TechyHint Gaming Best Strategies For Every Game In Fall Guys: Race Rounds

Best Strategies For Every Game In Fall Guys: Race Rounds


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Fall Guys offers players a unique battle royale experience, tasking you with platforming and avoiding obstacles to emerge victorious. When competing in this game, you will come across a variety of levels, each falling into a different category based on the objective.

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Race rounds are all about getting from point A to point B as fast as possible. Sounds simple, but the obstacles lying in wait between those two points make these some of the hardest rounds to emerge from.

*Updated on September 24, 2022: As Fall Guys continues to grow and evolve, so do their various levels and rounds. Among these, Race Rounds are the most common in their catalog of games, often used to showcase different features and mechanics brought with each major update. This is no different for their latest season, Season Two: Satellite Scramble.


Strategies For Season Two: Satellite Scramble Race Rounds

Space Race

Like past seasons, Space Race is a gauntlet Race Round, used to showcase all the new obstacles and features presented with their latest season update. This course utilizes new obstacles, including moving and rotating platforms, free-moving hammers and bumpers, laser beam pillars, reappearing tiles, and a few others.

Carefully make your way through this space-themed course, securing qualification for the next event once you have crossed the finish line.

Although you will naturally want to speed through any Race Round, it is important that you have patience and take your time with this one.

Many of the obstacles, including the reappearing tiles and laser beam pillars, require successful timing if you wish to make significant progress on this course.

Additionally, you can use the laser beam pillars to launch yourself into the air on this map, revealing an alternate route above the main course. Utilize this to avoid high player traffic and traverse through a generally quicker route.

Cosmic Highway

This course requires you to jump through a map consisting of several platforms, either moving to the left or right, eventually leading you to the finish line. Many of these platforms will have obstacles, including bumpers and laser beam pillars, requiring that you time your jumps to avoid them to ensure that you don’t fall into the slime.

As mentioned previously, timing is key with this course, patience proving to be superior compared to haste when it comes to this Race Round. If possible, avoid platforms with obstacles on them, as the small size of these platforms makes it difficult to avoid them.

Additionally, there will be bounce pads in place of some of these platforms. Use these when possible, avoiding obstacle-covered platforms and propelling you forward through this course.


This round consists of several circular platforms, with invisible bridges between them used to advance through this course. The location of these bridges is revealed by pressing buttons found on each platform, showing them on a large map located in the sky toward the end of this map.

Additionally, there will be meteors circling these platforms, positioned to knock you off this course when walking on the various invisible bridges. It is extremely difficult to recover when hit by this obstacle, so avoid contact at all costs.

If there are other players in front of you, keep an eye on the route they are taking. This can save you valuable time by not having to stop and figure out your next move at every platform.

Additionally, there will be routes that lead to dead ends, so make sure you are aware of this and adapt quickly. When this occurs, backtrack and use the map to find an alternate route to the finish line as quickly as possible.

Pixel Painters

This Race Round is unique compared to others, tasking you with recreating different images using a set of square panels. These panels will light up when stepped on, then turn off when stepped on again, requiring you to be careful when attempting to recreate these images.

Each of these images is randomly selected and will be different each time this level is played, so you are unable to breeze through this course through repetition and memory. Once you and your team have successfully recreated five of these images, you will be qualified for the following round.

It is useful if you and your teammates are on the same page with this round, although this is not always possible at times when playing with random squadmates.

If this is the case, do your best to work on different parts of the image, avoiding confusion and mistakes when attempting to light up the same tiles.

Strategies For Season One: Free-For-All Race Rounds

Track Attack

This Race Round is fast-paced, requiring players to dodge various obstacles if they don’t wish to fall behind. There will be several gates you can run through, giving you a speed boost for a few seconds afterward.

Regarding strategy, prioritize the gates and try to stay on the top route rather than the one on the ground level; this is a quicker path.

Speed Circuit

This Race Round tasks you with completing two laps of this course. Similar to other rounds released this season, one of the main features of this round is the presence of speed gates.

In addition to this, there will be several obstacles present in this round, including raising gates, spinning hammers, and many more.

When trying to qualify for this Race Round, make sure that you are running through these gates if possible, as they will continually keep your pace on track.

Strategies For Season Six Race Rounds

Pipe Dream

This round requires players to travel through pipes and avoid obstacles to get to the finish line.

Each section of this round will contain a set of obstacles, leading to different pipes used to travel to the next area. This will continue until you have reached the final area, containing this race’s finish line.

There is no one route that is quicker than others since you can’t tell where each pipe leads, so keep moving to ensure that you qualify for this round.

Do your best not to fall off this stage, as this will respawn you at your last checkpoint, causing you to fall behind.

Full Tilt

Similar to the Season One Race Round See Saw, Full tilt tasks you with traversing across circular platforms until you reach the finish line.

As the name of this round implies, these platforms will tilt in different directions depending on where players are standing, so make sure to avoid platforms that are not well-balanced.

If you are having trouble getting to a platform, there are a number of bounce pads located throughout this round; used to easily bounce onto different platforms.

