Every Rare Treasure In Cookie Run: Kingdom, Ranked


Ice cream ghost, bear jelly, and the ferryman in Cookie Run: Kingdom

The Treasure mechanic in Cookie Run: Kingdom can often be the reason you win in Arena teams or World Exploration stages. They substantially increase important stats, add life-saving buffs, or deal additional damage against enemies. They’re locked behind a gacha mechanic like Cookies, but it’s relatively easy to get many of them early on in the game.

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Unlike Cookies, however, Treasures’ worth isn’t determined by their rarity. Some Rare and Common Treasures are just as valuable as Epic Treasures, if not more. Plus, they’re easier to get and level up, so chances are they’ll stay in your teams for a while.


This Treasure removes enemies’ buffs and deals damage against them based on your team’s attack power. It’s not terrible, but the problem with it is that its use is pretty niche. Using it in World Exploration is a bit of a waste since most enemies don’t significantly buff themselves. And even when they do, it’s not major enough to need this Treasure.

The damage it deals is also less than that of the Echo Of The Hurricane’s Song or Old Pilgrim’s Torch, so it’s not the best in its field, either. To get the full value out of this Treasure, you’d have to use it only in Arena and, even then, only against some teams.

5/6 Echo Of The Hurricane’s Song

If you want to give enemies a big pop of damage, this Treasure can be useful, especially if you’re using other Treasures that reduce enemies’ defense. However, what makes it low on the priority list is that once you use it, you have to wait a full minute for its cooldown to refresh.

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Since most normal battles aren’t even three minutes long, chances are you won’t be using this Treasure very often. Plus, you can’t control when to use it in Arena since that mode is always on auto-battle, so its potential is wasted. In other words, Echoes of the Hurricane’s Song is only useful for battles that’ll end relatively quickly to help make them end even quicker.

4/6 Miraculous Ghost Ice Cream

This Treasure reduces the defense of the nearest enemy, acting as a Front-targeting version of the Pilgrim’s Slingshot. It’s good to use if any frontline enemies are giving you trouble since you can get rid of them faster with it.

However, this Treasure is essentially a worse version of the Pilgrim’s Slingshot. It doesn’t reduce defense as much as the Slingshot and can’t reliably lower the defense of certain tanky bosses because of the minions or objects placed in front of them. In short, this Treasure is fine to use if you don’t have the Slingshot yet. Otherwise, it’ll probably stay on the back burner except for very niche occasions.

3/6 Grim-looking Scythe

The Scythe is a passive Treasure, so its effect lasts from beginning to end with no cooldown. It raises the CRIT percentage of all Cookies in the team, giving them a higher chance to land a critical hit on enemies. Since it lasts forever, it’s pretty helpful if you need the extra boost to your critical chances.

The combination will be deadly if you pair it with attack-raising Treasures like the Old Pilgrim’s Scroll or Seamstress’s Pin Cushion. Alternatively, you can pair it with Blackberry Cookie, whose skill raises CRIT percentage, increasing chances of getting critical hits.

2/6 Bear Jelly’s Lollipop

This Treasure increases the attack power and CRIT percentage of the Cookie with the highest ATK, making them even stronger. The duration lasts for five seconds, with a cooldown of 15 seconds. You can swap the Grim-looking Scythe for this on some occasions since not every Cookie needs a CRIT percentage buff if they’re only there for support.

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If you time it right, using this Treasure with your strongest Cookie’s skill can be devastating to enemies. It’s not as reliable in Arena because of the mandatory auto-battle, but you can still navigate around that to deal a lot of damage at the start of the battle.

1/6 Pilgrim’s Slingshot

This Treasure is pretty much a necessity to win certain battles. It reduces the defense of enemies in the Rear position for three seconds and has a cooldown of 10 seconds. With the Slingshot, you can do much more damage to bosses who summon things to get in your way, such as the ones in Guild Battles.

It’s also extremely valuable for bosses that are otherwise too tanky. Since every fight has a time limit, sometimes you have to worry about beating enemies in time rather than staying alive, especially in later story chapters. The Slingshot makes defeating them possible without having to grind for your Cookies.

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