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Everything You Need To Know About Ouroboros Forms In Xenoblade Chronicles 3


A collage of Sena and Lanz in their Ouroboros forms fighting and another section showing Taion's skill tree in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Getting involved with JRPGs means getting used to the systems in place and using them to win battles. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 offers some fun battle mechanics that make it enjoyable for players. You can use the systems to take down powerful bosses, such as Battle Arts or Chain Attacks. One such system that requires solid preparation is the Ouroboros forms.

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These forms offer incredible power and Arts to make battles easier. If you correctly utilize the forms and time them correctly, you can turn brutal battles into victories. Do your best to understand Ouroboros forms and how you can make them stronger, so you’ll succeed.


Your Character Affects The Form

Before you activate your Ouroboros mode in a fight, you must remember the character you select. For example, Noah and Mio combine, but the form differs depending on your current character. If you want to use Noah’s form, ensure you select Noah in combat and vice versa for Mio.

You can access any character during a fight by holding down the ZL button and choosing your party member by pressing the L or R buttons. You can also use this swapping method to check each form, including its level and the current wait time. Keep an eye on this information as you play, so you’ll remain up-to-date and know whether you can use any of them.

Take Advantage Of Each Form’s Role

As you transform into an Ouroboros, you’ll notice each one offers a different role. They can all deal damage, but each has points to emphasize. For example, Noah and Mio’s forms focus on attacking, Lanz and Sena are Defenders, and Eunie and Taion focus on healing.

These transformations remain consistent no matter what class you assign a character. For example, you can make Noah a Healer, but he’ll still be an Attacker when he uses Ouroboros. If you plan to utilize these transformations, you should use them at the right time to maximize their effects.

The Characters The Role Their Focus in Combat
Noah and Mio Attacker They have plenty of moves to deal damage, while also applying different status effects to the enemy. A great way to finish off enemies.
Lanz and Sena Defender They can deal a good amount of damage while drawing aggro. The aggro will save your team since you won’t take damage.
Eunie and Taion Healer They can deal some damage while using healing arts. They don’t have to worry about getting knocked out while healing and can save teammates in a pinch.

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Your Ouroboros forms will become more powerful as you take advantage of your skill tree. The Interlink tree allows you to unlock new nodes to improve your forms. You’ll need to navigate those trees, figure out which skills and arts you want, and build your forms to improve them.

Unlock Key Skills And Arts

Every character has specific skills and arts they can learn through the skill tree. Do what you can to identify the skills and arts you want to use, so you’ll move along the tree to those points. Each tree branches off in different directions, so you’ll have to plan where you want to go. Doing so means you’ll have to see how many skill points (SP) you need to reach those skills and arts.

You can also strengthen skills and arts through the nodes. However, you need to have the original skills and arts before you can get the enhanced versions. If you want to reach specific nodes, keep these enhanced versions in mind, so you can get the standard ones beforehand and avoid any roadblocks.

You gain SP by fighting enemies and bosses. As you continue through the game and fight, you’ll naturally gain more SP to continue through the branches. If you fight enemies at a higher level than you, you’ll gain even more SP. See if you can fight enemies around or above your level to maximize your SP gains.

Share Important Passives

You’ll unlock Soul Link further in the game, which lets you share passives from skill trees between party members. For example, if you get overheat reduction for Lanz, Sena can equip it and use it during her form. However, the sharing only applies between pairs, so Noah and Mio can share passives, while Eunie and Taion can also share them.

You can unlock up to two passive slots for each character. You can easily see which ones matter the most and improve each form by utilizing those boosts. For example, you may want to focus on overheating passives with one character while having the other focus on stat boosts. Doing so will let them benefit from each other, so they can both maximize their strengths.

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Watch Your Overheat

Whenever you and your partner shift into your Ouroboros form, your health bars combine and create an overheat bar. The meter will increase as you take damage, perform attacks, and use arts. The longer you stay in the mode, the faster it fills up. Once your meter fills, you get kicked out of your Ouroboros form and return to normal.

If you want to use your Master Art, you must use your Arts repeatedly. Doing so will quickly fill your Master Art meter, but you’ll also increase your overheat gauge. If you want to use your Master Art to deal damage, you should use your Ouroboros forms at level three and focus on meter-related nodes on the skill tree. Doing so will help you stay in the mode long enough to use your special attack.

If you only want to use your form for a short while, you can cancel it by pressing Left on the D-Pad. Doing so will help you reduce the overheat wait period. However, if you cancel it right before your meter maxes out, it won’t make a major difference.

Utilize Ouroboros Levels

Whenever you enter combat, your Ouroboros levels will start to increase. They naturally increase as you fight enemies, use your Arts, and stay in combat. Your level can go up to three, so you’ll deal more damage and stay in the form longer. However, the lower levels can be good based on the circumstances, but you may not have enough overheat to use your Master Art.

While some people think level three would be best for all situations, you may have moments where you don’t want to use it. For example, if you want to clear out some weaker enemies quickly, you can hop into the forms, take them out, and make the battle faster than if you fought without your transformations.

Most people use their forms to deal damage, but you can also use them defensively. For example, you can quickly switch and transform all the pairs before a strong attack. Since bosses telegraph these attacks, no one will take damage if you’re fast enough. You can cancel them once the move ends and use them again whenever an attack appears. You’ll keep your party alive during brutal fights if you time it.

Remember that you always have your Ouroboros forms when you tackle a difficult battle. Use them whenever you find yourself in a pinch to turn the battle in your favor. Always prepare your forms, find the best skills, and use each one to overcome difficult bosses. It requires planning, but you’ll find the game easier as you take this approach.

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