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If you are somehow shrunken down and left in someone’s backyard, with the hordes of insects that run the territory, you’re going to need to survive to the best of your abilities and learn from your new, terrifying surroundings and the creatures that lurk amongst the grass.

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In Grounded, you draw your power from a few different places and creatures as you put together the mystery of how you ended up down in the dirt in the first place. While some of these status effects you can get from mutations, and power-ups that give you stat boosts and abilities, these can be found in all types of manner.


9/9 Block Stun

Adding the block stun into your arsenal can be the one tiny improvement that can make the difference between making it through to the next area and dying and having to start from the last checkpoint. As you are defending yourself and blocking attacks, a gauge fills, and you will be able to stun enemies once it’s full.

You won’t start with this ability, as with most of them in the game, and you will have to traverse into the Salt Burrows to get it. This isn’t as unpleasant as you would think – the area is infested with strong antlions though, so explore with caution.

8/9 Comfy Hunger

In real life, do you find that your day starts better if you have a full stomach before having to face things in your day? Well, that would depend on if you were a breakfast person or not. That changes very quickly when your survival is at risk. You can’t outrun mantises or build bases on an empty stomach, after all.

All it takes to activate comfy hunger is to get a good night’s sleep; it activates first thing in the morning as you wake up in bed. Bonus: it also slows the rate that your hunger and thirst meters drain for a full in-game day too. Always get a good night’s rest.

7/9 Hot Spring

A hot spring is a place of relaxation and rejuvenation no matter where you are in the world, and for good reason, too: the minerals in the water are believed to have healing properties, depending on where you are when you get in one. It’s time to catch a break.

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In Grounded, it’s no different. Located west on the map, once you find it and sit in it for long enough, you’ll be able to slowly regenerate your health while you’re soaking. The longer you sit, the more HP you get back, making it a real lifesaver. Well, it can be, provided you get passed the wolf spiders and their larva living in the area.

6/9 Invincible Attack

Deteriorating weapons and shields are a thing in Grounded, and you must carefully keep track of how much durability you have left; otherwise, you’d be an open target to the next bug that walks by. You can repair, of course, but you can’t exactly do that mid-battle, right?

If you’re lucky enough to find either the left charm or the right charm, then your attack or shield will gain a chance to repair itself instead of taking damage. Even better, you can combine the two charms into Sarah’s Charm and gain the chance to repair both, depending on which you are using at the time.

5/9 Invisibility

In the wild, stealth is the best friend of both hunter and prey, providing a tactical advantage for one and protection for the other. And you, dear player, both. Sometimes, hiding behind rocks and blades of grass isn’t going to be enough to stop a horde of dust mites from chasing you down.

So, what do you do? You take an enemy and make them a friend. Who’s that enemy? It’s pollen, naturally. The item Shinobi Sneeze be exact. That yellow, powdery fluff that has terrorized humans since they could breathe can be your saving grace in a pinch. Throw it to create an itchy, sneezy cloud of dust to escape. If you can pass through without getting congested.

4/9 Life Steal

Adding this to your healer build would be a good idea. Its vampiric nature is thanks in part to your weapon choice: the mosquito needle, a rapier that heals a tiny bit of health, but at the cost of base strength (a fair trade-off, honestly), and the Tick Macuahuitl.

Getting the goods to get that ability isn’t going to be easy. Mosquitos are known as being deadly and hard to deal with if you are unfamiliar with their attack patterns, and even if you are familiar, you would still do well to take caution when farming needles.

3/9 Summon Poison

Control the poison, control the battle. This trinket gives your summons the ability to poison all enemies in your area. That’s what this game does well: take the things that are used to harm you and turn them back on them. Now you are the ruler of the poisoned kingdom.

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Okay, maybe it’s not as grandiose as it’s being made out here, but you do have a chance to summon both spiderlings and mants to fight by your side for a little while. You’ll need all the man (er, bug) power you can get your hands on if you want to find out the truth.

2/9 Food Generation

Having a snack that never runs out and can give you HP would be the dream. You’d never have to worry about being hungry or having to choose what to eat, and it never goes bad. If you spot a giant hot dog in the middle of an area, you need to bust it open.

The Everlasting Hogstopper is a rare drop, so the chances of finding one are kind of slim, but make sure you take care of any ants in the area. They will take the loot back to their bases right from under you if you aren’t careful.

1/9 Parry Heal

This status effect comes from the trinket Compliance Badge, which you can find in the remains of a former employee lying close to the Hedge area. If you are the type of player who likes to utilize the parry skill, then you’re in luck. Perform a perfect parry, and you’ll gain back a percentage of the HP you’ve lost. If you can manage to parry most, if not all attacks, then you’ll be nearly invincible.

The caveat, though – the badge lowers your damage resistance, so if you take an accidental bite to the leg, you’ll lose more HP. It’s a game of hide and seek with your life on the line.

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