Party Promenade

This Race Round showcases new obstacles with Season Six of this title. You will have to travel through pipes, avoid water balloons, and swing on trapezes throughout this Race Round.

All of these at once may be overwhelming, but do your best to keep moving; their quantity makes them virtually impossible to avoid.

Make sure to wait and time when you are grabbing the trapezes, as mistiming this and falling will lead to you respawning at your last checkpoint, a sizable setback.

Strategies For Season Five Race Rounds

Lily Leapers

This Race Round requires you to jump from lily pad to lily pad until you reach the finish line.

Some of these lily pads will be stationary, while others will be moving, requiring more effort and better timing to find success.

You can gain momentum by making consistent bounces without having to stop, so try to hit as many lily pads in a row as possible.

At the end of this Race Round, there will be two routes on either side and one in the center; the center path is quicker but more difficult.

Take this path if you are really in a rush and are looking for a last-second qualification.

Treetop Tumble

This Race Round features two routes, upper and lower paths, both containing several obstacles, including lily pads, inflating frogs, and many others.

Both options take about the same amount of time, so you can decide which route you are most comfortable with personally.

The end of this Race Round presents the most challenge, requiring you to travel down a slime-coated slide.

Make sure to take your time here, as this is better than falling off and respawning at your last checkpoint.

Strategies For Season Four Race Rounds

Skyline Stumble

This Race Round shows off the new obstacles that came with the Season Four update. Starting off with a low-gravity zone, players will jump much higher when traveling through this area.

Continue progressing through the course, encountering obstacles including disappearing bridges, button-activated gates, and many more. In the final area, you will have two options: the outside paths with low-gravity platforms or the center path with multiple flippers.

When it comes to the end of this race, the center route provides more challenge, offering less consistency with the trade-off of the potential for an extremely quick route.

Opt for this path if you lag behind and are at risk of not qualifying for the next round.

Short Circuit

This Race Round presents you with an obstacle-filled arena, requiring you to complete two laps to qualify. At the start of this round, there will be blocks that can be pushed out of the way to provide you with a path. Alternatively, you can jump and climb these blocks, proving to be a much quicker route.

Continue through the various futuristic-themed obstacles, eventually leading to an area with different gravity zones.

Try to stay within the blue, low-gravity areas, granting you enhanced jumping capabilities. Traverse through the final few obstacles, and you will reach the finish line.

The Slimescraper

Serving as the next iteration of the Season One Race Round Slime Climb, this round proves to be one of the most difficult among those currently in the game.

Slime will rise as time goes on, causing you to get eliminated if you fall into or touch it while attempting to reach the finish line. Make sure to prevent this from happening; while avoiding the several obstacles present in this race round.

Although this will require you to keep at a steady pace, it is important to take your time and stay calm when progressing through this round, as one mistake can lead to your instant elimination.

Carefully avoid slime-covered floors, moving obstacles, and many others, eventually leading you to the finish line if done successfully.

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Strategies For Season Three Race Rounds

Freezy Peak

In this Race Round, you will have to traverse through several obstacles, eventually leading to the finish line at the peak.

Make your way past several familiar obstacles, including flippers, punching gloves, and conveyor belts. Following this, you will soon arrive at the finish line located at the peak.

Much of this course contains icy floors, making it easier to slip and slide when running here, requiring caution when traveling through these areas.

Additionally, when you reach the punching glove obstacles, wait until each has fully retracted before running past them. This will give you enough time before it pops out again, preventing you from getting launched off the level.

Tundra Run

This round serves as a standard race, presenting you with the new obstacles brought to the game with their third season. Players will start this race by dodging large snowballs, then move onto a path with a swinging cylinder.

Continue through different ice-coated obstacles, eventually leading you to the final obstacle before crossing the finish line. You will have to jump on the square-shaped flippers, launching you from the platform and across the finish line.

If the swinging cylinder toward the beginning of this race proves to be difficult for you, opt to jump down and take the lower path, as this will not cost you much time, if any.

Additionally, when attempting the final obstacle, make sure that nobody else is trying to use the same flipper as you; this may lead to you being knocked off the stage and having to respawn at your last checkpoint.

Ski Fall

For this round, players have to slide down an icy ramp; jumping through hoops to score points.

Each bronze hoop is worth one point each, silver is worth two, and gold is worth three. At the very end of this ramp, there will be a bull’s eye that you can jump through, providing you with five points if you make it through the gold ring in the center.

If possible, prioritize making it to the end of the ramp, providing you with an opportunity to secure the five-point bull’s eye.

That said, don’t worry too much about falling off this stage, as you will quickly respawn at the top of the ramp.

Strategies For Season Two Race Rounds

Big Fans

This round tasks players with jumping from platform to platform, each shaped and rotating like a fan. This is the sole feature of this race, requiring you to traverse the fans until you have reached the finish line.

When you start approaching the finish line, some fans will have spinning bars on them; carefully jump over this obstacle when necessary.

Take your time and make sure to note which direction each fan is moving in, as this will greatly help in getting from platform to platform.

This caution may seem like it would slow you down, but this is better than missing a jump and having to start again from your last checkpoint.

