TechyHint Gaming Complete Guide To The Pokemon Unite: Season 10 Battle Pass

Complete Guide To The Pokemon Unite: Season 10 Battle Pass


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Pokemon Unite has entered its tenth Season since its initial launch, adding new features and making important changes to the game. With the introduction of Season 10 comes a brand new Battle Pass, offering several new in-game rewards for those who complete it.

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Similar to previous Seasons’ Battle Passes, new missions will be available to you, varying in their difficulty and requirements. Here’s everything you need to know to complete these challenges, earning you all exclusive Battle Pass rewards being offered this Season.

Battle Pass Price And Duration

This Season’s Battle Pass will be available for about a month, wrapping up on October 12, 2022. You will have the opportunity to purchase the Premium Battle Pass, complete Battle Pass missions, and claim rewards that you have earned up to that day.


There are two Battle Pass tiers available to players: the standard free option or the Premium Battle Pass that must be purchased. Coming without any cost, if you opt for the free tier of the Battle Pass, you will still have access to several missions and rewards.

All Battle Pass rewards that are cosmetic items require the purchase of the Premium Pass or the Premium Pass Plus. Rewards provided to those who did not pay for this will strictly consist of in-game currency items.

Alternatively, you can purchase the Premium Pass for 490 Aeos Gems (about $7.99). This will give you access to all 60 Battle Pass rewards available, in addition to Premium missions that can only be completed after purchasing the Premium Battle Pass.

You have the option to purchase the Premium Pass Plus for 840 Aeos Gems, requiring the purchase of the $19.99 Aeos Gem bundle that gives you 1,220 Aeos Gems. This will provide you with the same perks that the Premium Pass offers, with the bonus of increasing your Battle Pass by 10 levels.

Battle Pass Missions

You will need to complete this Season’s Battle Pass Missions to increase your overall Battle Pass level. The completion of these missions will provide you with Battle Pass Points, varying depending on the difficulty and requirements of each specific mission. Each time you have accumulated 100 Battle Pass Points from these missions, your Battle Pass level will increase by one.

There are three types of Battle Pass Missions available to you: Daily Missions, Weekly Missions, and Season Missions. Daily Missions consist of simpler tasks to complete, refreshing daily, providing you the least Battle Pass Points out of the three types of missions. Even so, the completion of these missions proves to be an efficient and easy way to progress the Battle Pass.

Some Daily, Weekly, and Season Missions will be marked as Premium Missions. These missions can only be completed if you have purchased either the Premium Pass or the Premium Pass Plus.

Weekly Missions consist of slightly more involved tasks, providing you with more Battle Pass Points than Daily Missions. These missions will refresh weekly, and will often take a bit of time to complete.

Lastly, there are Season Missions, the most involved challenges out of the three different types. Due to more effort being required to complete Season Missions, they will remain available for the entire duration of Season 10.

These missions, their requirements, and the Battle Pass Points that they grant are provided below.

Season Battle Pass Missions
Mission Completion Reward
Participate in one battle 100 BP Point
Participate in two battles 100 BP Points
Participate in five battles 100 BP Points
Participate in 10 battles 100 BP Points
Participate in 15 battles 100 BP Points
Participate in 25 battles 100 BP Points
Participate in 35 battles 100 BP Points
Win one battle 100 BP Points
Win two battles 100 BP Points
Win five battles 100 BP Points
Win seven battles 100 BP Points
Win 10 battles 100 BP Points
Win 13 battles 100 BP Points
Score a total of 2,500 points 200 BP Points
Log in a total of 21 days 200 BP Points
Knock out Rayquaza a total of 10 times 200 BP Points
Make a total of 150 assists 200 BP Points
Use a Unite Move 70 times (Premium Mission) 150 BP Points

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Battle Pass Rewards

60 different rewards can be obtained through the progression of this Season’s Battle Pass. You will earn each of these rewards each time you increase your Battle Pass level, provided below with the Battle Pass level needed to unlock each one and whether it is a Free or Premium reward.

Season 10 Battle Pass Rewards
Level Reward Free/Premium
1 Wanderer Style: Azumarill Premium
2 100 Aeos Coins Free
3 30 Item Enhancers Premium
4 150 Aeos Tickets Free
5 Elegant Style Frame Premium
6 15 Item Enhancers Free
7 300 Aeos Tickets Premium
8 100 Aeos Coins Free
9 30 Item Enhancers Premium
10 Elegant Set: Headwear Premium
11 15 Item Enhancers Free
12 300 Aeos Tickets Premium
13 15 Item Enhancers Free
14 Elegant Style Background Premium
15 15 Item Enhancers Free
16 300 Aeos Tickets Premium
17 100 Aeos Coins Free
18 300 Aeos Tickets Premium
19 15 Item Enhancers Free
20 Anticipation Expression Premium
21 150 Aeos Tickets Free
22 300 Aeos Tickets Premium
23 15 Item Enhancers Free
24 Elegant Style Sticker Premium
25 100 Aeos Coins Free
26 30 Item Enhancers Premium
27 150 Aeos Tickets Free
28 30 Item Enhancers Premium
29 15 Item Enhancers Free
30 Elegant Set: Shoes Premium
31 15 Item Enhancers Free
32 300 Aeos Tickets Premium
33 15 Item Enhancers Free
34 Elegant Style Sticker Premium
35 15 Item Enhancers Free
36 300 Aeos Tickets Premium
37 150 Aeos Tickets Free
38 300 Aeos Tickets Premium
39 15 Item Enhancers Free
40 Jump Pose Premium
41 150 Aeos Tickets Free
42 30 Item Enhancers Premium
43 150 Aeos Tickets Free
44 Elegant Style Sticker Premium
45 15 Item Enhancers Free
46 300 Aeos Tickets Premium
47 15 Item Enhancers Free
48 300 Aeos Tickets Premium
49 150 Aeos Tickets Free
50 Elegant Set: Tops and Bottoms Premium
51 15 Item Enhancers Free
52 300 Aeos Tickets Premium
53 15 Item Enhancers Free
54 30 Item Enhancers Premium
55 15 Item Enhancers Free
56 300 Aeos Tickets Premium
57 15 Item Enhancers Free
58 300 Aeos Tickets Premium
59 15 Item Enhancers Free
60 Elegant Style: Mew Premium

Once you have reached Battle Pass level 60, you can use your Battle Pass Points to redeem Battle Pass Prize Boxes. You will need to accumulate 130 Battle Pass Points to earn one of these boxes, rewarding you with different in-game currencies, each varying in their chance of appearing. These possible rewards are provided below with their appearance chance percentage.

Battle Pass Prize Box Rewards
Reward Chance Of Appearing
50 Aeos Tickets 24%
80 Aeos Tickets 14%
100 Aeos Tickets 5%
5 Item Enhancers 24%
8 Item Enhancers 14%
10 Item Enhancers 5%
4 Fashion Tickets 5%
10 Fashion Tickets 2%
2 Holowear Tickets 5%
5 Holowear Tickets 2%

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