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Best Unlockables In Silent Hill


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Silent Hill is still, to this day, one of the most recognizable horror video game series. Despite the fact that there hasn’t been a video game with the Silent Hill name since 2012, when you think about horror games, you think of this series.

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While the games themselves can be terrifying, the series is also known to be wacky in terms of its unlockable or bonus content. Typically, these are saved for after you’ve already finished the game, since getting these on a first playthrough would be immersion-breaking. From joke endings to bonus weapons and costumes, the Silent Hill series has plenty of quality unlockables.


10/10 Chainsaw

This brutal weapon is included in three Silent Hill games. While the chainsaw is in the first Silent Hill, it wasn’t until the second game that the weapon truly came into its own. In Silent Hill 2, the chainsaw is the most powerful melee weapon in the whole game and shreds through enemies.

There is also an awesome easter egg involving the weapon and a certain horror icon. If you stand idle while enemies are near, James will do the iconic Leatherface dance, where he lifts the chainsaw over his head. In Silent Hill 4, the chainsaw is a bit nerfed but still a quality melee weapon. Henry will also perform the Leatherface dance, as well.

9/10 Hyper Blaster/Laser Pistol

Both the Hyper Blaster from Silent Hill 1 and the Laser Pistol from Silent Hill: Homecoming are essentially the same weapon. Getting the UFO ending will unlock both of these bad boys, and the weapons have unlimited ammunition and are very destructive.

In the first Silent Hill, there are tiers to the weapon depending on your star rating at the end of the game. Beating the game with ten stars gives you the green Hyper Blaster, but there’s another way to obtain the weapon. If you plug in a Konami Justifier into the second port of an original PlayStation, you’ll get the Hyper Blaster for free when starting a new game. In fact, both weapons are modeled after the PS1 variant of the famous Konami light gun.

8/10 Princess Heart

Silent Hill 3 was the first game in the series to offer multiple costumes. While most of them are simply different t-shirts, there are two that are unique. One of them is Princess Heart. This is the only costume in the game that has a change animation, but it’s quite a sight to behold.

Once equipped with the costume, Heather will do a Sailor Moon-style transformation sequence into Princess Heart. The costume is visually appealing, but it does have a gameplay function as well. If you’ve already unlocked the Heather Beam, it’ll now transform into the Sexy Beam when using the costume and does much more damage.

7/10 Gold And Silver Pipes

Out of all the weapons in Silent Hill 3, these take the cake due to the story when unlocking it. In an extra new game, you can throw your steel pipe into the pool after killing the sewer monster.

A sewer fairy will then appear and ask you if you dropped a golden, silver, or steel pipe. Answer honestly, and you’ll obtain all three pipes. If you don’t answer honestly, you don’t even get your steel pipe back. It’s one of the most memorable parts of the extra new game mode in Silent Hill 3, and Heather will also comment about the new pipes in the item menu.

6/10 Hyper Spray

In Silent Hill 2, instead of the Hyper Blaster, you get the Hyper Spray. Unlike the first game, you must pick up this weapon from the motor home southwest of the map. As the name suggests, instead of shooting a laser, you’ll be spraying a specific color. Like the Hyper Blaster, there are variations — this time, four.

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All of them have different functions, but the best one is the green one, obtained by once again getting ten stars at the end game ranking. The green Hyper Spray is the instant kill weapon that will one-shot everything in the game. It does have unlimited ammo but must be recharged if used frequently. Considering how deadly the weapon is, you shouldn’t have to worry about it.

5/10 Eileen’s Submachine Gun

Silent Hill 4 has a surprising amount of unlockables, with one of the most useful being Eileen’s Submachine Gun. This is unlocked by getting nine stars at the end game ranking, which is easier than previous titles.

During the latter half of the game, escorting Eileen can be frustrating when trying to keep her damage free for a better ending. This weapon solves that issue since you won’t have to worry about killing enemies to keep Eileen safe. Eileen can easily do that herself now. You still can’t leave her behind because the game will automatically damage Eileen if she is not in the same room as you, though. This is unfortunate, but escorting is still made much easier.

4/10 One Weapon Mode

Another unlockable in Silent Hill 4 is One Weapon mode. This mode is unique in the Silent Hill series because you must play through the game using only one weapon. You can also use the pistol and torch since they’re required to finish the game, as well as golf clubs.

The choice of weapon can really affect the difficulty of the game. The strongest and, therefore, easiest weapon to use is the pickaxe, but if you want a challenge, you can try some of the weaker ones. This mode has a lot of replayability if you want the beat the game with every weapon. One Weapon mode is tough to unlock, though, requiring a ten-star ranking on Hard difficulty.

3/10 Bogeyman Costume

Silent Hill: Homecoming is relatively short on unlockable content, but the costumes it offers are diverse. You can dress up similarly to Travis Grady from Silent Hill: Origins, an Order member, or even a bloody doctor. The best costume, however, is Bogeyman Alex.

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You can play the game with the iconic Pyramid Head in place of Alex’s face. The object on Pyramid Head is its head, not on top of it as some people may think. It is the movie design of Pyramid Head, but this costume is still so cool to play with. It’s obtained by getting the Bogeyman ending, which requires you to pick all the negative choices in the game.

2/10 Tesla Rifle

Silent Hill: Origins has an easier-to-unlock ultimate weapon than previous entries. To unlock the Tesla Rifle, you don’t need a high star rating. You only need to get the UFO ending to get this deadly weapon.

It’s extremely powerful, works at both close and long ranges, and doesn’t need to be recharged. The visual of shooting it might trick you into thinking it has bad range, but that’s not true. It isn’t an instant kill weapon, as enemies will still need a couple of hits to take down, but it’s still the best weapon in the game.

1/10 All UFO Endings (Except Homecoming)

A tradition in the Silent Hill series is the joke ending, and most of the time, it’s in the alien variety. Every mainline game except Silent Hill 4 and Downpour features it. Going back to the first game, it was already hilarious and satisfying. Back in the day, there were plenty of false rumors about additional endings, including the Ambulance one. Considering this, it was satisfying that the UFO ending turned out to be true.

All the UFO endings are great, except for Silent Hill: Homecoming. That one can be achieved on a first playthrough and feels half-baked and thrown in. In both classic Silent Hill and the more modern games, the UFO endings are bound to be a great first watch.

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