Knight Fever

Like other seasons, Knight Fever is used to showcase the new obstacles that were introduced for this season.

These obstacles include swinging axes, spinning and swinging cylinders with spikes on them, and many more. Follow the sole route of this course, eventually leading you to the finish line.

Take your time and make sure that an area is completely clear of these obstacles before attempting to make your way past them.

At the end of this course, you will have to cross one of three draw-bridges; be patient and wait until the bridge has lowered enough before crossing it and reaching the finish line.

Roll On

This race tasks players with going from platform to platform, each rotating in a different direction.

In addition to their movement, these platforms will have different obstacles on them, including walls, poles, spinning hammers, and giant punching gloves.

Don’t rush and carefully move through this course, making sure to stay up and not fall off the platforms.

If possible, avoid jumping, as this will sometimes cause you to get knocked over and fall off the course.

Wall Guys

This race round tasks players with moving and climbing onto platforms to get over walls of differing heights. If possible, find a route that does not require you to move any of the blocks, as this will save you time.

If this can’t be done, it is recommended that you wait for another player to create a path, as you will not have to waste time getting back onto the platform. Follow these strategies, and you will reach and climb over the final wall, leading you to the finish line.

If no paths are being created, be patient; the walls you need to climb over will slowly lower over time, making them easier to get over.

Strategies For Season One Race Rounds

Dizzy Heights

This course is split into four sections. Spinning discs, a boulder chute, elevated spinning discs, and then spinning stairs with more falling boulders. Carefully and efficiently move through these different obstacles, eventually leading to the finish line.

Our only tip here is don’t be afraid of falling from the second set of spinning discs, as there is an easier challenge to complete below.

See Saw

Although simple, this race round often proves to be one of the most difficult. This is because even though it’s every bean for itself, it requires a modicum of teamwork.

Players will need to gather to balance the see-saws otherwise, chaos will reign. See Saw requires players to traverse through several of these platforms to reach the finish line.

If possible, try to secure an early lead. If done successfully, the see-saw platforms will be balanced and easier to walk and land on since minimal players have used them.

Additionally, diving before landing on a see-saw will make it easier for you to recover. This tactic can often be the difference between landing on a platform and sliding off.

Door Dash

This race consists of a simple concept, run through the breakable doors. Each area will contain multiple doors used to move to the next area; the only problem is that there’s no telling which ones are breakable until someone has tried to run through them.

Make your way through this course using the real doors, eventually leading you to the finish line.

Don’t worry about finishing first or leading the pack; let other players test out the doors and run through the gaps they leave behind.

Hit Parade

Another four-part obstacle course is made up of balance beams, spinning barriers, wrecking balls, and a slime-coated hill at the end.

Although this may seem overwhelming, take one obstacle at a time, prioritizing caution over speed. Ignore the chaos and take your time; it’ll pay off.

As far as the obstacles go, don’t worry about falling from the balance beams, as there is a floor below.

Additionally, don’t blindly run through the wrecking balls, as getting knocked off by these will cause a sizable setback.

The Whirlygig

This race proves to be the longest obstacle course out of those released at the game’s launch. As its name suggests, it is filled with spinning obstacles waiting to send players flying.

Take your time with this one as there are some tricky jumps to navigate and plenty of checkpoints if needed.

Do your best to time when you are attempting to go through these obstacles, as mistakes here can lead to you getting stuck and falling behind.

Tip Toe

Consisting of an area made solely with tiles, this race may be a short distance from start to finish, but a long journey.

Although there are several, there is only one safe path across the tiles. Tiles that are safe will light up when stepped on, while faulty ones will wiggle and fall. Follow the path to the finish line, and don’t forget to jump over that gap right at the very end.

This is another round where players shouldn’t worry about finishing first.; let other players light the way and then sprint to the finish.

Additionally, keep your eye out for tiles that shake, indicating that they are faulty and not secure.

Fruit Chute

There’s not much to say here. Players are tasked with racing up a conveyor belt hill while being peppered with giant pieces of rolling fruit, eventually leading the finish line.

Just hop over the gap at the start, as that’s a very annoying way to put yourself in the back of the pack early on.

If possible, try to stay on either side of the conveyor belt opposed to the center. This prevents you from being hit by the logs that will roll down the central area.

Gate Crash

This race looks and functions very similarly to Door Dash. The difference is the doors raise and lower here instead, proving to be all about timing rather than luck.

Carefully time when to run through the different gates that you are presented with, eventually leading you to a slime-covered slide with the final gates at the end.

If you mistime a gate and don’t make it through, stay there and wait for it to lower again.

This proves to be much quicker than running to another gate and potentially missing that one as well.

Slime Climb

This race round combines the obstacle of other races with the added threat of rising slime. If you take too long to navigate the obstacles or fall back to a lower platform, the slime will take you; spelling the end of your show.

Slowly traverse through the obstacles that you are presented with, leading you to the finish line at the peak of this course.

Due to the unforgiving nature of this course, take your time with every obstacle since there is no respawning.

Additionally, many areas will be coated in slime, causing you to slip and slide more than usual; traverse these areas with caution.

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