TechyHint Gaming Everything You Need To Know About PoGo’s Battle League: Season Of Light

Everything You Need To Know About PoGo’s Battle League: Season Of Light


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Pokemon Go is kicking off a new Season for the Pokemon Go Battle League: the Season of Light. Providing players an opportunity to battle and compete against other Trainers, this Season of the Go Battle League will offer several new features and rewards.

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The Season of Light, the Go Battle League’s 12th season, will take place from September 1, 2022, to December 1, 2022. In addition to the changes made and features added for this Season, there will be several unique Cups and Go Battle Days scheduled throughout its duration. All information regarding this Go Battle League Season is provided below; ensuring that you are taking full advantage of every benefit available.


Season Schedule

Each week of this Season will offer at least two different Cups for you to compete in. These competitions each possess unique requirements, forcing you to alter your team and play style to compete and find success. You can find the complete schedule of Go Battle League Cups being offered this season below.

Go Battle League: Season Of Light Schedule
Date Competitions Offered
September 1 – September 8
  • Great League
  • Little Jungle Cup Remix
September 8 – September 15
September 15 – September 22
September 22 – September 29
  • Ultra League
  • Ultra Premier Classic
September 29 – October 6
  • Master League (3x Stardust)
  • Master Premier Classic (3x Stardust)
October 6 – October 13
  • Master League (3x Stardust)
  • Evolution Cup (3x Stardust)
October 13 – October 20
  • Great League
  • Ultra League
  • Master League
October 20 – October 27
  • Great League
  • Halloween Cup
October 27 – November 3
  • Great League
  • Halloween Cup: Ultra League Edition
November 3 – November 10
  • Ultra League
  • Willpower Cup
November 10 – November 17
  • Ultra League
  • Ultra Premier
November 17 – November 24
  • Master League (3x Stardust)
  • Element Cup Remix
November 24 – December 1
  • Master League (3x Stardust)
  • Catch Cup: Season of Light Edition

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Season Rewards

Guaranteed Rank-Up Encounters

Throughout this season of the Go Battle League, you can encounter specific Pokemon when reaching various ranks. Each of these Pokemon can only be encountered once per Season as a rank reward; each provided below with their required Go Battle League rank.

Guaranteed Rank-Up Encounters
Pokemon Encountered Rank Required
Pinsir Rank 1
Mienfoo Rank 6
Axew Ace Rank
Noibat Veteran Rank
Goomy Expert Rank
Pikachu Libre Legend Rank

Standard Encounters

There are several Pokemon that have been chosen for this Go Battle League Season as standard reward encounters. These Pokemon can be encountered and caught throughout the Season, each requiring you to possess a specific rank. Each of these Pokemon are provided below with the minimum rank that is required for you to encounter it as a reward.

Standard Reward Encounters
Pokemon Encountered Minimum Rank Required
Poliwag Rank 1
Wingull Rank 1
Meditite Rank 1
Woobat Rank 1
Litwick Rank 1
Skarmory Rank 6
Frillish Rank 6
Mienfoo Rank 6
Onix Rank 11
Lickitung Rank 11
Hitmontop Rank 11
Ralts Rank 11
Phantump Rank 11
Espeon Rank 16
Umbreon Rank 16
Miltank Rank 16
Five-Star Raid Boss Rank 20
Axew Ace Rank
Noibat Veteran Rank
Goomy Expert Rank

Timed Research Pass

This Season, there will be Timed Research available, primarily containing tasks that focus on battling. This will keep track of your Pokemon Go Battle League wins during the Season of Light, rewarding you with Stardust and other useful items for every 100 victories.

This Timed Research Pass will be free to all players at the in-game shop at the start of the Season of Light, so make sure that you are claiming this so that your victories are counted toward this.

Additional Rewards

There will be different avatar items that can be earned throughout the Season of Light. These avatar items will be influenced and modeled after Guzma, the Team Skull leader; a group of antagonists originally from Pokemon Sun and Moon. Each of these avatar items are provided below with the Go Battle League rank that is required to unlock them.

Avatar Item Rank Required
Watch and Bracelet Ace Rank
Pants Veteran Rank
Glasses Expert Rank
Shirt and Pose Legend Rank

You will also earn an Elite Charge TM once you have reached Go Battle League rank 19. Additionally, at the end of the Season of Light, you will be rewarded with an Elite Fast TM.

