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Every Dream Machine Location In Yakuza 0


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Let’s learn about the Dream Machines and where they are located.

Like most games, in Yakuza 0 you have the ability to upgrade your character with new weapons and gear. One of the ways to do this is through Dream Machines. These vending machines are scattered throughout the cities, and each Dream Machine you come across will have a different monetary value, which you need to pay in order to get a mystery item from the machine.

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The great thing about the Dream Machines is that they allow you to get ahold of some rare items and help you level up your characters throughout the game. Let’s go over everything you can acquire from these machines and where they are in this guide.

Dream Machine Locations In Kamurocho

There are 10 Dream Machines in Kamurocho, if you are unsure where to find them then here is how.

  • A machine can be found on Tenkaichi Street, it is next to the Payphone on that street.

  • Another is located on Shichifuku Street, next to a building name Maharaja.

  • There is a machine located on Pink Street, next to a scooter and near a big neon sign.

  • If you go to Nakamichi Alley, in the little rectangle there is a machine in an alleyway under a green sign.

  • Another Machine is located on Taihei Boulevard, next to the payphone on this street.

  • There is another machine on Taihei Boulevard. However, this is next to the Akaushimaru Beef Bowl Restaurant.

  • There is a machine located in Children Park. This is in the North West part of the map on the road to the Taxi.

  • You can find a machine in Shichifuku Parking Lot; it is in the left corner when you enter.

  • Near the parking lot, there is an alley called Park Alley; the machine is located in the alley if you go all the way to the dead end.

  • In the Champion District, you will see a little rectangle off to the side. A Dream Machine can be located in there next to some scaffolding.

Dream Machine Locations In Sotenbori

If you are looking to find the Dream Machines in Sotenbori, then follow these instructions.

  • One is located on Sotenbori Street East, below a Walkman billboard and across from Amusement Square.

  • Another is located on Sotenbori Footpath, by the water just before going on to Sotenbori Footpath West.

  • You can find a vending machine in Ashitaba Park, it is next to a place called Snack Mike on the corner.

  • If you go to Bunzaemon Outdoor Mall, you will find a machine next to a store called New Ball.

  • Another machine in Sotenbori can be found at Hoganji Yokocho, in an alleyway next to some open stairs.

  • The final one is located on Shofukocho West, underneath a neon sign saying Mars by a stairway.

Types Of Dream Machines

There are three different types of Dream Machines in Yakuza 0. They differ because each machine requires a different amount of money to activate: there are machines for ¥10,000, ¥100,000, and ¥1,000,000. Each one of them offers different items with varying ratings.

Please note that every time you use one of the machines, they will refresh and the amount of money needed will increase. You won’t be able to know how much each machine will cost until you visit them again.

Every Item In Kamurocho Dream Machines

There are 10 Dream Machines throughout Kamurocho. Depending on the amount spent, you can find these items in the Machines.

¥10,000 ¥100,000 ¥1,000,000
Kara Kappa Kara Kappa Kara Kappa
Mega Drive Stuffed Toy Mega Drive Stuffed Toy Mega Drive Stuffed Toy
Toughness ZZ Toughness Emperor Toughness Infinity
Toughness Emperor Toughness Infinity Staminan Spark
Staminan Royale Staminan Spark Repair Kit
Staminan XX Staminan Royale Tauriner Maximum
Tauriner ++ Tauriner ++ Mastutake
Tauriner Maximum Tauriner Maximum Shiitake
Enokitake Maitake Superalloy Bat
AppStim RX Matsutake Scotch Whiskey
Mandarin Orange Expired Lunch Set Swiss Watch
Gold Champagne Spark 15000V Softshell Turtle
Firecracker 9mm Automatic Pistol Godspeed Motor Mark 2
Wooden Katana Spiked Taiko Sticks Ultra Rocket Frame
Steel Shin Guards Cannon Ultra Godspeed Gears
Light Suspension Secret Stash Binding Golden Rifle (Majima Item)
Extra Spiked Tires Side Stabilizer 2.0
Special Bate Ultra Soft Tires
Ultra-Low Profile Tires
Top-Grade Bate

Every Item In Sotenbori Dream Machines

There are 6 Dream Machines scattered through Sotenbori. You can find these items in those machines depending on the amount spent.

10,000 Yen 100,000 Yen 1,000,000 Yen
Kara Kappa Kara Kappa Kara Kappa
Mega Drive Stuffed Toy Mega Drive Stuffed Toy Mega Drive Stuffed Toy
Toughness Emperor Toughness Infinity Staminan Spark
Toughness ZZ Toughness Emperor Toughness Infinity
Staminan XX Staminan Royale Tauriner Maximum
Tauriner ++ Tauriner ++ Expired Lunch Set
Tauriner Maximum Tauriner Maximum Matstutake
Mandarin Orange Matsutake Spike Taiko Sticks
Enokitake Maitake Ballbuster
Gold Champagne Spark 15000V Steel Business Card
Firecracker Slime Spray Swiss Watch
Jet Black Jacket (Majima Item) Charismatic Autobiography Softshell Turtle
Charismatic Photo Candy Golden Rifle (Majima Item)
Wool Shape Memory Alloy Shishidos Sickle
Carbon Fiber Toughness Infinity (Majima Item)
Special Bate Godslayer Charm (Majima Item)
Obsidian (Majima Item)

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