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Best Relics And Builds For Heng Yue In Dislyte


Dislyte guide and build for Heng Yue


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Once you’ve started to get to grips with all the different currencies in Dislyte, you’ll soon have a steady flow of new Espers joining your entourage. Just choosing the best squad formation for each occasion is a real challenge – but even that is only half the battle. You also have to make sure you’re getting the best out of the Espers you put in.

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If you like your Espers stylish and graceful – and with rabbit ears – you’re going to love Heng Yue. She has knee-length boots, round shades, and amazing bleached hair finish off the look. But as well as a glamourous appearance, Heng Yue has become a common Esper to see in end-game squads.


Heng Yue’s Abilities And Strengths

Heng Yue (AKA Chang’e) is listed as a four-star Support Esper, which in this case translates to Healer. She’s a Purple Esper, so more vulnerable when facing Green mobs. She also only has two actionable powers, as her second ability is a passive:

  • Golden Moon (cooldown: four to five turns*): Heals all Espers in the squad for 20-30 percent of their max health and dispels all debuffs. Each debuff removed in this way also heals the Esper for an extra three percent of their max HP.
  • Undying Elixir (Passive): At the end of each of her turns, she automatically heals the ally with the lowest HP percentage for six percent of their health, while also dispelling one debuff from them. Once upgraded**, it also grants the healed Esper Recovery for two turns if they were below 50 percent HP when healed.
  • Silvermoon Kiss (basic attack): A single enemy attack that deals 100-120 percent of her ATK skill as damage (depending on skill level). It also has a 75 (rising to 85) percent chance to dispel a buff from the target mob.
  • Captain Ability: Ally health raised by 24 percent (any battle type).

* Golden Moon starts on a five-turn timer when you first get Heng Tue, but it is reduced to four turns when you max the skill out to level five with Epic Abilimons. Levelling the skill also increases the percent of health healed.

** Undying Elixir can be upgraded by ascending Heng Yue three times. Once upgraded, the associated Recovery bonus becomes active.

Like the more common healer Esper Chang Pu, Heng Yue excels at both group and solo healing. The main difference between the two is that Heng Yu’s solo heal triggers automatically every round, so is essentially free, while she concentrates on removing buffs – where Chang Pu prevents them through Immunity.

Resonance: Which Statistics Should I Increase?

Heng Yu is a four-star Esper, so it isn’t uncommon to get duplicates of her the more you play. Always be sure to use these extra copies for Resonance, as this will give you both a four-star Abilimon to spend and five resonance points to increase her stats. Remember, you can only ever play one of a particular Esper in a squad, so there is no reason to hang on to extras.

In terms of stats, Heng Yu is all about healing – so you want to keep her alive. The only thing based on her ATK is her basic ability, so this shouldn’t be a priority. This gives you a choice between DEF and HP. As her heals are based on a percentage total of the target’s HP, raising HP is clearly the better option. This way, if she heals herself, you’re going to get more benefit.

Which Relic Sets Are Best For Heng Yue?

Heng Yue has a pretty obvious role in your squad – keeping people alive. You generally only need one healer in your party, so with that in mind, it is common to max out her Relics with that in mind:

  • Abiding Panacea (Una): When you have a full set of four Abiding Panacea Relics equipped, her Healing abilities are increased by 30 percent. This is the most common Relic set for her, especially at lower levels.
  • Adamantine (Mui): A pair of Adamantine Relics means all Espers in your squad start each wave with a 15 percent (of their HP) Shield which lasts for two turns. This is a common set to put on your squad’s healer, but you could equally put it onto another Esper in your squad.
  • Master Grove (Mui): This set gives you a 25 percent boost to Heng Yue’s HP, which once again helps her benefit more from her own abilities if she’s being targeted.

If you don’t feel your squad needs the bonus healing of Abiding Panacea in the Una slots, you have quite a lot of interesting alternatives. Ocean Waves has a chance to reduce cooldowns, which can help her powerful Golden Moon ability recharge more quickly. Wind Walker will increase her SPD by 25 percent, meaning she is likely to act more often in combat. Again, this is a big advantage in both reducing the cooldown of Golden Moon and getting more healing and cleansing opportunities.

Relic Sub Stats

The key is to keep Heng Yue alive so that she can heal, so anything that boosts HP, especially but also DEF and Resist will also be useful. Crit abilities and ACC are less important, as she’s usually targeting her own squad members with abilities. SPD will also be of benefit for the same reasons discussed above. You really want that main ability to be back in action as soon as possible.

Also, remember that you’ll usually be wanting to find sub-stats that increase a percentage, rather than the base stat itself, as you get deeper into the game. The critical mass point will be different in each circumstance, but once you reach the tipping point on a stat, the percentage version will always be better from that point (so you’ll want HP BONUS rather than just HP). Constantly experiment as you improve, switching relics in and out while watching the effect it has on the adjusted stat.

How To Play Heng Yue

Sally is largely recognised as the best healer in Dislyte, but she’s a rare five-star Esper you may never have in your stable. Heng Yue falls squarely into the tier of healers just below Sally, and whether you use her over the likes of Chang Pu is going to depend on the rest of a squad’s make-up.

Heng Yue’s Golden Moon dispels all debuffs, making her a popular choice versus the poisonous Apep in the Ritual Miracle. She is also a solid healer throughout all the story levels and also the Spatial Tower.

Whether she’ll make it further into your end-game squads is going to depend on how you lean, as she only has one really strong main ability, alongside a powerful passive that triggers on her turns, you will only get the best out of her in squads built around increasing party-wide AP – or reducing the AP of your opponent. The more turns she gets, the better she is. This is an obvious statement for any Esper, but it is doubly so for Heng Yue.

This is the same in Point War and other PvP squads. If you’re building around SPD and AP, she can outstrip Sally for usefulness at the top end. Also, Heng Yue’s passive healing makes her a popular choice for defensive PvP squads, even if you’re not fully SPD focused, as there’s less for the AI to potentially get wrong.

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