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Everything You Need To Know About Work In Various Daylife


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Originally a mobile game, the Square Enix-published daily life RPG, Various Daylife, has made its way onto console and PC. In the game, you must explore Erebia and establish your life after moving there. The new location offers opportunities for you to explore, fight monsters, and meet people. However, you must complete work around the town to pull your weight and make a living.

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While the game will start with you clearing out monsters near a farm, you’ll unlock new work as you gain Jobs and meet people. The system can quickly become overwhelming, but you’ll enjoy solid benefits as you tackle assignments. That way, you can prepare for expeditions and become stronger.


Understanding Work

Work is one of the main mechanics you’ll experience while playing Various Daylife. The town of Erebia has a job board with job opportunities. You pick the work you want to do, spend half the day doing it, and see the results after you finish.

The work you get changes every week. You don’t get to choose the assignments that appear, so they’ll be randomized based on your unlocked opportunities. For example, if you only have Warrior work, you won’t see options for other Jobs.

Jobs refer to your class. You could be a Warrior, a Secretary, and so on. To unlock them, you must spend time with the person of that Class. For example, if you want to be a Bartender, you must spend time with Efil. Once you unlock the Job, you can get work associated with it.

If you want to know which assignments work best for which Job, check the icon for each one. It’ll show a picture of the party member who gave you the Job that it best benefits. That means if you see Gilda as the icon, it’ll improve essential stats for a Secretary.

Some jobs can only be done during the day or night. When you come across these work opportunities, they’ll have AM, PM, or nothing at the top. AM means you can only do them during the day, PM during the night, or nothing for any time of the day.

How To Unlock More Work

You’ll only have access to Warrior work when you start the game, but you may want a different Job. Once you interact with a character and unlock their Job, you’ll get a related work assignment the following week. If you do that work, you’ll unlock more opportunities for that Class. For example, you can only serve tables when you start as a Bartender, but you can unlock the waitlist and other options as you focus on that Job.

You’ll know when you unlock a new assignment since you’ll get a cutscene. For example, after you complete work associated with a Secretary, you’ll get a scene where Gilda does another assignment.

The Benefits Of Work

Like in real life, work offers some benefits when you put in the effort. You’ll enjoy multiple pros as you tackle assignments, such as making money, gaining experience, and learning new skills. It’ll take time to do correctly, but you’ll see your character grow as you stick with it.

Making Money

Getting money remains a crucial benefit of working. You need plenty of money to level up your party members, buy items, and perform different tasks. For example, you can’t spend time with a friend unless you pay for the activity. Each time you complete an assignment, you’ll get a couple of thousand gold for your efforts.

You can make more than enough money quickly by working. Since you can skip the cutscene each time you work on an assignment, you can have more than enough money to get new equipment within a few minutes.

Gaining Level Experience

No matter your work, you’ll gain experience that counts towards your level. As you keep doing the assignments and tackling them, you’ll see the experience meter increase. Once it reaches the end, you’ll get a level-up. Level-ups keep things straightforward by increasing all your stats by a few points.

Gaining Stat Experience

While most RPGs have level experience, you can also increase your stat levels. Each assignment will have stat experience it gives you to make you stronger. If you do work associated with a Warrior, it’ll increase your HP, Strength, Constitution, and similar stats. As you keep working on them, you’ll eventually level up the stat and get a substantial boost in it.

For example, getting your Strength to level two could increase the stat by about 20 points. You should also note that some assignments will lower your experience in specific stats. The higher level Warrior assignments may decrease your Wisdom and Intelligence experience, but it’ll boost your other stats in exchange.

Since you’ll naturally increase all your stats through levels, you should focus your work on the areas you care about. If you plan to focus on Strength since you plan to be a Warrior, you won’t have to worry about your Wisdom decreasing since it’ll naturally increase as you level up.

Learning New Skills

You can develop new skills as you work on specific assignments. Since each work opportunity has a Job associated with it, you’ll unlock new abilities as you perform assignments related to the Class. If you keep doing Secretary work, you’ll unlock ‘Examine’ as a skill. You can keep at it to unlock more abilities to use in combat and make expeditions easier.

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Don’t Work Without Resting

While work has fantastic benefits, you can’t work forever. As you work, you’ll notice your Mood and stamina drop. If those stats keep falling, your percentage chances of injuries and failing will increase. If you face an injury, your stat experience may lower. If you fail a job, you’ll need to rest for a day and lose tons of stat experience.

You can restore your Stamina and Mood in multiple ways. For example, resting, going to the bathhouse, and spending time with your friends can fill these meters. Check those bars before you start an action to see if they’ll restore or lower the stats.

Experience Multipliers

You can find different ways to multiply the experience you get from work. You can get these boosts by working consistently, getting tips, and daily bonuses.

You’ll get up to a 1.5x multiplier if you have consecutive work. You get this boost as you keep working without resting. However, you shouldn’t avoid sleeping since doing so will cause you to fail at work. If you want to maintain your boost while restoring your Stamina and Mood, spend time with others or enjoy relaxing activities.

Tips are when you talk with people around town and get to know them. As you speak with them and ask about rumors, you can get boosts to specific stats. For example, talking with one town person may give you a Dexterity boost, while another may increase your Intelligence gain. The same applies to daily bonuses, so check them to see what stats will increase. Their weekly bonuses appear while you’re in your home, so you can quickly check them.

Work remains a crucial part of your time in town, so you’ll have to try different assignments and enjoy the benefits. You’ll make money and enjoy benefits if you work hard and pace yourself. Since work is a crucial part of Various Daylife, you should perform it regularly, become stronger, and make money.

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