Diablo Immortal Best Classes Ranked


Diablo Immortal Best Classes

In the Diablo series, figuring out which class to commit to deems a daunting task. This rings especially true for players unfamiliar with the pros and cons of each respective class. Some are close ranged tanks, while certain classes excel at destroying from afar. Though there are no bad classes, there are definitely aspects that some classes work better at than others. So to help players understand the benefits of each class, here are the Diablo Immortal Best Classes Ranked from Best to Worst.

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Solo Play

This specific category ranks the classes for solo play, with an emphasis on capability of handling waves and boss fights. These are the two main obstacles players will face when clearing the story missions, so it makes the most sense to place emphasis on these when ranking the Diablo Immortal Classes.

S Tier

Demon Hunter

This class plays as a long ranged damage dealer. For solo runs, the class plays exceptionally well. It’s actually the only class that can attack while moving, with others requiring to either slow down or come to a complete stop. Anyway, this particular class deals the most single target damage out of every other class. Therefore, it’s incredibly useful for boss runs and general mob clears.

A Tier


This is the most definitive tank role Diablo Immortal. Using melee attacks alongside defensive optimizations, Diablo Immortal Crusader grants the player invulnerability. In addition, thanks to the class’s ability to ride a horse, the Crusader boasts the fastest mobility in the game. The downside is that the class has high cooldown, and its single target damage is lacking. This makes the boss clearing a bit tougher, but the class is amazing as a whole.


Thanks to Diablo Immortal Necromancer’s capability to create meat shields for themselves, Necromancer is an amazing class for solo boss runs. But the reason it’s in the a tier for this list is because it’s solo farming and clearing for big mobs is a bit on the slower side. Due to the class’s necessary corpses, Necromancer mob clears tend to be slower than that of the likes of Demon Hunter and Crusader.


It’s one of the fastest classes in the game. The class excels the most in group play, but it still functions very well in PvE solo play. Due to its longer cooldowns and poor single target damage, the class definitely doesn’t handle bosses nearly as well as others, but thanks to its speed and area of effect damage, its quite fast at clearing mobs.

B Tier


The Wizard in Diablo Immortal requires good aiming. Since all the Wizard’s abilities skills are skill shots, it’s the hardest class in the game, while also providing the most skill expression. It’s honestly perfectly fine at bosses and solo clearing mobs, but it struggles in the hands of more amateur players. Due to its hard to play nature and relatively fragile body, the Wizard is definitely an acquired taste.


The Monk is a fast paced melee class with incredibly high mobility. This class excels at dealing crowd control and area of effect damage, but requires a keen eye on skill cycling. As a whole, Monks definitely aren’t the easiest to pull of in solo play. They’re not very good at boss fights, due to being melee and requiring cooldown observation to maximize damage. And they also struggle to clear fast waves as well.

Diablo Immortal PvP Tier List

S Tier – Crusader, Barbarian 

A Tier – Monk, Wizard, Necromancer

B Tier – Demon Hunter

Here’s a Diablo Immortal PvP Tier List. In general, the higher mobility and strong base health classes perform the best. These also typically have great CC, allowing them to burst down the squishier targets with relative ease. Meanwhile, the only B tier, Demon Hunter, is simply too squishy and immobile to effectively outmaneuver. The writer would have written more analysis on each class’s pros and cons, but he’s tired.

In Conclusion

Hopefully this list of the Diablo Immortal Best Classes helps players understand the differences between each class a bit more effectively. Do keep in mind, every class works. There’s no “bad” class in the game, so pick whichever play style suits the reader best. Different classes simply have different strengths. And unless players are attempting to reach the top of the leaderboards for either PvP or Group Challenges, just play whichever playstyle seems the most fun.

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