Collectibles Guide – Mission 3: Spy Academy


Collectibles Guide - Mission 3: Spy Academy

This guide will provide you with all 19 collectibles for the mission called Spy Academy in Sniper Elite 5.

  1. Personal Letter 1

The first personal letter is available right at the start. Once the path opens to the bridge,  you have to take out the guards and find personal letter number one.

  1. Stone Eagle 1 

You can find the stone eagle if you crouch near the truck and look to the left on the second spire. There will be a rooftop with a stone eagle on it. You have to bring your sniper out and shoot at it.

  1. Personal Letter 2

After that, move across the bridge and start following the road up to the main mission.  Keep moving forward until you reach the small parking plaza and you will find the personal letter on top of the garbage can.

  1. Personal Letter 3

The next one will be on a specific enemy, you have to go up this ramp and you will find a bar there. You need to kill the enemy that is patrolling in front of the bar. Search for him and grab the personal letter.

  1. Hidden Item 1

Now you need to go inside the bar to find the hidden item. It is the playing cards.

  1. Classified Document 1

For the next collectible, you have to follow the road into the Wolfenstein-style castle. You’ll eventually reach a little arm that lets you in and there will be a station on your right-hand side just past this alarm. Hop through the window and you’ll find the Classified Document.

  1. Stone Eagle 2 

After that, exit out and continue up the road keep following the road and you will find a small circular spire. There will be a stone eagle just poking out of the side of that. You need to take it out.

  1. Pistol Workbench 

You’ll need a satchel charge or an armory key for this. Go forward and move up the stairs to your left to find a locked door. After that, go inside this door and you will find the pistol workbench there.

  1. Personal Letter 3

Now you have to go to a location which is very dense with buildings. There will be a specific enemy inside of a plaza next to a spire of a church, you need to bring him down to get the personal letter number four. Go inside the church and make your way to the top of the spire to take out the officer.

  1.  Classified Document 2 

You will also find a Classified Document on the table just next to the stairs.

  1.  Classified Document 3 

After that, make your way a little bit deeper into the urban sprawl of the spy academy. There will be a cafe in front of you and if you turn around, you’ll be able to go through the archway.

After that, take a left-hand turn and go stairs. You’ll find a hidden room, enter it and you will get the classified document number three.

  1.  Classified Document 4

Classified document number four is on the bench just next to the last one.

  1.  SMG Workbench 

You will need to head a little bit eastward and go under the bridge and then climb the wall to your left. After that, head inside and follow the hallways, you’ll end up going down some steps into a hidden room. There, you will find the SMG Workbench.

  1.  Personal Letter 5

After that, make your way to the northeast corner of the main island area and there will be a small circular tower that lines the outer edge. You have to go inside the tower and grab the personal letter on a desk.

  1.  Hidden Item 2

You have to go towards the exfiltration by using the bridge and you’ll end up in this little town square. There’s a church that has been converted to a training simulation area, you have to go inside and take the enemies on the main floor. After that, head down the staircase and you’ll find the hidden item on the desk.

  1.  Classified Document 5

After that, go to that bridge that connects the large castle to the smaller church which leads to exfiltration. Then take the right-hand side and continue forward and take a right-hand turn down the steps. You’ll find a small building that lines the outer edge of the wall.

You need to head inside, then go up the steps and follow around to the door on the left. Go inside and you will find classified document number five on the desk. You can also pick up some keys.

  1.  Hidden Item 3

There’s also a safe hidden in the side room, you need to go inside and open up the safe with intel. Or you can use a satchel charge to blow and you’ll find the hidden item inside it.

  1.  Stone Eagle 3 

There is an excellent balcony near this safe where you can find the third stone eagle. So you have to head out to find the balcony just outside this room. There will be a pile of rocks between two islands and you will find the stone eagle on top of the rocks. Bring your sniper out and shoot at it.

  1.  Rifle Workbench 

Next, you have to make your way to a rocky beach that leads towards exfiltration and go to the right side of the building where you just shot the stone eagle. You have to do a specific set of wall climbs to reach the rifle bench. There will be some vines lining the wall and you have to climb them up to reach the balcony’s ledge. You need to head straight and you will find the Rifle workbench.

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