Every Bayonetta Variant in Bayonetta 3, Ranked


β4 Bayonetta with a smirk on her face, Bayonetta posing while surrounded by a purple effect, and β3 Bayonetta grimacing, left to right

There are plenty of characters in gaming that have extended past their original medium. Mario and Sonic are at the forefront of that, or even the many, many Pokémon that exist. Their reputation is much more than a game, and as funny as it sounds to say, so is Bayonetta’s. Just as many people know her who haven’t played the game as those who have.

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So beloved a character is she, that Bayonetta 3 is entirely a celebration of the character. Normally, that would be completely standard, but Bayonetta 3 literally introduces a whole squad of Multiverse Bayonettas, all with their own unique worlds. They’re one of the highlights of the game, and though more of them wouldn’t be a bad thing, the ones that are there are a real treat.


7/7 Bayonetta B1

Early on in the game, the concept of the Multiverse is introduced. Bayonetta doesn’t really seem all that interested. Honestly, it’s just another adventure. So off you fly to the Isle of Thule, the one place in the world built to allow travel across multiverses. The first universe you travel to is where you meet the Tokyo Bayonetta.

In terms of character, there’s not much to speak of. She’s a bit louder and brasher than our own Bayonetta but still very cheeky. The big shift is her fashion sense, pulling heavily from contemporary Japanese urban fashion. Her world, the urban centers of Japan, go hand-in-hand with her design. Towering buildings of grey and flashing billboards all as a background to show off her colorful style.

6/7 Bayonetta B2

Bayonetta β2 Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta’s second stop on the Multiverse railway is a version of reality where the Great Wall of China is still manned by armored soldiers defending against gargantuan beasts styled after their mythology. The Great Wall of China is already an intriguing locale, but having it surrounded by volcanoes and using its scale to house giant Homunculi is a wondrous sight.

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Of course, the Bayonetta of this world is just as dazzling. In that outfit that is equal parts a dress and battle armor, she dances with ease as she summons her Infernal Demon and shouts commands. She’s less bashful than other Bayonettas and more outwardly confident, letting her actions speak for her. A little like Jeanne in that regard.

5/7 Bayonetta B4

Bayonetta β4 Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta’s final stop on her great Multiverse adventure is Paris, a city known for love and fashion, ample interests for Bayonetta to indulge in. Paris is an interesting locale to explore, as much of it is already collapsing into the Multiverse, having you seamlessly dip in and out of Ginnungagap. That said, there’s something funny about fighting monsters while the Arc de Triomphe looms in the background.

This French Bayonetta is accompanied by her own version of Rosa, a point of sorrow for the motherless Bayonetta of our own. Instead of taking the more tried-and-tested style of a fashion model of mime, this Bayonetta is a thief dressed in contrasting red and blue with a top hat and cane to boot. Beautiful, provocative, and never willing to lose a heist, this Bayonetta will show you that she truly loves nothing more than a good fight.

4/7 Bayonetta B3

Bayonetta β3 Bayonetta 3

One of the most distinct adventures in Bayonetta 3 is the Multiverse of Egypt. Unlike the narrow walkways and dense urban centers of previous and following worlds, Egypt is wide from the offset, only tightening in temples. It feels so different to play from the rest of the game and utilizes plenty of unique enemies in the area too. It also has some of the game’s best bosses, Infernal Demons, and weapons, so it’s a pretty strong hit.

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That said, the Bayonetta of this world shines just as bright. Unlike every other Bayonetta, this one is not the Arch-Eve of her world. She actually has a character arc across the three chapters of Egypt that see her grow as a character from weak and afraid, to confident and not afraid, to sacrifice herself for her loved ones. On top of that, she has a stylish look of loose-flowing garments with a golden bejeweled neck and headpiece.

3/7 Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta from Bayonetta 3 posing

The wonderful hero of the game, Bayonetta is who you’ll be spending most of the time with (outside of the very limited Viola sections). She’s everything you’ve come to love over the years since the release of the original game in 2009. Even a change of voice actor can’t erase the irresistible aspects of the character.

There’s not much to speak of for Bayonetta’s world in the third game. Her home is New York, the only part of her world you explore in the game. The Americans reading already know about New York. The spectacular events of the game, from natural disasters to a bunch of otherworldly visitors arriving, are probably a common sight in its real-world equivalent.

2/7 Bayonetta 1

Bayonetta holding a gun

The woman who started it all. It might seem odd to list the original Bayonetta separately, though it’s very likely she is indeed a different Bayonetta than the one we play in the third game. Indeed, she talks to the Bayonetta of the third game like she’s the very same young Cereza in the original. All that said, we know what to expect from Bayonetta. Playful, cheeky, a little bit sexy, and a whole lot of punishment. Service with a smile.

Her world is almost as iconic. Spread across the fictional town of Vigrid in Europe, it has plenty of aspects of a typical European town mixed with various entries to the heavenly realm of Paradiso. There’s great variety here, if not a lack of color, that makes Bayonetta’s first outing just as memorable as the rest.

1/7 Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta in Bayonetta 2

Just like the original Bayonetta, the third game seems to imply the heroine of the second game is a wholly different woman from the Bayonetta of the latter, and possibly even different from the original Bayonetta too! The story of Bayonetta is much too convoluted for its own good, but that doesn’t mar the excitement. Much like the original, you know what to expect from her. There’s some sass and a hearty helping of blasphemy, but there’s a nurturing side in there too.

The city of Noatun is a dramatic improvement over the original’s world. That’s not to say the original’s was lacking in level design or style, but Noatun adds a whole new palette of color, and so much more of it too. A city on the water, it’s a beauty to traverse. For those looking for a blast to the past, it’s got a healthy dose of trips to Vigrid. Maybe you’re looking for a warm getaway or saving a dying lover? The red, flaming realm of Inferno is the place for you.

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