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Best Radiant Cards In The Pokemon TCG


Split image of Shiny Venusaur, Shiny Greninja and Shiny Gardevoir.

With Astral Radiance and the Pokemon Go collaboration, the Pokemon Trading Card Game has introduced a new kind of card to add to your deck: Radiant Pokemon. You’re only allowed to equip one Radiant Pokemon per deck, which means you’re going to have to choose which one you want to use carefully.

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Radiant cards have stunning artworks and impressive stats, so they’re going to be on your list while you’re out card-hunting. If you’re looking for where to start, the ten best Radiant Pokemon cards that have been revealed so far are here for you.


10 Radiant Eevee: The Adapter

Radiant Eevee has the ability to change its body composition to suit its surrounding environment. In addition, Twinkle Gathering allows you to search your deck and put a number of cards equal to how many types of Pokemon you have in play into your hand.

Radiant Eevee only has 90 HP and doesn’t deal much damage, but the non-combat bonuses from this card are great. Plus, Eevee looks adorable in its greyscale Shiny form, and this card’s run-away cost is only one Energy.

9 Radiant Gardevoir: Shiny And Strong

Radiant Gardevoir is as tough as it looks, and boasts 130 hitpoints. Radiant Gardevoir’s ability, Devotion Veil, offers protection to your Pokemon, making them take 20 fewer points of damage from your opponent’s V-attacks. Gardevoir’s Psychic attack hits for a base of 70 points, and increases by another 20 damage for each Energy you have attached to your opponent’s active Pokemon.

The cost to retreat with Radiant Gardevoir is two Energy, and unfortunately, this sparkling card has no active resistances.

8 Radiant Hisuian Sneasler: Poison Power

Coming from the Japanese subset Dark Phantasma, Radiant Hisuian Sneasler is an example of things to come if The Pokemon Company keeps cranking out Radiant Pokemon. Poison Jab hits for 90 damage and automatically poisons your opponent’s Pokemon, but where this card shines is Sneasler’s ability.

Poison Peak puts an additional two damage counters on your opponent’s Pokemon during Pokemon Checkup. With this card as your Radiant, you have a good chance of whittling your opponents to their ends via heavy poison damage.

7 Radiant Heatran: Lava For Blood

Heatran is a blobby magma Pokemon with boiling blood coursing through its veins. Radiant Heatran has a high retreat cost of three and a weakness to water, but the punch it packs in battle makes it worth having in your collection. Raging Blast already hits hard on its own, but for each damage counter on Radiant Heatran, Raging Blast does an additional 70 damage.

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If you can stack enough counters, even just one move can be devastating to every opponent who stands in your way.

6 Radiant Steelix: The Hail Mary

Radiant Steelix from Dark Phantasma is an odd and interesting card. It’s one of the most complicated Radiant cards, and has a hefty retreat cost of four Energy. Energy Stream allows you to take up to two Energy from your discard and add them to Radiant Steelix.

Finishing Rend is where it gets weird, though. This ability makes you discard cards from the top of your deck until you only have one card left. For each Energy card you got rid of, Finishing Rend does an additional 30 damage.

5 Radiant Blastoise: Making Waves

Radiant Blastoise is part of the Pokemon Go TCG cross-promotion and looks like the classic style of Pokemon cards. High hit points and high damage make Radiant Blastoise an excellent middle-ground card for the Radiant class. Pump Shot requires you to discard an Energy from your hand and lets you put two damage counters on one of your opponent’s benched Pokemon.

Torrential Cannon, with a base damage of 170, can only be used once every other turn. If you can alternate Radiant Blastoise’s abilities, your chances of pulling off a victory are good.

4 Radiant Venusaur: Status Effect Monster

If your deck is causing you to be low on cards, and you need to inflict some more status effect damage, Radiant Venusaur is the Radiant you want to have in your deck. Pollen Hazard inflicts a combination of Burn, Confusion, and Poison, while it wallops your opponent for 90 damage on top of that.

Radiant Venusaur’s ability, Sunny Bloom, can be used once at the end of your turn after you attack. You may draw cards until you end up with four in your hand, which can be more useful than a draw one or two effect.

3 Radiant Charizard: The Burninator

Radiant Charizard from the Pokemon Go crossover sports a unique shiny version of Charizard. With 160 HP, Radiant Charizard is a pretty hardy Pokemon in the heat of battle. This card’s ability, Excited Heart, reduces the Energy costs of Radiant Charizard’s attacks for every Prize card your opponent takes.

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Combustion Blast costs a lot, and for good reason. This move’s base damage is 250 and can only be used every other turn. If you’re lucky, you’ll only need to use it once before your opponent is well done.

2 Radiant Hawlucha: Spin Kicks

The design of Astral Radiance’s Radiant Hawlucha is one of the more unique and aesthetically pleasing card designs of all the Radiant Pokemon so far. Though Radiant Hawlucha’s HP is only 90, and Spiral Kick only does 50 damage, this card pulls out the stops for its ability.

As long as Radiant Hawlucha is on your bench, your Pokemon’s attacks do an additional 30 damage to your opponent’s active Pokemon VMax. Big Match makes Hawlucha a cheerleader you want to have on your team when you need an extra boost.

1 Radiant Greninja: Double Hitter

Astral Radiance has brought what might be the best Radiant card: Radiant Greninja. Looking zen and ready to go on the card’s face, 130 HP Greninja is a formidable Pokemon fighter. Its Concealed Cards ability allows you to draw two cards during your turn, and discard a single Energy from your hand in order to do it.

In addition to a cheap draw, attacks are cost-effective. You discard two Energy from Radiant Greninja, and Moonlight Shuriken does 90 damage to two of your opponent’s Pokemon. Resistances and weaknesses don’t apply to benched Pokemon, so now is the time to really damage those electric and grass types.

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