Cars That Look better than Real life Cars in GTA 5


Cars That Look better than Real life Cars in GTA 5

This guide will provide you with Grand Theft Auto V’s top 15 cars that look better than real-life cars.

Karin 190Z

  • It is actually a mixture of Datson 240Z and Karin 190z from the front. It looks like Toyota 200GT from the rear. It combines the best elements from both real-life JDM cars.

Albany Alpha GTA V

  • Elmiraj was a concept car of that time but Rockstar made it look like a real car IMO. Also, Alpha is one of the OG cars of GTA V and considering that it’s a very good design.

Banshee 900R Bravado

  • The viper pic here is a render, not a real vehicle. The wide body kit on banshee looks good, it combines a 90s look with modern tunning.

Vapid Blade GTA V

  • Rockstar did some changes in the front grill and headlights making it look better. That Mustang-like tail lights beat the spaceship-like lights on real-life cars.

Dominator GTX GTA V Vapid

  • The headlights and overall front profile of the dominator look better than Mustang. Tailights are inspired by the Dodge charger but still look good.

Elegy Retro Annis

  • Elegy retro is a mixture of various skyline GTRs with some pre-installed body kits. It took the best elements from R32, R33, and R-34, and the result is a very good-looking car.

Albany Hermes GTA V

  • Hermes is a mixture of various 1950s-based Lead Sled style cars. Hermes takes the best elements from real cars making them better.

Insurgent HVY

  • Insurgent maintains its armored looks but not at cost of its design. The same goes for the pick-up version of Insurgent as well. They all look better than their real-life counterpart.

Jester RR Dinka

  • The front lights and bumper design of Jester RR are better looking than GR Supra. The rest of the car is the same but the front alone makes it look better than a real car.

Rapid GT Classic Dewbauchee

  • Rapid GT is a mixer of Aston Martin as well as classic Mustangs. It combines the best elements from real cars and looks even better with customization.

Raita Wapid

  • Raita is actually based on the concept art for the 2021 Ford Bronco. Raita was related in 2017 for GTA Online. Rockstar made a good concept of Modern Bronxo years ahead of the real vehicle.

Schlagen GT Benefactor

  • GTA car has a more sleek-looking grill and headlights giving Schlagen GT a better look than a real car. Rest of the car is pretty much the same and looks as good as a real car

Sultan RS Karin

  • The overall body is Lexus but with a pre-installed body kit. While the body resembles Toyota/Lexus but tuning parts are from Subaru.

Torero XO Pegassi

  • Real car headlights are ordinary looking. Torero has pop-down headlights which look better than a real car. The pop-down headlights make Torero a better successor to the 1974 Countach.

Albany V-STR GTA V

  • That Mercedes-inspired front grill and headlights look better than the real-life Cadillac CTS-V. Even the rear lights look better than a real-life car.

Viseris Lampadati

  • The front grill and hood design in the GTA car looks better than the 1985 Pantera GT5. The rest of the car is very similar and as good-looking as a real-life car.

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