Best Settings for The Cycle Frontier, Increase FPS


Best Settings for The Cycle Frontier, Increase FPS

This guide will tell you how to BOOST FPS and Increase Performance in The Cycle: Frontier on any PC and make sure that your Windows is fully up to date. Then you have to make sure that your GPU drivers are fully up to date and make changes in the in-game video setting to achieve the best FPS possible.

Windows Update

First of all, you must ensure that your Window is fully up to date. It is a very important step, as it will give you a phenomenal increase in your game performance.

1.1- For this, you first need to go to the bottom left side of your screen to the search button, write “update” on it and click on “check for update”. A new window will pop up, you will need to navigate down, and click on “check for updates”. It will scan your machine to see if there are any updates available.

1.2- Now you also have to make sure that all the apps and all the programs running in the background are closed e.g discord, any browser, etc you have to close all the background programs.

Updating GPU Drivers

You will need to update your GPU drivers or any other outdated drivers. There are two ways to do this.

2.1- Check for updates in the GPU control panel.

If your GPU is running on an older version, then you will not be able to boost your FPS. So do check for updates.

2.2- Download from the GPU manufactures website.

You can also download the GPU software to update it from the link below.

In-Game Settings

3.1- You have to open Steam and then launch The Cycle: Frontier. After that, go to settings and navigate to Video settings. You have to make sure that the selected rendering device is set to your Graphics card and the Display mode is set to Full-screen. Make sure that the resolution is set according to your monitor’s native resolution. Set the resolution scaling to 100. Make sure that DLSS is turned OFF. Image sharpening should be set to zero. Max FPS should be set to unlimited. FOV should be set to 100. Gamma should be set to 2,2.

3.2- After this, scroll down to the Accessibility options and make sure that the colorblind type should be turned OFF. Then scroll down under the Video quality options and turn off auto-detect. Under here, you have to set all these settings according to the graphic card settings, you have to make sure that all these settings match your graphic card settings. If you have a high-end graphics card, then you need to set all these settings to High. Otherwise, you can set this to medium or low.

3.3- After this, move down under the advanced options, and make sure the V-sync, show FPS, enable DX12, enable motion blur, and enable GPU crash debugging all should be turned OFF. It will prevent your game from lagging and will give you better performance and help you in achieving a better FPS. Enable multi-threading rendering should be turned ON.

3.4- Now you need to click on the Audio tap from the top of your screen and then come under the Voice chat option. You need to make sure that Push to talk is turned On, and also you have to make sure that the mute microphone is turned OFF.

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