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Every DLC In House Flipper, Ranked


Photo collage of dalmations from the pets dlc, a cyberpunk apartment, and a loft apartment, all from House Flipper

House Flipper is, for the most part, a relaxing simulation game where you get to live out your dreams of renovating, painting, and decorating houses virtually, which is great if you live in an apartment and your downstairs neighbor has gotten tired of all the noise.

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Along with a bunch of properties to flip, odd jobs to complete, and furniture to play with, Frozen District, the dev team behind House Flipper, launched six DLCs for the game. While two of them (Cyberpunk and Apocalypse Flipper) are free, the rest cost some money, so it can be helpful to know which ones are worth the money. Let’s rank of all them from worst to best.


6 Cyberpunk Flipper

While the idea of flipping cyberpunk apartments and dwellings is cool in theory, unfortunately, this DLC doesn’t come with any unique buyers, which can make flipping these places a bit awkward. The units themselves don’t match what many of the regular buyers are looking for, so trying to lean into the cyberpunk aesthetic can cause some of them to be alienated by your choices.

Outside the Cyberpunk Flipper properties, it’s likely that you won’t find much use for the DLC-specific decorating items, unless you’re going for a particularly modern or futuristic-looking place. Out of all the DLC for House Flipper, this one is definitely the most niche option, making it great for those who love cyberpunk games, but not so great for those who prefer more traditional aesthetics.

5 Apocalypse Flipper

Along with adding three new buyers to the game, the Apocalypse Flipper DLC also adds a handful of new job locations, along with four properties to flip, three of which have survival bunkers on the property. However, the only ones who will buy these places are the three buyers that were added, and all they care about are the bunkers, which makes flipping the rest of these properties a moot point.

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If you spent hours playing Fallout 4 just so you could build amazing settlements and stock them full of little survival items, then this DLC is probably for you. Along with these new houses and buyers come a variety of survivalist items, most of which are pretty niche, but players who enjoy stocking pantries or kitchens may enjoy making use of the variety of food items added in this DLC.

One of the houses that it introduces is haunted and comes with a jumpscare, so those who don’t like horror games may want to steer clear of Samarta Meyer’s house.

4 HGTV Flipper

The HGTV Flipper DLC has some cool ideas. The jobs for it are very similar to the jobs you get in your email, but with an added twist: you get to decide how certain rooms are renovated, and you have a limited budget to work within. After you complete each job, the property that you worked on also gets added to the list of properties you can buy.

Overall, this DLC is pretty good and the new items are useful. But while the concept sounds fun, the execution feels a little boring at times. However, it’s nice that you get to purchase the properties after you’ve completed jobs on them, and the coastal vibes to many of the houses is a refreshing change of pace from the usual suburban houses.

3 Pets Flipper

If you’re an animal lover, then you’ll love this DLC too, as Pets Flipper adds both adoptable pets to the game and a whole host of pet-related items. The dogs that you can adopt may even be able to help you when renovating too, by carrying paint buckets around for you or digging holes to place plants outdoors.

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But they may also get in the way, especially if you’re trying to place furniture. Not to mention, you’ll also need to take care of their hygiene, food, and entertainment needs of the pets. This type of gameplay, which is more akin to animal care simulators, can feel awkward and out of place in House Flipper. But there are some less intensive pet types added as well, such as fish, turtles, and guinea pigs, which may suit those who want to have an animal in their office but don’t want to worry about it getting in the way.

Along with adding pets to the game, all the locations that you do jobs at can be purchased as properties to flip, so those who enjoy ranch-style properties or countryside views will enjoy flipping these houses. The new items added with this DLC are also great, as the non-pet-related items have gorgeous boho chic and indie aesthetics that dominated Pinterest boards throughout the 2010s.

2 Luxury Flipper

The Luxury Flipper DLC, like the Pets and HGTV DLCs, adds new properties that you can purchase after you’ve completed the jobs at those properties. However, the Luxury content has by far the most unique and interesting buildings. From loft apartments to gigantic houses and a literal yacht, there’s something for everyone in this DLC.

Some interesting additions within this content include the indoor pools that are added to the game, which despite the name, can be placed outdoors to create some cool layouts for the garden competitions. There are also a lot of added furniture options, great for those expensive and ornate flip ideas.

1 Garden Flipper

Garden Flipper is by far the best DLC for the game, for one simple reason: it allows you to spend as much time working on the outside of houses as you do on the inside. And spending time doing so is well worth it, as before you sell any house you flip, you have the option to enter the yard in a garden competition. On top of that, you get new tools and some great perks that you can use to make a beautiful yard.

There are five themes to choose from for your garden, and depending on how well you score you can get up to a 50 percent bonus on the selling price of your house. Even if designing yards holds no interest to you, you can still enter an empty yard into an “American Garden” competition to get enough points for a 7.5 percent bonus on your selling price. Beyond that, you can also re-enter the garden competitions as much as you’d like, as long as you have enough money in your budget to pay the (negligible) entrance fee and you wait for a minimum of ten minutes between submissions, of course. That way you can make little tweaks to your yard design to try and get the highest score possible.

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