TechyHint Gaming Dragonlord Placidusax’s Secret Head, Dragonborn Runebears, And Ragdoll Physics

Dragonlord Placidusax’s Secret Head, Dragonborn Runebears, And Ragdoll Physics


Elden Ring: Runebear, Dragonlord Placidusax, Ragdoll Tarnished


A few secrets in this week’s Elden Ring roundup.

The day may come when the Elden Ring community fades. When secrets are no more and datamines reveal nothing new. When the mods dry up and every possible challenge is completed. But it is not this day. This day we salute the community for its endless dedication to Elden Ring – for peering through every line of code, uncovering countless hidden secrets, and crafting mods from the useful to the absurd. Here’s to you Tarnished!

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Fans Think They’ve Found One Of Dragonlord Placidusax’s Heads

Dragonlord Placidusax is a special boss. Not only is he a two-headed dragon, but in order to reach him, you need to go through a city ravaged by tornados, jump down to a secret spot that you’d surely miss if it wasn’t for all the player messages, and then turn back time. No big deal. Luckily for you though, Placidusax had more heads at one point, which have since been chopped off by the time you encounter him.


It now appears that some players may have found one of the Dragonlord’s heads, showcased as a trophy in the arena where you fight the Godskin Duo. It looks pretty similar to the two remaining heads still attached to Placidusax’s body. Although the size difference is pretty vast, but Elden Ring has played it fast and loose in that regard before.

Sentry Torch Reveals Hidden Enemies, Even When Sheathed

In a classic case of why-didn’t-anyone-tell-me-earlier, it seems that the Sentry Torch does more than just illuminating dark areas and letting you perform fire-breathing circus tricks. The torch also reveals invisible enemies, like those annoying and deadly Black Knife Assassins – or the Predator if someone mods it into Elden Ring.

Oh you already knew about that, did you? But did you also know that you don’t necessarily need to have it in your hand for this? You can equip the Sentry Torch in your offhand and then swap to a two-hand grip for your weapon, thereby getting all of the torch’s benefits without having to actually hold it.

Runebears Might Actually Be Part-Dragon

Fus-Ro-Did you know that Elden Ring’s terrifying Runebears are actually dragonborn? Thankfully, not the Skyrim kind – giving them Shouts would just be unfair. But they’re powerful enough without that, and Zullie the Witch has found out why. During the network test for Elden Ring, a single Runebear could be found by going out of bounds. Killing it would drop a coveted Dragon Heart.

This is no longer in the main game, but Zullie also pointed out that Runebear’s eyes resemble those of Stone Dragons, as well as those of the Tarnished if they undergo Dragon Communion. This leads to the theory that Runebears are regular bears who are a few steps away from becoming dragons – similarly to how people turn into Magma Wyrms after the Dragon Communion ritual.

Mod Adds Ragdoll Death Physics

Elden Ring, unlike earlier FromSoftware games, does not include ragdoll physics. Enemies, and even the Tarnished, simply disappear upon death. This robs us of the fun we could have after an intense battle, by rolling bodies around and positioning them in strange ways. So, one modder decided to add in the feature.

Of course, this also means that the Tarnished will become a ragdoll upon death, so prepare to watch your body fly off ledges and slowly slide down slopes when killed.

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