TechyHint Gaming BLOODHUNT Ultimate Beginner Guide

BLOODHUNT Ultimate Beginner Guide


BLOODHUNT Ultimate Beginner Guide

This guide has summed up everything you need to know about the game loop as a new player, and also added some helpful tips to make your story a bit easier.

The Elysium

At the start, you will spend time in a waiting room before getting into a match. It’s the same place where you will find ‘npcslater on and you can choose your game mode solo or squads, start matchmaking or customize your character. It’s kind of a social hub.

The Spawn System

You must first choose your spawn point on the map, and then you will find if other players are spawning nearby within a small radius.

Each member will pick a spawn point in squad mode. You can change locations If you start close to each other or spread out more within the countdown. So you can still pick another one if you choose one with many enemies. You will be assigned with a random spot if you don’t choose a position. The position of each of the 45 players gets revealed on the map at the end of the countdown so that you will get an overview of potential hotspots and the nearby players. You will also find the locations of pharmacies and weapon stores on the map, where you can find good loot. There are high-tier loot areas on the map that provide more and better weapons, but there will be more opponents.


The archetypes come with different active and passive abilities, you need to pick one. There is one archetype for every playstyle, and you must try all of them and see which one works for you. One of the best classes is the saboteur, who has a shadow dash where he vanishes for a few seconds and moves faster. It’s a tactical and more defensive class. Brood or the Vandal are aggressive classes who can do a shock wave punch to evade enemy fire. You can also customize archetypes with different piercings, clothes, hairstyles, skin tones, and cosmetics while you are in the Elysium.

Loot locations

After spawning in at your chosen location, you need to press ‘X’ to scan your surroundings for loot locations.

You will find weapons, gadgets, armour, and health in different locations on the ground and rooftops. It will allow you to see them through walls and rooftops The normal loot locations will appear with a blue glowing fog.

You can find armor, weapons, and health in different vans, there are orange vans that can be filled with either items. You will find weapons, armor, or ammunition in police vans, and blood bags or syringes in ambulances. You can carry up to three pieces of each health and armor type in your inventory.

There are also the aforementioned weapon and pharmacy stores, where you can find health or different weapons. But you need to be careful because an alarm gets activated if you are the first player to go there and every enemy around you will hear it. And if you hear an alarm nearby, you need to check your map for stores. Molute is also available in treasure chests that you can find in set locations.

You will find higher-tier weapons in these chests in purple or yellow. You may hardly find better weapons than blue ones at the normal loot locations. The rarity system in Blood Hunt is similar to other battle royale games. The higher the rarity, the better the weapons. There are different parameters for each weapon that get affected by higher tiers.

Weapon, Health, and Armours

You can find either melee or ranged weapons. You must not underestimate melee weapons as they deal good damage and some of them can even block bullets.

Armour is a bit rare, especially at the end of a match. You need to pick it up and equip it to get a little more resistance against the enemy. You can heal yourself up manually by using syringes or blood bags. Blood bags regenerate more healthily, and syringes only generate a small amount of help but only need a short moment to use them. Get into the inventory with a tab or hold down the consumable key to open a wheel and select the consumables you need.

You can also feed on humans down on the streets to refill your health bar. But it will take a long time, so it’s not very useful during combat. It is recommended to use this method when you are out of combat.


You can see humans with different coloured auras; humans with resonant blood by scanning your surroundings. Resonances allow you to buff different parameters. You will receive one of four resonances for the match while feeding on these humans, depending on the colour of the aura.

You will have only three slots at the beginning of a match and each resonance type can be upgraded to three levels. You can fill all three slots on one resonance type and get the maximum boost. Or fill one or two slots on different types. If you can find mortals with the right blood, it will also regenerate your health. You can unlock four more resonance slots during the match.

Diablerizing and Regeneration

When you down other vampires, you can do Diablerizing. Because no matter if you play solo or squad mode, enemies will always be downed and not immediately killed. So finish them with a weapon or Diablerize them with a short animation to completely fill up your health bar and get another resonance slot. If you don’t finish them, the downed opponent will be automatically revived after 20 seconds, and you have to face them again.

You will get a second chance if you are down and your opponent is not finishing. You can escape from the scene and regain health for another fight if you’re lucky. The regeneration will stop once you are in the red gas, so crawling out of bounds and regenerating won’t work if you get down. You need to crawl back into the zone to start regenerating when you are out of bounds.

Most Replayed

When a player breaks the masquerade, Bloodhunt starts The vampire sects created a set of rules to ensure that the existence of vampires remains a secret to humanity. It includes not getting caught shooting humans or sucking blood. You can get caught while feeding on a Mortal if you are not careful with gunfights on the streets. You will also be visible to other players with a red outline seen across the whole map and you will get revealed on everyone’s map for 60 seconds. You can start the blood hunt by yourself. To get away with it, you either need to get into gunfights and kill the attackers or jump and climb quickly through the town and avoid other players. The blood hunt can be a good way of focusing players on you if you prefer a more aggressive playstyle. They will come to you and deliver free loot if you win the fights. If a careless player starts a blood hunt, it’s always worth eliminating the careless player or some others around to get rid of a few opponents.

The Entity

You can find the locations of the entity that are marked with this red cross symbol.

These are squads of heavily armed soldiers of a secret society who wants to eliminate all vampires. They will start to attack you if you get closer to them. You must not get into a fight with them because they have high firepower, and the gunfire might alert nearby enemies, as they can scan the shots with their vampire senses as well. You can also Diablerize the guards of the entity to unlock more resonant slots but you have to be quick because you need to down all of them. Diablerize them, before they bleed out. You will be able to unlock 4 times resonance slots in no time.

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