. They posted several videos, but their account was inactive after a year.

After graduating from Mira Mesa High School, Brian went to San Diego Miramar College. However, he dropped out in the first year to focus on content creation.

YouTube Career

It was in 2012 that he went back to YouTube as “oRugrat” and “SoaR Rug.” He first shared videos displaying his Call of Duty skills. This earned him an invite to join FaZe Clan in 2013. With this, he changed his account name to FaZe Rug.

He gained a decent number of followers by making gaming content. However, when FaZe decided to try something new by making prank videos, his viewership skyrocketed. FaZe also started filming vlogs and challenges to diversify his content further.

The California native gained a lot of traction with a series of videos of him and his friends exploring a haunted tunnel. Currently, he has more than 21.3 million subscribers.

Other Ventures

Now, Brian is the face of FaZe Clan. He led the group’s journey to become one of the world’s most popular esports organizations. Aside from gaming, FaZe Clan also became known for its lifestyle and fashion brand.

In 2019, the YouTuber tried his hand at music by releasing a single titled “Goin’ Live. The following year, he was featured in a horror film titled Crimson. He also appeared in the MTV comedy clip show Ridiculousness alongside Rob Dyrdek.

In 2021, he hosted the YouTube Original #1 Chicken. Apart from YouTube, Awadis has also started making content on TikTok. At the time of writing, he has 9.2 million followers on the platform.

Net Worth and Earnings

FaZe Rug makes around $3.4 million from YouTube in ad revenue. His secondary income source is his role as leader of FaZe Clan, which signed a partnership deal with financial tech platform Current.

His group also has a sought-after clothing line that’s made collaborations with brands like Lyrical Lemonade, NFL, Kappa, and CLOT. Of course, there are his endorsement deals, media appearances, and merchandise sales. With this, the social media star’s net worth is $4 million.

Personal Life

Brian Awadis was once in a relationship with Instagram model Molly Eskam. Then, he got together with an influencer named Kaelyn Kastle in 2016, but they eventually broke up.

It’s likely that FaZe is currently single. He recently bought his dream house in San Diego. There, he keeps his car collection, which includes a Mercedes, a Range Rover, a Tesla, and two Lamborghinis.


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