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Farming Job – GTA 5 Grand RP


Farming Job - GTA 5 Grand RP


In this guide, you’ll learn about the farming job in Grand Theft Auto RP. You will also learn how to earn lots of money from it and why it’s one of the best jobs for beginners in GTA.

It’s very easy, when you log into the game, you just have to go to any of the two F markers on the map whichever is the nearest.

Then approach the yellow marker and click on the Get Employed button.

After that, you’ll find yourself in a farming uniform on a farm. Now you have to go to the water tank and fill up the water bucket from the top of the tank which is marked yellow.

Then a yellow marker will appear on the map. You have to go to that location and just stand there. You don’t have to press any button; your character will water the plants automatically.

Repeat this process, again and again, you can water 20 beds in one run if your bucket is full. After that, you need to refill it again from the water tank and once you have watered 500 beds, you’ll reach level 2. For that, you need to do 25 refill rounds. The remuneration you earn depends upon the job condition whether it is high, low, or medium.

The best course of action is to get a contract from a farmer, you need to approach any person in a gray uniform around you and if he awards you a contract, then you’ll get paid higher.

Usually one can easily get the contract because if he awards you that contract, he will get 2$ and your salary will also increase. Now it will take around 2 hours to water the 500 plants at level 1, you will only earn around 5,000$ because you’ll be only earning from 8$ per bed to 21$ or 24$ per bed.

Now the actual earning during this process is from the passive income that you earn by collecting the seeds during watering the beds. It will keep on adding to your inventory.

Those seeds can be of four types i.e Mandarin, Cabbage, Pineapple, and Pumpkin. Now pineapple seeds sell at max because pineapple food sells expensive. One pineapple seed can be sold for 1800-2000 dollars while the rest of the seed will sell for about 1500 dollars.

Therefore hopefully you could earn 30 to 35 thousand dollars by selling seeds and it could be a total of 40 thousand dollars in around 2 hours.

While elevating yourself to level 2 at the same time.

At level 2, you have to farm the land through a cultivator by driving it through yellow markers.

During the job, your cultivator’s condition will deteriorate which will be shown on the map. After some time, you have to take the cultivator for repair.

Long-press on the parts of the tractor for repairs so that they don’t appear faded. It will take you about 1 hour to complete the level and become a level 3 farmer while earning around 5000 dollars. It is not recommended that you do this job again because you don’t get the seeds in it where the real income lies.

In about 2 to 3 hours, you could reach level 3 and now you can award contracts to other players. Therefore it is not recommended to buy farmer skills because that seems to be a waste of money.

So now approach the level 1 farmers and press G. You can give them a contract and you’ll get 2$ per bed for which they water without doing anything.

Now if you’re able to award contracts to 10 players this way you could earn ten thousand dollars without doing anything. But such people are hard to find because they are already on contract.

But the highest earning lies in watering cans because it gives you seeds. This job is better because you don’t have to do anything except stand on the beds without holding or pressing any button.


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