Easter Eggs And Secrets In Tactics Ogre: Reborn


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Even though Tactics Ogre: Reborn is a remaster of an older game from 1995, it still comes packed with enough content to rival most modern RPGs. The main story alone takes anywhere between 45 and 60 hours to complete. With so much game packed into one product, players are sure to miss a lot, even if it seems obvious to others.

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The list below details all you can miss throughout this grand adventure. It says a lot that Tactics Ogre: Reborn still feels so complete, even if you beat it without realizing these elements were there all along. If you missed these and already beat the game, then all the more reason to play through it again.


8/8 The Two Other Main Story Routes

The main story has tons of variation, but the big beats are divided either into the lawful, chaos, or neutral routes based on one decision at the end of the first chapter and then another choice later on. If you participate in the massacre at Balmamusa, you are on the lawful path.

Betray the duke’s command, and you go on the chaos route. After this latter option, you can still reconcile with the duke at the end of chapter two. You can see the results of all these paths in the warren report, so you don’t necessarily need to beat the game three times to know how everything pans out.

7/8 Recruitable Characters

Tactics Ogre Reborn Recruiting Ozma Hobyrim Loyalty

During the course of the story, there are tons of recruitable characters almost staring you right in the face. If you make the wrong decision, they pass you by, and you never even realize they were recruitable in the first place. In the bigger picture, some characters are only recruitable depending on the route you take through the story.

Vyce, for example, is recruitable in the lawful path but becomes your sworn enemy in the chaos route. Catiua is another major character recruitable in chapter 4 but will become locked permanently if you are careless with your decisions.

6/8 Side-Quests

tactics ogre reborn pirate's graveyard side-quest start

The game lacks the traditional world map you expect from older JRPGs. Instead, you pick points on a map to either stop and shop at or train in battle. It is reminiscent of Final Fantasy Tactics. The game is still packed with plenty of side-quests, though.

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To unlock the points on the map where these quests start, you simply have to access the Warren Report and open the talk tab. Read the entries here, and they talk about rumors in the world. Though it is simple, you can totally miss it if you are the type of gamer who simply wants to jump into the action as fast as possible.

5/8 Unique Death Phrases

Tactics Ogre Reborn Chapter 3 Neutral Hagia Banhumaba

Once characters from the story are recruited into the party, they can die permanently, just like any other unit. You are unlikely to let this happen most of the time since you probably grew particularly attached to many of these characters thanks to the game’s great writing and the bonds between all the personalities.

If you did let these characters go into the great beyond after letting three of their turns pass in battle while knocked out, you would see that they have unique phrases related to their stories. Usually, they call out to deceased loved ones or apologize to somebody still living.

4/8 Monster Auction

deneb tactics ogre reborn

Like a lot of great RPGs, there are plenty of features in the game you can skip over entirely while still getting by perfectly fine in battle. Though monsters are powerful allies to recruit, you might never use the beast-tamer class once in the game.

Without having any monsters on the roster, there is no way to access the monster auction. If you did miss out on this, you also have no chance to recruit Deneb, an enigmatic shopkeeper.

3/8 Auto-Equip And Other Shortcuts

Tactics Ogre Reborn Golem Class Menu

This one is super simple but easy to miss if you never press the right menu button. The specific button varies by platform. But if you press it, you can set several shortcuts, including auto-equipping the best possible equipment for the unit. You can also do this for spells and skills if you don’t trust your judgment.

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You can also use the same button to strip a unit of all its equipment and items immediately. Throughout the game, this will literally save you a few hours of looking through the equipment and comparing stats manually.

2/8 Unique Dialogue

Tactics Ogre Reborn Chapter 1 battle Balmamusa Chaos Path

After you recruit characters from the story, their part in the narrative is not done. After all, many of them show up in the ending if they make it all the way there. In addition to this, using them in certain battles can trigger special dialogue you otherwise won’t see.

You can plan this ahead, especially if the character has a connection with the target in battle. The care taken into these optional conversations really speaks to how impressive the writing is.

1/8 Infinite Goth Exploit

Tactics Ogre Reborn Petridart Blowgun crafting

Unlike prior releases of the Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, crafting never fails. With many pieces of equipment selling for more than they cost to make, it is easy to sell them and craft more en masse to make a profit.

Repeat this process over and over again to have infinite goth to spend on items and new weapons, giving you all you need to be properly stocked up for every battle. This exploit is far too easy to do, though the game is still quite challenging, even with infinite goth at your disposal.

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