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Season Events

There will be two Go Battle Days that take place during this Season of the Go Battle League. In addition to event-specific bonuses and rewards, each of these events will offer 4x Stardust for win rewards and increase the maximum number of daily sets you can complete from five to 20.

Go Battle Day: Guzma

This Go Battle Day will take place on Saturday, October 1, featuring part of the Guzma Avatar Item Set. There will be Timed Research available throughout this entire day. Tasks for this Timed Research will mostly pertain to battling in Pokemon Go, providing you the following rewards upon its completion.

  • XP
  • Rare Candy
  • Avatar watch and bracelet inspired by Guzma
  • An Elite Charge TM

Go Battle Day: Miltank

This Go Battle Day will take place on Sunday, November 6, featuring the Miltank. This Pokemon will be featured from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., providing you with the following bonuses during this time.

  • Miltank as a guaranteed reward encounter
  • The first win reward for each Basic track set will be a reward encounter
  • All win rewards for the Premium track will be reward encounters
  • Increased chances of encountering a Shiny Miltank

Additionally, this event will also make Timed Research available to Trainers for the entirety of November 6. You will earn the following rewards for completing this battle-oriented Timed Research while it is available.

  • XP
  • Rare Candy
  • Miltank Encounter
  • An Elite Charge TM

Attack Additions And Changes

Attack Debuts

There are two new attacks that are being added to Pokemon Go this Season. Each of these attacks are provided below with their stats.

Attack Type Stats
Double Kick Fighting
  • Trainer Battles: 8 Damage
  • Gym/Raid Battles: 10 Damage
Fairy Wind Fairy
  • Trainer Battles: 3 Damage
  • Gym/Raid Battles: 9 Damage

Altered Attacks

Several attacks have had changes made to them for this Season of the Go Battle League. Each of these altered attacks are provided below with the changes that were made to them for the Season of Light.

Attack Change(s) Made
Zap Cannon
  • Trainer Battles: Chance to lower the opposing Pokemon’s Attack is no longer guaranteed
Icicle Spear
  • Trainer Battles: Energy cost increased
  • Trainer Battles: Energy generation decreased
Ancient Power
  • Trainer Battles:
    • Increased attack power from 45 to 60
    • Attack and Defense increase amount has been lowered
Ominous Wind
  • Trainer Battles: Attack and Defense increase amount has been lowered
Silver Wind
  • Trainer Battles:
    • Increased attack power from 45 to 60
    • Attack and Defense increase amount has been lowered
Quick Attack
  • Trainer Battles: Energy generation increased
  • Trainer Battles: Energy generation increased

Changes To Attack Availability

Starting this Season, there will be several Pokemon that can learn attacks that were previously unavailable to them. Each of these attacks are provided below with the Pokemon that can now learn them.

Pokemon New Available Attack(s) Attack Type
Nidorina Thunderbolt Charged
Nidorino Ice Beam Charged
Nidoking Double Kick Fast
Arcanine Psychic Fangs Charged
Tentacruel Scald Charged
Galarian Rapidash Fairy Wind Fast
Haunter Ice Punch Charged
Marowak Rock Slide Charged
Hitmonlee Double Kick Fast
Galarian Weezing Fairy Wind Fast
Dragonair Body Slam Charged
Dragonite Superpower Charged
Ledian Dynamic Punch Charged
Lanturn Surf Charged
Jumpluff Fairy Wind Fast
Espeon Psychic Fangs Charged
Girafarig Psychic Fangs Charged
Double Kick Fast
Dunsparce Rollout Fast
Steelix Psychic Fangs Charged
Miltank Rollout Fast
Mawile Fairy Wind Fast
Manectric Psychic Fangs Charged
Camerupt Incinerate Fast
Lopunny Double Kick Fast
Swoobat Psychic Fangs Charged
Florges Fairy Wind Fast
Slurpuff Fairy Wind Fast
Incineroar Double Kick Fast
Golisopod Shadow Claw Fast
Nihilego Poison Jab Fast
Dubwool Double Kick Fast
Runerigus Shadow Claw Fast

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